World of Warships – italian cruiser Venezia – time to carry a ranked team to victory

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Hello boys and girls! I hope you are all doing well! Today I present you a venezia game in which the game was quite close, until we started to put our carry pants at the end. I hope you enjoy this battle. Thank you for all your support! Stay safe and healthy!


  1. I didnt even know you where drinking before i saw your weird behaviour today and realized you are actually sober…..

  2. i get it, Trenlass.. just don’t say “Tranny’s coming for you” 15:37, that sounds just wrong

  3. i hate the fact the venezia can lay still and broadside to a demoin shooting ap and do f ing no damage

  4. Not quite a carry, well played none the less

  5. Good game. Not a carry though tbh.

  6. what a game

  7. “so at really close range I can citadel him”

    Laughs in Petropavlovsk!

  8. My favorite ship in this ranked season….

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