World of Warships – It’s All About ME!

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“It’s not all about you!” they said. Well, ACTUALLY….

Invite Codes for new players, region specific:

Bonus Codes to activate the Captain Jingles mission for existing players:

And join us on Dec 5th at the official World of Warships Thursday night stream for giveaways including one of three Royal Navy Officers caps signed by my very good self!

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  1. Enemy battleship is spotted.
    Jingles: “Enemy submarine sighted”

  2. Jingles sounds so much younger as an in game captain

  3. Hate to be the one to say it but is bad when Jingles has a better mic than WG does : /

  4. I know I’m stealing this but I can’t find the original comment:

    Jingles: Spots a destroyer

    It’s a Shmikaze!

  5. I would have liked you to sound more like, well, Jingles

  6. this is actually so cute
    im proud to have been able to see you go from a 10k subscriber replay contest to actually being playable in my favourite shooty boats game

  7. *A wild Bonus Code appears*
    Me: oh sweet
    Code: “To The Salt Mine”
    Me: It’s a trap !!!

  8. I do believe my house has just been colonized. Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the (salt) mines!

  9. World of Warships Official Channel

    PSA: When you have Jingles in port, you can go to your audio settings and make Jingles the default voice for all captains in game… you’re welcome!

  10. *Sinks enemy ship*
    Captain Rear Admiral Jingles McJingleberry: Enemy submarine diving!

  11. What a distinguished looking captain. His beard looks like it could stop a torpedo.

    • It’s his very own integrated torpedo netting!!

    • Ah but with the patented Jingles Effect you don’t require torpedo netting! Want torpedoes to spontaneously arm and detonate right next to the vessel that launched them? Look no further than your friendly neighbourhood Gnome Overlord!
      *Disclaimers apply: This effect may or may not randomly occur for *both* teams and might, possibly, once or twice have been involved in every torpedo in the game simultaneously converging on said commanding officer’s vessel. You have been warned!

    • @MrGrimsmith Cheers! I thought it was me.

  12. Jingles needs to work on his beard in real life to match his character.

  13. Christopher Cornwell

    Love it!

  14. World of Warships Official Channel

    PSA 2: We are aware the code for new players is currently broken, it was inadvertently created as “TEAANDMEALS” (which works) – we will fix it ASAP!

    And no, this was not Jingles’ fault.

  15. Me sinking an enemy Battleship.

    Captain voice: *We sink an enemy Carrier*

    Me:….. what?

  16. I can’t believe I only thought of this now:
    Captain Jingles should have half xp cost when retraining from one ship to another! He can barely tell which ship he’s on even when trained on it, so why should we bother retraining him? 😛

  17. Jingles: “We’ve sunk an allied Aircraft Carrier!”

    Millenials: “OK Boomer”

  18. I doesnt sound like the Jingles and where’s the crying laugh of shame when someone gets a paddlin’???

  19. Im am glad i am not the only one! i just couldent resist the sheer britishness it would bring.

  20. I had to do this as well.

  21. I had that moment after sinking an Aoba – wait wut?

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