World of Warships- Italian Destroyers, Pan-American Battleship Atlantica, & More

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Hey guys! Today we have quite a bit of news from the DevBlog today! Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this. 🤩

  2. Bernaccia Emanuele

    My idea for CV spotting is to just show your teammatws the enemy on the minimap, unless a surface ship gets close enough to spot it

  3. On one hand i am happy the pan-south american line gets a new ship, but on the other hand why this monstrosity? 16 secondary guns of 234 mm!? That is bigger than the main armament of most heavy cruisers in the game! why couldn’t they have done South American battleships that did exist in real life?

  4. i am exited for the italian destoyer line. i see that it plays a bit like the Paolo Emilio and a bit simelair like the french and russian destroyers lines.

    • The only thing that worries me is the low damage torps you won’t be able to rush a full hp bb

    • @jeje je you only need to find the right opportunity for that. further is just using guns in the italiyan smoke. so it better to use it for a gun built.

    • Will play a bit like Yolo Emilio except that if they aren’t rushing they can’t shoot anyone and their torp power is pretty awful for a torp focus boat. Anything with a hydro will beat these contesting caps, hydro or radar will defeat a rush. The only interesting one is the second t7 with actual gun range. Initial impression is that if your smoke is down there wont be much to do except spam slow torps with low alpha. They’re fast and nimble.

    • @Rallius well i can only say wait and see how they work. afterall every line plays a bit similar or different than their premium counter part

    • @KickIt 633 I don’t disagree but artificially limiting gun range seems a bit weird.

  5. 7:40 no thats actually incorrect this year, somebody did the math and mega gift containers are the best this time (for everything, not just ships)

  6. You didnt say most of them wrong, you said all of them wrong 😀

    Americans trying to speak something different than english is almost always an atrocity.

  7. Riccardo Locatelli

    8.5 km with a base 9.2 surface dectability range

  8. I would like the current CV detection, but with enemy location delay, according to the distance between the squadron and the CV.
    So the further away the CV player stretch out, the more inaccurate their spotting will be.
    The concept behind this is communication lag between the pilots and the commanders onboard the CV.

  9. I expect the AP-only battleship theme to carry on to Royal Navy battlecruisers.

  10. Atlântico does look like the last dreadnought the Marinha do Brasil looked into.

  11. Atlantico seems to basically be a suped up version of the 1911 686 design dreadnought for Brasil with the 10×15′ guns instead of 10×16′ guns

    Considering its tier 8 why not just go for 16′ guns?

    • It would be too op, and also maybe the bri’ish would not have installed 16 inch guns they did not even develop yet. So probably they would stick with the 15″ guns. Also you get the massive amount of secondaries that will do the extra damage in compensation for the relatively low caliber

    • She has american secondarys with 7,5 range base. She would be too OP with 16′ guns lol.

  12. Shikishima : A Harugumo on each side + two triple 155’s

    Atlantico : A Mahan/Benson? + a heavy cruiser on each side

  13. i would like to get dedicated spotting aircraft, having to waste fighters for that all the time is annoying.
    wonder what that spot-relay range will end up as, it has to be a good bit further than normal detection range to be usefull. im not sure there is a good value for that, might end up just map-spotting everything, or like it is now.

  14. Pretty sure mega containers give you the best value on getting ships

  15. get the mega, their chances are better and if you fail to get a ship in 15 boxes they will give you a ship

  16. SLM. After you pronounced the names of those destroyers, expect a new pair of shoes made of concrette and a scuba diving holiday. And I’m not even Italian

  17. Im pretty sure all the italian dds except T9-10 are actually real
    It seems we have a line of yolo emilios
    And sea lord mountbatten has found the dream secondary battleship

  18. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    So quick correction, the math wizards have determined that the Mega Santa Containers are the best bang for the buck this year. So keep that in mind if you are planning on participating in the event!

  19. Spotting plane for CV’s. Oh be still my beating heart, says every DD player. Just what we were hoping for.

  20. These new Italian destroyers look like everything I always wanted. And I really appreciate how WG is getting experimental with the concepts.

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