World of Warships – Italian Semi-AP (SAP) Issues and Full Throttle Smoke [WiP]

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A look at Italian SAP shells and Full Throttle Smoke and some of the issues that Italian SAP shells face in game right now.


  1. Remove SAP bouncing angle and making dd pen damage to 20%, would be more acceptable.

  2. Fun fact roma’s ap is the super ap only used for capital ships it had two different ap shells.

  3. I’m very nervous right now about the Italian Cruisers. The community wanted Italian mainline for years now and I’m afraid WG will screw it up. WG has shown us this year that we cant trust them. The disaster that was CV rework, them planning on adding broken OP ships such as Slava and Colbert, the terrible NTC system., and the complete power creep of the Germans. Don’t trust WG. They have screwed up way to many times and continue to screw up for us to trust them.

    • People said the same stuff when the British CL’s came out. Just wait and see.

    • exactly. Since when did Britain cruiser captins complained about not being able to do dmg on bow on targets. The Italian cruises will have a high skill level but will be fine

    • @DaManBearPig Please tell me another tier 10 BB that can take over 5 million pot dmg each game before being destroyed. My record is 8.9 million…

    • You forgot their idea to uptier the Gulio Cesare ….

    • @Cosmin Lesutan GK
      the kremlin cant show broadside, ive nuked so many in brawls my GK because they get cocky because of their “Russian bias”. Keep whining pleb.

  4. Simplest solution – ditch the SAP and just use HE and AP. RM cruisers didn’t have SAP and AP, that was only the Battleships. Cruisers had HE and AP, DDs SAP and HE (but all nations used SAP on DD guns).

    The way the cruisers are currently built just doesn’t work well – cruisers are about utility, and the lack of hydro, DFAA, and HE, kills their utility.

  5. I just gone done with several hours playing the Zara. The SAP shell bouncing only happens when the enemy ship is perfectly bow-on, and in that case you just fire at the superstructure. Otherwise you tear apart cruisers, and do pretty good damage to battleships at range where you can hit their deck armor (Soviet BBs excepted), superstructure, or the bow/stern. I had no problem doing good damage to dds, because the guns are super-accurate and the shells are fast. It’s normal for each salvo to do 3-5k damage against pretty much any target, no matter the angle.

    Everything about the ship is set up for long range (10+ km). Your smoke firing detection is ~9km, so you can’t use the smoke to escape below that range unless you haven’t fired recently. The torps are 12km.The ship is crazy maneuverable, especially with rudder upgrades. You’re going to want Last Stand because the rudder and engine are constantly being knocked out. It can be effective in a knife-fight because of the torps, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to die. The ship is very fragile, and extremely vulnerable to HE. The multiple layers of thin armor protect you from HE citadels, but that’s about it. Battleship AP will cit you from any angle. Cruiser AP can be bounced if angled, but don’t count on it.

    • By watching the video, I got the same impression as you. They seem pretty balanced as is. I don’t understand why some players are complaining about the shells not penetrating at steep angles. There has to he some counter play IMHO.

    • The doesn’t really seem to be good enough imo. Atago easily does 7-9k per salvo, plus engine/rudder knockout against DDs, plus fire damage. Current Italian cruisers feel too much like Perth without fire starting ability. Poor DPM, etc.

    • @exaltdragon they will probably gonna have to tweak the dmg to dds but other than that it seems fine to me

  6. I’m looking forward to Italian cruisers. Also the italians had different ammo types for each ship, among them HE, SAP, AP, and Super AP which was for capital ships. I’m pretty sure on the Super AP but not positive.

    Also, iChase will you stream soon, it’s been almost a year.

  7. I like the idea. It’s something different. Maybe they could have a 3rd ammo type in conventional (though sub-par) HE, so that RM CA’s have this as their gimmick, but then again; RN CL’s are not going to be doing any damage when an enemy ship is perfectly bow in either, and they seem to be doing alright for themselves. Sure, if everyone spend all their time angling against you and you alone, you might have a terrible match, but then at least you will win as they are showing broadside to everything else.

  8. What a shocker, they’re garbage like everyone who knows anything about this said they were gonna be. Actually fix this WG, don’t just run it through testing and then release this gimmicky trash with little to no changes.

  9. Zara’s Damage is low cause she doesn’t have Barber Shop on her bow …

  10. SAP does look quite meh… and the 10% damage on DDs is total bollocks…

  11. Reading through the comments it’s hilarious how confused people are about these things. They’re not OP and they’re not underpowered.

    Maybe the lower to mid tier Italian CAs will have problems, but I could see the higher tier ones being monsters. With proper knowledge of what armor schemes the SAP can pen a skilled played could use the dispersion and velocity of the T10/9 to absolutely annihilate CAs and soft parts of BBs. The tough part will be when and where to use SAP as there will be some targets that’ll be immune. I think the they need more range if they’re gonna have that reload however. The T10 has the highest alpha in the game for a CA. In the hands of a knowledgeable player this thing’ll be scarier than most BBs.

  12. I’m a bit pessimistic about these ships… imagine a match where there are 4 dds each side. Your team has Italian cruisers with SAP. You lose – they’ll say (rightfully so) we can’t damage DDs. They seem to me just another means of legitimizing camping, staying back, sniping BBs.

  13. So uhh… The way it looks like right now, SAP shells are like the british AP cruiser shells except its less effective against DD’s and more effective against big ships.

  14. Gareth Fairclough

    What if SAP were given higher “module damage” chances or a kind of “extra damage roll” when it comes to things like that?
    My thinking is that even if you don’t do that much HP damage, you can/will wreck modules and annoy the target, softening them up as it were.

    Or how about making it behave like a “HESH” round?

  15. The amount of damage done by SAP to the bow and stern sections of battleships is disgusting. You get 10 000 damage salvoes with T7 Zara (30k in total to unsaturated sections when the superstructure is accounted for) and T10 version has almost double the amount of guns available.

  16. If I wanted to play a cruiser line that doesn’t have HE shells, I’d stick with the British line.

  17. Here’s a completely revolutionary idea to fix the SAP shells…

    Remove auto bounce, reduce the damage and give it a chance of causing a fire, you could even rename it HE then you will be able to deal with DDs and bow on targets. Totally a revolutionary idea!

    I did calculate that currently the T10 Ships has almost half the DPS against a DD than the Duca D’Aosta does… great balance there comrade…

  18. charliedontsurf334

    I thought that the DD AP nerf was only shells greater than 280mm. Has that changed?

  19. From my point of view this is like the worst performance of SAP we will see since after T7 Zara, the guns start to ramp up and up, T8 9 guns, T9 12 guns and T10 15 guns, the T7 punch is scary as it is, T9 and 10 will be just monsters. Can see the playstyle coming, 3 salvos to 1 target then change target and so on. I better pick the flank with the most ships! Though I can agree with a small reload buff since it really looks excessive after the first 5-7 mins of the round when ships start to get saturated.

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