World of Warships: It’s all good, man…

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In which goodman14 and the USS go on a little bit of a rampage. Just a little one. 300k and change…


  1. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    Its nice that Montana doesnt suck anymore <3
    4:11 Yuzral I think our gnome overlord jinxed you lol!
    7:17 You'd think you'd learn the first time you colonizing weeaboo! XD

  2. Doesn’t the Monty have 12 guns? You keep saying 16.

    Kürfurst secondarys are 150 mm and 128 mm.

  3. Yuzral, when are you getting a Discord that all your views can chill in. And I so want monty

  4. 14:50 As much as we all love seeing the paddlings, its amazing how many people just dont learn.

  5. That’s an impressive amount of freedom he spread.

  6. spoiler: goodman it’s actually a really evil man.

  7. lol, first 2 salvo, 65578 damage. very well

  8. Bravo … great, strange case with him RNG was very favorable, all shots concentrated!?! and who plays Montana knows that the concentrated shots are very rare, but to goodman every shot saves all the shots focus …. if you then pass the link of the cheat maybe

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