World of Warships – It was supposed to be fast yolo, not a tryhard

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Me and Monkey were divisioned and I died really fast, so I decided to play 1 fast tier 2 game while he finishes. The plan was to yolo as many ships as I can before they kill me…well…that was the plan…and this is what you get xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. ?looks like a good game.

  2. “If you’re not first, you’re last…” Ricky Bobby

  3. the seal goes sealclubbing…this is not ok…?

  4. flambass, you should play the tier 2 Russian dd storozhevoi, it has 3×3 torp tubes

  5. he should play the smith, 2 torps per side, 4.5 km range, 11 second reload

  6. The Budgie Admiral

    But Flambino! There is no target acquisition on T2! It’s a slot 5 module!

    EDIT: Aaand then your frend brought it up. But Vigilance is only for torps, and it also increases hydro range, by the way, but again, only for torps!
    EDIT 2: You should totally try Medea, the British T2, it’s OP as all hell.

    • he was spotted by Umikaze on his starboard to the west of his position. Jingles level of situation awareness 🙂

  7. @Flambass you should feature more low and mid tier games man.
    They might not be as glamorous as high tier matches but they are a hell of a lot more fun.

  8. “Quick Tier II game”? The last time I tried that, wait times in the queue were several minutes. However, I can see the server population increasing on Tier II since that’s the highest tier you can actually queue up for to have *guaranteed no aircraft carriers.*

  9. Ahh, Umikaze. Me thinks this may be the solution to wknd mm 🙂

  10. Those poor Seals, how much blood does your club have on it?

  11. ” so I decided to play 1 fast tier 2 game ”

    You mean the tier where the matchmaking takes longer than the game ?

  12. Take Clemson, and club like a rabid Canadian huntsman!!

  13. “Seal clubbing across the universe, On the Starship Umikaze under Captain Flambass”

  14. Assaulted by a twerking German DD

  15. A-clubbing we will go, a-clubbing we will go…….hiho the merry-o, a-clubbing we will go….lmao

  16. 5 DD, 6 CC, and one BB; because…. Low tier battleships.

  17. boristhebarbarian

    Ichase made a video about the Umikaze about 18 months ago. He took it into a tier 10 match and proceeded to butcher a Montana stealthtorping from max range. This was before the whole radar meta. Torp volley after torp volley slowly eating away at his hp pool. Finished top on xp

  18. 8km in T2 I have a pair of tiny bananas , and thought they had the longest range ijn torps, easy kraken badges yoshimitsu, load the saki let’s go party, for some practice before space torpedo beats launches.

  19. Pretty sure the enemy V-25 was a fellow seal clubber that just got out seal clubbed!

  20. Charles Machinist

    You didn’t get detected by the St. Louis. You got detected by a DD. Check the minimap, he’s about 2km away from you and has line of sight

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