World of Warships- Italian DDs Are Amazing & A Boatload Of Fun

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Hey guys, today we go take a look at the new Italian DDs and go over their amazingly fun quirks. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Tbh i wished the torps were stronger
    Paolo Emilio is fun

  2. The death at the hands of that cv….

    *Banzai denied!*

  3. I got the Adriatico in my first bundle and it’s pretty trash.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Yeah, Adriatico is probably the worst of the set (both in terms of tier for tier and line progression). Regolo isn’t quite as strong as some of the lower ones, but still workable if you can bring the SAP into play. It’s really just the one meh ship in the entire line though, which is a definite improvement IMO over some other recent releases.

  4. Looks interesting. But italian DDs going to be very good and fun for “at least” early access patch.
    Nice show of what these ninjas can do.

  5. You were so close to that ram at the end

  6. I agree looks like funniest tech tree line in long time. This time trying to make different DD playstyle gave something interesting

  7. These are fun!…well until they are nerfed. Players are already bitching that they are OP. I have a feeling they will be good sub killers as well.

  8. Forester Logs on Trucks

    I have had GREAT results with tier 3-5 RM DDs. Put Sanseneti in as commander and you get a range buff following a kill.

  9. SageofIrrelevance

    I got the Tier 4 Turbine in a twitch prime bundle a few weeks ago. I’ve had a blast playing it.

  10. I personally hope they do Dutch dd’s next, since they had catapults and that can get very interesting.
    And maybe because i am dutch

  11. If these are this good at killing dds, I can see the win rate getting mega boosted.

  12. When will the British battle cruisers be coming to the game & I love your vids. Also have you ever done a ship review for the flandre??

  13. I love these DDs, they play completely different to all the other lines. I will def be grinding the line to tier 10.

  14. These look so epic!

  15. So far I’m loving this line. I’ve found that hit and run tactics are really fun when fighting ships before you can close in and yolo with trips. Harassing flanks and kiting with these ships is *chefs kiss*

  16. Actually the ITA dds are stronger at lower to mid tiers. Mainly because the high alpha of SAP is much more outstanding at those tiers, whereas in higher tiers the monster dpm some other dds get kinda makes life harder.

  17. The only reason I don’t want to play with these ships is that russian long range radar would make these ships so ridiculously helpless

  18. My only issue with this line is the longer gun reload of these DDS especially as someone who absolutely adores US UK and RU dds

  19. I stopped playing around Christmas time, not really missing the game, i’ll consider re-join when they release Italian CVs

  20. I was saving research points to get the Paolo Emilio for the lols and different playstyle. Since the Italian DD line came out…. do you think its worth still getting it or just enjoying the Italian DD line? How different are they I guess is what I’m asking – thanks !

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