World of Warships – Italian monster

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Venezia is probably the best and only really good Italian ship in WoWS. She’s getting nerfed a bit but I think she’ll still remain really strong. Dmg SAP does + the sheer amount of shells you can drop at someone is scary + free ticket out of jail aka moving smoke screen.

It is truly a great ship.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. isaac plays games

    Big race tier 10 map

  2. HE spammers are not the problem perse. The fucking effectiveness of HE is the problem. A Yamato getting 25k HE volley from a Thunderer and 3 fires, thats a problem. Superstructure being continually burned without pause, making light cruisers more deadly than battleships. Light cruisers being nearly invincible due to maneuverability and light armor being overpenned. Completely stupid gamedesign, this needs balancing.

    And then we get 12km radar cruisers. What a huge fuckup. You can park behind an island and radar 2 complete cap circles at once. DD players new to this hell get instantly deleted, because they didn’t know whats coming, those DD players wo did get burned a few times will play massively passive.

    Then we get to the aircraft carriers. Single ships are helpless, but once there is a Smolensk or 2-3 ships in the mix, your aircraft will get annihilated, overlapping AA bubbles. You will be able to make one drop, but you lose a lot. Both sides are having a bad time, most of the time. And people will sail around in blobs.

    • As much as I agree with you, Venezia still badly needed a nerf. SAP is in some cases borderline OP (if not OP) and people will realize it when Italian BBs will be implemented to the game.

    • @N W Sap is it’s gimmick though, the entire rest of the Italian Cruiser line is total crap until T8 and even then. Venezia has 3 things going for it, Gun Power, Speed, and the ability to disengage. She has no utility. Take away her primary traits and what is she? A port queen. Maybe the rudder shift is the answer, but her gun power for a T10 needs to remain strong since she cannot light fires. SAP is great for Alpha damage, but that’s it. People don’t realize just how much you miss fires till you play her.

    • I agree with this! I had a game in my Benson, about 30 seconds into the game I’m down to half hp because a graf zep has flown into our spawn area and took half my hp with 1 strike, this was with my defensive AA running too! Cv’s are needing a huge nerf or AA needs a huge buff, I never see cv’s get deplaned now either, and well the radars are just bullshit, constantly seeing games with 3-4 radars in teams, if your in a dd, may aswell suicide and go play something else…

    • @Mortician1750 As I said SAP is in some cases very trolly or not very rewarding. But in toher cases it is just insane… I mean you can almost one shot most of the DDs with the Venezia. With two turrets in this game, the guy hit the JB for more than 6k, with 203mm guns… He is doing more than 12k with one volley against the Yamato. If it isn’t OP on the Venezia, it sure will be on BBs. However, Venezia has shit tons of other very strong sides. As you said there is the speed and ability to disengage. But despite those being stupidly strong you can hide the great maneuvrability of the ship and the fact that Sansonetti (which has very easy skills to trigger) makes the Venezia absurdly strong and annoying.

    • @N W She has to have somethings going for her. The lack of utility for a cruiser is a massive downside. She’s a damage dealer that’s it. She can’t counter DDs unless they get spotted, she has no radar, no hydro. If she had utility then I could see the nerfs making more sense. But she’s a pure damage dealer. Even Zao has hydro. She has only four major upsides.
      Speed, Maneuverability, Gun Power and The Smoke. And the Smoke takes forever to cool down. She has the reload of a super cruiser even with the Upgrade for faster reload. Her concealment is just as bad as Hindenburg, her AA while brutal, is VERY short range. Her armor scheme isn’t that great but because of her good firing angles, she can be angled quite often and make her armor very trolly. All in all, Venezia is not much of a team player, but she’s great for giving everyone a black eye and broken nose and getting out quick if things get dicey and her kiting ability is pretty exceptional. I’m not saying she doesn’t need something of a nerf, but hitting all her key traits? That seems a bit much. I mean they only nerfed Henri’s acceleration and reload somewhat, but Henri gets the MBRB and some of the largest guns on a non super-cruiser in the game.

  3. 16:07 umm flambass, you put out the fires without it even ticking. So that’s why you can’t find it

  4. italian monster? dont you mean the spaghetti monster?

  5. 15:36 compare your and opposite team, you see some difference ? ; ) This decide in most cases about win or loss today.

  6. Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

    Omg!! I m not alone! Mr. Flambass have same thought with me, about HE spammers and WG future.Thx budy!… 🙂

  7. I remember when this ship came out and everyone was complaining about how mediocre it was.

    • Слава Сахно

      I wasn’t even complain comparing to brit DD line. At least how i remember on the CIS forum.

    • I think people were complaining about the line in general not Venezia herself.

      But it was really the CV clan battle meta that drove her popularity up.

      In randoms she brings very little utility. No hydro, radar, poor concealment, no HE/Fires, not the best DPM etc

    • College Student

      Venezia has always been my favorite stock ship. Such fun to play, it’s fast, maneuverable, hits hard, has torps (almost useless), smoke, somewhat decent AA although it’s range is low, and looks good.

  8. Wow wonder why Battleships are obsolete… I get where are you going with this rant but WG is following logic in balancing, it’s just they balance ships for TEAM PLAY, not your average solo yolos in randoms. Don’t get my wrong, I hate WG for the monetization of the franchise, WoT, WoWP and WoWs but come on, this is still a online coop game! Every single ship in the game has a natural counter and needs to play as part in a team ffs. All your yapping is ”I like to swim but the water is wet…”. My frustration is from the player base not the ships by them self!

  9. So ,we all know now that Flambino prefers the Champagne when it’s in a cellar :p

  10. First of, this is such a beautiful ship. Second, this is probably one of the best “new” lines considering balance

  11. Champagne… Wargaming’s answere to sosial distancing

  12. Not sure if Mr. Hesus was pleased to see you considering you just sent his super unicum division to Davy Jone’s locker yesterday.

  13. Jean-Philippe Morin

    More important with this ship = the guns shoot where I aim! Love those guns, the tier 9 was a blast too. This line from tier 7 was really enjoyable. You have too take care when playing them cuz you will get insta erased if you show a bit of bradside! But that is part of the fun playing this ship.

    Looking forward too see a dd italian line, and maybe some italian bbs.

  14. Spends the first few minutes complaining about long range sniping and HE spam, then proceeded to do some long range sniping.

  15. In the third column on the Detailed Report tab you have Damage Received, which breaks down into three categories: Artillery, Torpedoes, and Other. Under Other you would see damage from fires, flooding, and ramming. You took no damage from anything other than Artillery, so you don’t see those other categories. Apparently you extinguished that double fire so quickly early in the game that you didn’t take any damage from it.

  16. I liked my Zara, averaged over 100k in her over 25 battles, Amalfi was a let down though, much shorter range less maneouverability etc

  17. Fire and flood damage appear below the shell damage section. You didn’t have any.

  18. “When it comes to maps, I just want more maps.”
    I feel that. I also think that if T10 was forced to use some of the lower/mid tier maps then half the problem of long range snipers would go away too.

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