World of Warships- Italian CV Aquila, & A Tier VIII Austin Are Coming Soon

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Hey guys, today we have some interesting announcements concerning new ships Aquila and San Diego, enjoy!



Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. looking forward to the San Diego. I was stationed there from 2019-2021 before home port shifting to Japan. I loved the USS San Diego memorial stones near the USS Midway museum

  2. I think the Italian CV is a slightly weaker version of Ru CVS

  3. 星川ヒカリ Hoshikawa Hikari

    Now Azur Lane players can say “watashi wa nambaa one!!” in chat at the start of each battle.

  4. i think it might be a part of an AL event. Because both ships are popular in AL

  5. Speaking of real steel ships I’m still waiting on themto add the IJN Shinano. the third Yamato hull converted to a CV

    • She actually exist as a model in WoWs from back in Alpha and CBT. Unryu, Akagi and Zuikaku (Prem with different planes oppose to Shokaku maybe)

    • @Bioscaller i would think she’d either be a t10 for steel or a super. A yamato hull at t8 is pretty beefy

    • Majestic Hotwings

      @real human to be fair it was a last ditch effort by a shattered foe, I marvel it not for its real performance but rather the symbolism behind such an act

    • @real human Absolutely agree, just look at the hangar space for such a colossus.

  6. Tidehunter Zamora

    Fun Facts:USS San Diego was the second most decorated ship and the most decorated Cruiser in the US Navy during World War 2 with 18 Battle Stars behind USS Enterprise with 20 Battle Stars.

  7. someday we will get johnston

  8. Now that the Regina Marina got a Carrier they should the Karel Doorman, A Dutch carrier that they bought from the Brits after ww2

  9. I have reason to suspect that if they add San Diego from Azur Lane as a commander, they are gonna put the “Watashiwa numba one” (or however that is spelled) Voice line for the well done Part of the chat ring

  10. I would love to know how an 8.5 turned into a 1. Something when the austin get 7 seconds with the moudle and 1.75 with the reload booster active this is a tier 8 it doesn’t get the moudle so no way to increase the fire rate unless you have halsey and AR

  11. They are going to have to add at least one heal for San Diego, or else give it guarded matchmaking. That thing will just get deleted if they don’t do something to prolong it’s life. At T8 you get a lot of 16″ guns, and a lot of 18″ guns, so…as much as I like my ATL, Flint, and Chumphon…I don’t know if I’ll get this one.

  12. Yes!! My italian carrier is finally here at last she’s not what I thought she would be but she’s here regardless. Hell yea

  13. My primary ship is the Atlanta and Flint, been waiting for the san diego, will be getting the Austin soon. All different game play.

  14. The 1st slot is “I cast fist” and deals irreducible damage

  15. After the fiasco they pulled with the Bearn (Super OP and fun in test, and a piece of crap in the normal server) I doubt the Aquila will sell that much, even with main CV players.

  16. Three close quarter awards in a CV. Well done!

  17. Johnson can’t go very fast because of the gigantic balls that are securely fastened to her.

  18. That Shiratsuyu driver basically won that game for you, he did an amazing job of holding off the Eastern flank push, all by himself for the most part.

  19. The Flint actually gets Benson-like torps that go out to around 9km base. Not sure why the San Diego doesn’t get them a tier higher

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