World of Warships- Its ALL Just RNG!! WG Confirms So!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a WG statement that came out after a Reddit post revealed that even our module HP has been RNG based this entire time! Let me know what ya think below!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Had a game in San Diego in Operations, not even halfway in, all torpedo launchers destroyed. My starboard torp launcher was destroyed literally within 3 minutes of the game, never got a salvo of torpedoes off

    Edit: The game literally happened like 1hr before the video released

  2. Already had some brawls where losing the torpedo tubes mattered and I immediately had to think about “WG RNG made me lose those fast”. 4 HE shells from a destroyer and my tubes were gone.

  3. I stand by my point that German torp tubes, regardless of rng values, are nothing but spaced armor. Which actually works as such.

  4. I recently, finally, got the pommern after a while of coal saving, and the first thing I did was take it into brawls. What I’ve noticed is that in about 70% of games, the left torpedo rack will just get destroyed after taking my first hit. It’s been driving me crazy…

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten yea, though I didn’t realize it was this bad.

    • At least with the mod you know which side to angle and which side is most likely to survive.

    • Yeah, especially battleships suffer from destroyed modules. Most modules are within the superstructure, which gets set on fire constantly. AA and secondaries don’t regenerate health, so they’ll be permanently destroyed.
      With battleships such as Pommern, Brandenburg and Tirpitz, torpedoes are destroyed when you need them most (they’re destroyed before you get into brawling range, in this case 6.0 km).

    • Ive notice similar issue with Tubes on my Conde.
      Even with all the modification and Captain skills equipped, Tubes are usually the 1st thing to go — CONSISTENTLY.
      I find this kinda odd given the fact they’re not openly exposed like on the jap line

  5. It is obvious it was not a bug. It had labeled variables and ranges in a file called parameters. It is a feature.
    And the worst part is that instead if being honest and just say the real reason for it (which is that WG likes RNG in everything), they try to insult our intelligence with the most random and stupid excuse ever. Not only their given reason for it doesn’t fix the problem they allegedly set out to fix, it can actually can make it much worse.

  6. Light Blue Waves

    Oh so that’s why Scharnhorst’s radar controls were destroyed so early in the battle of the north cape, rng wasn’t on her side!

    • The historical accounts suggest some of her systems were disrupted by the concussion of her own guns firing.

  7. *Astronaut points gun at your head and fire*

  8. those upgrades probably affect the baseHP of the part. example: “+50% survivability” probably is this-> (base 2000hp +- 1500hp changed to 3000hp+-1500hp)
    anyway, i think there could be an argument to tighten up the randomness on torptubes, it is realy not necessary that a torptube can be knocked out by a single DD salvo. they are a mainarmament after all.

  9. During Alpha testing I reported on this very thing. I spawned at my cap in a North Carolina and immediately had my two front main guns destroyed. There was no repair at that time so my after action report was about how they needed to find a way to prevent this from happening. I spent the whole game cruising around unable to shoot at anything.

  10. I’ve been playing DDs for a long time now and I’ve had MULTIPLE instances where all of my torpedo tubes are destroyed in a single volley, sometimes even on the very first hit from an enemy ship. So well done WG, 10/10, truly world class RNG.

    • I mean… DD’s are the most OP ship in the game, high torp DPS spam with high range spotting.

      The only real threat is getting detected.

      You keep from getting detected, you can spam torp walls at the enemy to bottle neck them to an area while your team can fire them down from range where they can’t be seen.

      So I get why they RNG it so even if you’re a God tier DD player, you can always have that one hit force you to loose the game so the other team gets an edge.

      If this RNG didn’t exist, only elite players would keep playing while new players would quit from skill issues.
      That is bad for revenue for WG, and they’re just like a casino… The house ALWAYS wins

  11. These huge spreads are certainly puzzling. You’d think RNG would come into play with the area of effect of the impact blast itself (like you said shrapnel etc) and not with modules HP.

    • Due to coding and net code (ping, packet loss, ect.) I can see this as a shortcut to them so they don’t have to code so much RNG into ammo.

      Think about it, what is the most fired off ammunition in the game? The guns. That is A LOT of code to do when you can just make RNG based on who wins and who looses by randomized HP values.

    • @Hash Myth Could be. It just seems an odd way to do it. I write mods for games for fun and this would just be a one liner. For every module that takes damage add random +/- 25% for example. Anyway, your guess is as good as any.

  12. Been playing for at least 6-7yrs as well. Great job on WG part to keep random values on modules to really simulate the “random” hits that could happen in a real battle! I’m sure if you take say something like modules to help attach more hp to torp tubes, the randomizer value would be to the higher hp. For christsake why do people need more reasons to gripe about a game….

    • Totally agree with this. Its the same for everyone. Seems like a non issue and just people like to complain about WG.

  13. how i see it for those module that give +20% secondary hp :
    either it take the random value it get an add the 20% ( with possibility to get mini valu+20 and max valu +20) OR 20% chance to get better value but within the max limitation

  14. The RNG is more like an programing wheel of fortune/misfortune. Since there are multiple levels of these programed wheels. The number of programed results seem to be unknown so is difficult to plot and see what kind of distribution is occurring (normal, skewed, etc). I also think that some results show up as bugs that affect a few and then disappear. Now add in spawning location, Match Maker, which it self is a limited RNG, the various other programming like damage and other aspects we now have a virtual witches cauldron of results. Am I playing a ships game or is game being played on me?

  15. I always wondered how AA guns somehow seem to fire the same amount of AA at my planes no matter if the ship is at 100% or 20% health, this helps explain that mystery.

  16. Super informative and confirms that RNG (for a deep read on the topic: Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Taleb) is a hidden very important element of the game.

  17. 8:30 the hp boost a module gets depends on the amount of damage it might take. For example, upping 500 to 1000 doesn’t do a lot when the damage coming in can be 1500.

  18. On both pics, the lower values are on the same side of the ship, coincidence?
    I’d like for the guy to turn the ship the other way just to be sure. That would explain why it is always the module on the side of the enemy which is damage first (unless it is hit by a Conqueror or Thunderer high caliber HE)

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