World of Warships- It Was Fun,It Was Profitable, It Benefited Players, So Naturally, It Was NERFED

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Hey guys! Today well I was wrong again, WG is nerfing Asymmetric Battles.


Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. One major thing about this mode i noticed is how chill everyone was during it. I’d never seen everyone so friendly and got so much karma.
    And i think that’s because the rewards were so good nobody was really fighting each other for kills like in co-op. Everyone was just having fun.
    But WG can’t let that happen, better nerf it!

  2. Begs the question, if queue times are the issue, why not just allow all battleship teams.

    • Mech Franka T. Lieu

      already seen that , and usually when I play my DD am teamed with 4BB

    • They might as well since it’s basically a 4 BB mode anyway. 90% of my games the cruisers and destroyers have either died in the first minute or done nothing but hide most of the match.

    • @Luxie tat the big problem even if you are 2 tier above in a DD or cruiser more often you will jsut get deleted by the bot as they have more cumulated dmgn and you have por protection against they BB

    • ​@LuxieI’ve been doing great playing gearing in the mode. Almost too easy

    • Ricardo Silva Torres

      @Luxie I play a lot with my azuma, if there is a bb 2km broadside to the bot and me 15km from the bot, the bot will shoot me.
      This is the problem going in cruisers and dd, we are the target 99,99% of the time.

  3. They’ve turned this game into a run and hide game with their endless aircraft, impotent AA and subs. Good job. I noticed in AB that smoke doesn’t work if you’re the one closest to the bots.

    • The greatest enemy of this game is the company which makes it.
      It is hilarious how they destroy any good gameplay.

    • Brandon Sheffield

      Agreed, but also disagree. IRL battleships would not have gotten so close for combat. They had range for a reason. I like the ability to play as you see fit. I also agree there are way to many gimmicks. Especially Radar and Hydro. Tell me a single RADAR and Hydro technology that can detect ships on the other side of a land mass?

      There are some ships with AA on Crack, some ships with OK AA and a lot of ships with crap AA.

      Some CV’s and Hybrid’s have way too powerful attacks against DD’s no matter how hard a DD tries to dodge. Iv seen too many matches where a US Hybrid ships planes send DD’s back to Port with a single bomb drop.

      So CVs and Hybrids need another rework.

    • yes the secundaires keep blasting fro those bots even in smoke

    • Broccan Mac Ronain

      @Brandon Sheffield The RADAR and Hydo going through Islands is one of my pet peeves along with hydro not seeing underwater submarines or that hydro works at all speeds and behind the destroyers.

    • Also, I have had games where I have downed 40+ aircraft by myself. IRL, that’s basically the entire CV air wing.

  4. Majestic Hotwings

    I used this mode to finish some grinds but i gotta say, if wg wants players to play more cruisers, then they gotta fix the bot targeting. As it stands if you get spotted in your cruiser, almost every bot with a viable shot on you, regardless of distance, will focus on you. There could be a bb 5km away from the bot but it’ll still target the CA 15-17km away. As it stands it’s quite painful to play cruisers as you find yourself under constant fire from 4-6 bots at any given time

    • I noticed that while playing asymmetric. Its to a point that I cant go offensive until the match is mostly over.

    • For a while I thought it was only me where I notice bots will ignore a bb brawling with them just to shoot at your cruiser. Good to know it’s not just me.

    • They programed the AI BBs like Random’s Player BBs. Must Delete the Cruiser! It happens all the time in Randoms.

    • Went in once on a Brisbane. Never again.

    • And they always put the lone cruiser in the center of the map by itself, with 2 bbs on one side and a bb/dd on the other side. The cruiser has to waste time traveling to one side, then, as soon as it is spotted, all bots target it, even if a bb is 5k away and the cruiser is over 10k out from bots.

  5. CVs and BBs are the only ones not getting shredded in seconds.

  6. I started this mode with Des Moines. Got shot to hell going against 8 to 10 Tier 8 BB’s. So I thought, to hell with this and I got my GK involved and in the next game I manage to sink 8 ships. This game mode is made for BB’s because you go up against 8 T8 battleships. If they want to balance it, put more T8 Cruisers and DD’s in the game and more people will use Cruisers and DD’s to play. This is also a platform to refine my CV skills and Malta has been quite great in this game mode….. . .

  7. There is absolutely a problem with BB numbers with this. I’m on the Asia server (commiserations accepted) and last night the highest number I saw was over 220 BBs in the queue with only 1 cruiser and/or DD appearing for a few seconds before being sucked into a game. Waiting over three minutes was not unusual.

    As for playing cruisers, the Bots definitely focus them down. So I completely understand player preference to go for a BB. Regardless, I’m an old bugger that prefers to play operations than play toxic random battles where gameplay is hampered for me because players rarely speak or understand English. So getting to play tier 9 and 10 ships and jump above the operations tier 8 cap is so much fun. Plus, it has provided incentive to grind my tech trees to get more tier 9 and 10s. I think WG has made a good move with this mode (at least for me), but they need to be careful to not nerf it so hard that no one wants to play it (i.e. keep a better economy than co-op battles). Great video, as always SLM. Thumbs up from Oz.

  8. I have no tier 9 or 10 ships (yet). My impression is that winning an operation has also become more difficult since 12.5. The final attack seems way more successful killing the operation in the last minutes.

    • Exactly this – Or FORCING you to buy a T9/T10 Premium….I am honestly at that point because my growth just completely stagnated in game, and I cant even make enough credits at this point to build out the T8 ships I already have…or those boats get absolutely decimated if they are not a BB

    • @Joseph Gray By that you mean pay to win right ?? I got a few tier 9 ships but only 2 tier 8, and only one tier 10 ( HMS Thunderer ), I stopped buying anything WG throws at me and rely on the armory and events to get my newer ships, not the best but at least they’re an alternative to the premium shop…

      If you’re still wanting to use money for a tier 9 premium ship, then you can’t go wrong with the Jean Bart, best BBs in the tier 9 that I already have but I got her when it was still in the armory and paid with coal, no money, it’s also extremely useful and simple to understand as well as very forgiving…

      But in all honesty, the advice I’d give you would be to think about everything else you could do with that load of money, tier 9 is very expensive and there’s a lot of stuff you could do instead…

  9. Their popularity was due to your survivability. Yeah, it’s bots, but when you get focused by 4-5 ships, you melt fast in a ca or dd. I played in my Jinan, and smoke and islands were my key to surviving. The other reason was due to Co-op mains just having generally poor games in BB’s due to how Co-op Meta has been lately. A BB doesn’t do well in them for the most part, it’s DD and Ca that rules in Co-op matches.

    • Yeah, that’s the problem here, played on co-op for quite some time, most of the time now I see only one or two BBs if it’s none, carriers are not getting much actions lately, but the submarines are showing up often and annoying, especially on BBs…

      Right now, it feels that the new sherrif in town have become the cruisers, the bots seem to have improved over time…

      Based on my Personal experience playing on co-op…

  10. WG never surprises me. I expect nothing but the worst from them, so I don’t get surprised. They could surprise me by doing something good with no ulterior motive behind it, but they won’t.

    • If you feel that way I’m surprised that you are still around. This is really not all that surprising. Last time they tried asymmetric battles I believe we had the larger number of lower tier ships and the bots had the higher tier ships. Again we were having a blast but we were making too much in credits, XP, etc so they pulled the plug entirely. At least this time they are continuing with different metrics. Also they are buffing all non BB types.

    • @Chris Austin I am not. I have stopped playing for quite some time already. I just eventually watch the video when YT recommend it and comment on it. Nothing more.

  11. I queued up for one AB in one of my BBs and I didn’t see any less than 100 BB’s in the queue (it went as high as 130 at one point) and waited 4-5mins to get in. Oddly though it only happened the once. Thing is, being in anything OTHER than a BB gets you focus fired by every single bot BB on the map as soon as you are spotted and you die within moments of first contact.
    I’m not 100% convinced that you can only have 3 BB’s, it might be 3 T10 BB’s, but I’ve been in battles that had 4 BBs but 1 of them was T9 (mine).

  12. One thing you missed: Asymmetric Battles are intended to eventually be a *permanent* mode, when one takes into consideration what the community managers have said on official WoWS streams.

  13. Another consideration about nerfing base earnings then boosting individual ones via combat mission: this is going to reduce the effectiveness of ALL econ boosters since they work on base and the missions will just add on top of them.

  14. This mode I did play again to try. I’m not shocked they nerfed it. The mode is fun, it gets around a lot of the problems that have sucked the fun out of the game. As a result, even the game chat seems far less toxic as the players are actually enjoying themselves. They could have easily just switched to allowing all BB player teams. Its not about the queue. I tried it in all classes and had fun. Saw almost no toxic chat at all. The popularity of the game mode, actually getting into close quarters combat, being able to shoot down aircraft, its like the game of old. WG will soon discover the bad side of this. When people have to go back to randoms and the sit back play style and get wrecked by players taking advantage of the excessive power of CVs and subs they are going to be even more angry.

  15. BB’s are carrying the weight but I find cruisers fun and you get in a match fast , Salem ,Des Monies and Muskva and others have been fun for me.

  16. I find Asymetric Battles very fun. The mode however has players rely on BBs more than any other class. Playing cruisers, DDs, or CVs is very difficult because the bots focus fire on non-BBs a little too much, hence why there are so many BBs in queue.

  17. I really enjoy the asymmetric battles. Makes the game fun again honestly. It was a blast and the rewards made it very fun and rewarding. I had actually quit playing recently and it brought me back.
    I do agree they made this very heavy BB. I was mainly Cruiser in this as I got right in. On avg, I got less dmg in a DD than CA or BB in this mode for some reason.

  18. People in smaller ships are feeling the pain that they would normally feel in regular random battles it teams in that mode focus fire on something. The bots are programmed to do that in this mode. You will see many more bots firing at the same target and sending low HP pool ships to the port super fast. People are not use to that and so they pick bigger ships that have more HP pool and better armor.

  19. I would agree about queue times. I’ve been playing the DD, Marceau and earning between 300K to 500K since getting it last week.
    Literally able to go from one game to the next without waiting because everyone else is playing BB’s. Rarely have I seen a cruiser but occasionally see a second DD.
    It is a very fun game mode. I hope they bring it back more often. o7 SLM!

  20. I love this mode, I play mostly pve, and I want to use secondary builds. I think the new AI is much better. I want this mode ask the time!! But I also want better secondary buffs or options!

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