World of Warships- Italian Battleships Are Actually On The Way

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I recorded this a bit late last night. But, Italian BBs have been officially confirmed by WG and will be announced will full details before the end of 2020. I share my thoughts and opinions with you guys about this, enjoy!

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  1. Ops, BB with smoke and Italian SAP??

  2. not in 2020 though. 2020 the year of useless line splits finalized

    • Well….brit cruisers where know well before year end but only came out early this year… in lamens terms we will probobly learn exactly what the pastas are early to mid October just before or after uss bb release…..that or they will announce a different line (split) in like 2 days and the reveal of pasta bbs will be late December…..

  3. Italian Battleships: We Getting added in to World of Warships

    Italian Destroyers: What about us Wargaming?

  4. The Italian line will have a lot of premium ships already

  5. Just hoping they don’t mess all up like the new american BBs line…

  6. 5 years waiting, finally they are coming, I cannot wait for them to get here. About the SAP rounds, yeah is a concern, but unlike Venezia, the BBs have BB dispersion…which is worse…and also if Al Littorio has the same inconsistent dispersion of Roma, then the SAP rounds would not be such a big thing as it is on the cruisers.

  7. At a guess

    3 – Possibly a paper ship or the Regina Elena
    4 – Dante Alighieri
    5 – Conte de Cavor or Andrea Doria
    6 – The planned 26k ton battleship – 6 x 15 inch guns
    7 – Francesco Caracciolo – 8 x 15-inch guns on a fast hull
    8 – Roma/Littorio
    9 – Paper ship
    10 – Paper ship


      This is what someone in reddit made and if you look at the comments he made quite a bit of points about why Francesco Caracciolo is in not in the tech tree

    • david and martine albon

      Im just going to put how I had envisioned the tech tree:

      3- paper ship
      4- Dante Alighieri
      5- paper ship/Conte di Cavour
      6- Conte di Cavour/Caio Dullio
      7-some blueprint or paper ship
      8- Vittorio Veneto
      9- 16″ Vittorio Veneto or a Roma with 12 guns
      10- 12x 16″ guns or 9x 18″ guns on an enlarged Roma hull

    • @Steven Cross I mean, mutsu is the sister ship of nagato and she’s still one tier lower.

    • @chad zhou True but thats just a downgraded hull and they changed some bits and bobs with the guns. The proble with the the italian BBs like the Cavour are that they’re no different basically, the same speed, the same 9 inch belt the same 10 x 12-inch guns, the only changes are with AA and secondaries. And if you use their WW1 hulls, they have MORE guns, 13 x 12-inch weapons and in theory, more secondaries but way worse AA. So you’d either use the WW2 refit as we’ve got in game now at their 5 or put the base WW1 hull in at tier 6 and get murdered by aircraft or DD’s.

    • I still think they should just add the “real” Italian battleships as premiums. Not a tech line with fake fillers.

  8. I think the Italian BB’s might get heavy weight SAP which might get the ability to overpen very light armour…
    I will be grinding an Italian BB line :-).
    I’d say USS Heavy BB in oktober / november. Christmas event in december and Itialian BB’s early new year.
    That would however mean two BB-lines in a row… maybe there will be a cruiser or DD line in between.

    • A really really really really really really really really long name that no one cares about

      Spaghetti DDs too? Finish off the majority of the Italian tree.

    • About putting two lines of the same ship class in a row, they’ve already done it once(IT CAs and Brit CAs) so there’s no reason why they can’t do it again. Also just my speculation but I have a feeling the Christmas Dockyard may be for Paolo Emilio, with Leone as a reward along the way.

  9. Implications Unpleasant

    They did mention in one of the streams before ItaCAs dropped that battleship caliber sap will only do 10% damage to DDs.

  10. The Roma was the last commissioned (June 14, 1942) Italian battleship in WW2. The keel for the Italian Battleship Impero was laid down on May 14, 1938, 4 months before the Roma’s keel was laid down on September 18, 1938. However, the Impero was never commissioned into the Italian Regia Marina (Italian Royal Navy). When World War 2 ended, the Impero’s hull was 88% complete and its engines were 76% complete. Overall, the Impero was 28% complete and it would have required 18 additional months of intense work to complete, among other things; the armament, electrical wiring, and a reworking of the Impero’s bridge.

    The Impero was scrapped between 1948 – 1950.

  11. Battle of warship Anas

    Hope the line is good.

  12. Imagine if you will Italian BBS having SAP as a consumable like the French has the Reload Boost consumable.

  13. What is the gimmick on these? Change teams halfway through the match?

  14. Hopefully they take more after Guilio Cesare than the Roma and that the impero is tier 8

  15. I feel really weird for having a premium that you don’t. Especially as I tried WoWS, stopped playing, and came back to find the Giulio Cesare in my port as a reward for . . . something.

    I hope that your discomfort at lacking the Giulio Cesare is no worse than what I feel for missing out on the Belfast

  16. I’d be happy to just not ever have to suffer the utterly absurd humiliation of Yamato being gunned down and destroyed by a Halland or Kitakaze…. That is like “sound of laser cannons in space” levels of ridiculous suspension of all reality right there.

  17. Roma – the most fun battleship in the game.

  18. Well it can’t be worst than the American thick bois

  19. At this rate, I will not surprised if WeeGee decided to add another German BB tech line featuring H-class.

  20. SAP on battleship, basically HMS BB but no fire
    every Italian BB would stay on the back and sniping
    the only thing that could balance Italian BB is giving it bad dispersion and forced them to push
    otherwise they adding another passive play in this game

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