World of Warships – Italian Cruisers First Look – DATAMINE

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data gives us a look at Italian Cruisers and they look like interesting ships, especially the tier 10 :O

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  1. Much like the French DDs, these are going to be VERY high skill cap. most people are going to suck in these, but good players will wreck face…

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Yea these are gonna be tricky to play which imo is good weve had too much boomer friendly cookie cutter easy shit with cruisers the past few years

    • A totally cute and innocent guy

      Can confirm with my Abruzzi. 71% Solo Winrate because potatoes cant hit when you do the WASD haxx 😀

    • @CynicallyObnoxious The only problem with high skill cap ships, is that it just makes the unicums even more unicum. Which is not really a good thing until WG introduces some sort of skill based MM.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @Billy The Dog then the old boomers need to step it up because all they want done to the game is to dumb it down thinking itll make them better and its never worked everything they whine to get put into place guess what they still suck

  2. The 2nd turret on the tier X had me laughing my butt off.

  3. Thanks for this, very informative and detailed as usual. Looking forward to playing them cruisers. I am very curious about how the play style is going to develop.

  4. The tier III Taranto was was a German made cruiser, the ex-Strassburg, given to Italy after WW1 as reparations. So it was a good looking German ship.

    • Yeah…..”reparations”…..would love to see the italians would pay for 400 years of occupation to Germany…..well, in ancient times the Roman Empire had conquered some areas of Germania 🙂
      Anyway – I did not knew that with that ship. Interesting and thanks

    • @K98_Zock_TV Holy Empire conquered north italy for a lot of time too

    • @K98_Zock_TV – In both WW1 and WW2 two different Italian governments voluntarily went to war in search of spoils. In WW1 they were on the winning side and got some booty and territory; though they’re soldiers, civilians in or near the war zone and their economy, paid a very high price for those gains.

  5. I agree with almost everything you say Ichase but the T9 and 10 having a 20s reload seems like it could be really painful

  6. I like the look of these cruisers will be a little challenging but encourage smart playing

  7. The tier 2 is probably a protected cruiser, no belt but heavily sloped deck

  8. What’s that spotter/aircraft III consumable?

  9. Well, these seem like more agile Russian cruisers with less daka and range.

  10. Holy cow these ships are long from bow to stern.

  11. Thanks for being the techy person to make this easy for us to understand.

  12. so far I see the Italian line in the current metta are some horrible kiting ships…… probably only the TX is interesting!

  13. I agree , drooling over Italian ships not playing it… just look so nice …

  14. The 2nd turret of tier X is supposed to turn with the guns at max elevation in order to clear the first one and swing left to right.

  15. Taranto is a ex-german SMS Strassburg. I don’t get why we have a seized ship as a techtree one, but whatever

  16. 22emporerpenguin

    Wait, what is that?! Take a look at the consumables list. “Spotting aircraft 3” and “Fighter 3”. Is that a new ultra-premium consumable or is it just a typo or something?

  17. Spotting aircraft III is maybe the reason for that poor Tier 8 Main battery range…but…what is a spotting aircraft III, i wonder??? Some perma spotter plane like on lazo?

  18. This video was full of not-so-subtle innuendo.

  19. You should have looked at the AP shells.
    Of course you’re gonna use the AP – unless you’re completely incompetent.

  20. SCP Shells ….. I always know Italian is puppet of the foundation.

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