World of Warships- Italian Battleships Secondary Test

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Hey guys, today I run the Lepanto through a secondary test and take a look at the feasibility of a secondary build on Italian Battleships, enjoy!

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  1. Let’s be honest, no secondary build now is remotely competative

  2. If they increased the pens on the 90mm guns, so at least they could pen DDs and CA/BB superstructures would this make them better secondary beasts than the Germans?

  3. Interesting. I do quite well with my Roma, much to the surprise of my clan mates. I’m going to try my Roma build with these new ships. Might work. Might crash , burn and sink.

    • Having played Lepanto, I can tell you that tier per tier Roma feels much stronger, probably because at Tier IX 380 mm guns are a bit meh, even with sap. Plus, I do not know why, Roma’s armor feels so much better. I played in the Lepanto like I Play in my roma and I just feel like I get a ticket straight to the bottom of the sea

  4. That’s a great video. Keep up creating such enjoyable content. And thx for advice 😉

  5. Yeah, this reminds me of pre-rework non-IFHE secondary Alsace.

  6. Mohit alias Keshav Thali

    I got in one match with lapanto against Alaska team was spotting her so I set in smoke screen and fired 1500 rounds of secondary on her did 1450 damage with pen and 5 fires. There is absolutely no use of then for damage just for show off

  7. Real Life Small Travels

    This italians bb looks very uninspiring. Imho

  8. 15mm of pen from the 90mms, those are practically peashooters

  9. No chance of a secondary build on these until they buff the pen on the 90’s so they can at least damage destroyers reliably.

    • Or give Italy SAP secondaries

    • Secondaries can still set fires even if it does not pen, The Lepanto has faster firing secondaries sure most dont pen but its the bonfires you really need out of the secondaries , along with atleast decent accuracy. As this test shows

    • If it could also pen the dds, it would have been better than GK hands down in everyway where secondaries are concerned. So i guess for balancing reasons it doesnt pen with the 90mm’s

    • Give it 1/3 pen for all italian secondary guns, the italians need that just to be half decent
      (Also full damage to DD for the secs because i hate DD)

    • @Kurosai006 Ichigo If you are playing against bots that don’t move, these secondaries will work great like the video proved. With enough time to set fires and no action to avoid or put them out, this ship is a dream…. In the game I play DD’s don’t tend to stick around or park in front of my ship doing nothing very much.

  10. When thinking about it, the secondaries could be fun because of the smoke.
    It would be super broken if they 2ndaries would be better.

  11. I would like to see that test include the USN secondary BBs and the old French secondary BBs for baseline comparisons since the rework. I know GK wins, but it would be nice to see the results.

  12. Steve Hayden aka Jagman

    Thanks for trying it anyway, much appreciated. I do admit that if I do get the Lepanto I’d still like to try some sort of brawling build, much more fun playing that way and I play games for fun. Sorry all, that’s just me (and a fair few others I suspect)

  13. This makes me sad… I miss my KurryFist. A 50% hit rate on stationary ships at 5km. Thats what Id expect with no build into secondaries. It is sad WG is insisting on a slow death for what was my favourite game.

  14. I’ll probably do secondaries with mine, now that I know it can at least pen. I already have a dead eye Thunderer, I don’t need another deadeye ship

  15. Thanks for taking the time to show the results in a test match and some randoms.

  16. Thanks for spending the time to test this because I’m too lazy to. lol

  17. I can do more dmg with my racial slurs at the enemy at that range. To Hell with secondary’s!

  18. Wg; let’s rework skills so there’s moar options.
    Also wg; let’s see we have 1 viable skill set for all ships… good enough

  19. Short ranged, slow reloading main guns with useless secondaries… i may keep the free ones for snowflake events, but i will not waste my time on them.

  20. Running a secondary build on lepanto, seems to match what you’re saying.

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