World of Warships – It’s Clobberin’ Time!

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Because “It’s Kleberin’ time!” doesn’t have the same ring to it and the Fantastic Four movies were so bad they probably won’t sue me for taking The Thing’s catchphrase and are probably just happy for the exposure.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. I’m registering my outrage in the comment section. Reeeeee

  2. 0:52 “I wanna call this thing the Klebby but I am sure it’ll never stick…”
    Oh Jingles, you absolute language beast ^^

    You know that “Kleber” means glue in german, don’t you?

  3. whoa that destroyer is quick :O 46 knots without speed booster

  4. Jesus, could you imagine the outrage on the admiralty board after this battle.
    “Sir, we seem to have lost the entire fleet and only sunk three destroyers.”
    “Damnation! What kind of horrid weapon did the enemy have that they could have managed such a feat?!”
    “It… uh… seems to have been… a destroyer.”
    “*A* destroyer? As in one?”
    “Yes sir. It sank nine of our vessels.”

  5. “The thing about the high-tier French destroyers is they’re exceptionally good at running away” No meme fodder there.

  6. I would like to register my outrage regarding other people’s registered outrage.

    • I’m outraged about the outrage you are registering regarding other people outrage.

    • @David Knowles I have been informed by my legal advisors, publicists and other handlers (because I just can’t handle my fabulous life apparently, as the aforementioned staff have informed me, hence why I have so many teat sucklers) that they are registering outrange on my behalf for the outrage being registered by you about the outrage registered by @haxx monk about the outrage that is being registered by others because of, ah, humm, ah, wait a minute, oh, bloody hell, I am so confused, grab my toys I am going home! 🙂

    • @Dirty Eric you want to be careful about “grabbing” anything, lest it cause outrage

    • @Dirty Eric the moral of the story is that we are quite upset but we have no clue why.

    • I love this thread.

  7. So basically a cruiser with a hyperdrive and no citadel?

    • @Gulaschiltis true that. I don’t think you should underestimate the heal but the khaba is just powercreeped to the ground r/n. Does it still eat full BB AP pens like Harugumo btw? That would be the last nail in the coffin

    • @Lidl Potato tbh i didnt play the game in almost a whole year now and I am glad I didn’t. But I guess it still does, it afaik has still the most armor of any dd, which is more of a disadvantage, for reasons you stated. But ye. The power creep and especially the ridiculous premiums and broken promises like “never t10 premiums”, or “never better premiums, than tree ships” and especially the completely boring cv rework have driven me off and will never let me return :p it is sad, I liked the game a lot

    • @Gulaschiltis Ive only been playing again for a month now, took a break for half a year before for the same reasons. Surprisingly, I’ve been having a lot of fun, even though there are a ton of balancing problems r/n (smolensk holy shit wtf WG)
      I think I have kinda changed my attitude towards the game, I only play it casually to have fun now, ranked burnt me out last time i played it I think

    • Yup, pretty much!

    • The successor to the heal Khaba that Flamu mastered.

  8. The Kleber kills camping BBs. I found this out early on after its release. At the time, the opposing Kleber player used the speed (stopping/flank speed) as an expert. Not an easy DD to ignore.

  9. Jingles refuses to play Alien: Isolation because that Xenomorph is a female.

  10. Did Jingles not mention the two Gearings killing each other in that hilarious way at 9:03?

    Yep ?

  11. Kleber was the unfortunate general Napoleon left behind in Egypt when he ran away home. He has an avenue in Paris named after him that runs from Etoile to Trocadero; I was lucky enough to work there.

  12. with those torps, one could say “it’s Klebering time”

  13. Jingles, you might be delighted to learn that the name “Kléber” read in German translates to “glue”. So you could make some nice jokes with glue sniffers 🙂

    • yes except we don’t have accent marks in German… yes, i know it was a joke, yes im being a picky cunt :p

    • chaosengine – He (inadvertently?) did a glue-joke when he said, “I wanted to call this the Clebbie, but I’m sure it’ll never stick.” ?

  14. I love that Chat statement: “Dying wasnt even bad… being killed by “feminist” was worse”

    xD ?

  15. Let me point out a couple of aspects of Feminist’s play that Jingles missed. She actually contested A cap and eventually took it solo while exercising trigger discipline. She pushed into that Kurfürst and on to B cap. Then she proceeded to destroy both of the ships trying to retake C cap. IOW she played the objectives and was always aware of what needed to be done to win. Kudos to her! (Although I’m still not sure the player is female – I’ve encountered them in game multiple times and the chat is trollish)

    There are far too many “gunboat” players who think they are above regular DD duties. Harugumos who won’t take a cap even if their life depended on it. “I’m not really a DD.” Well if you take the spot of a DD in the queue, then you better play like a DD at least some of the time.

    • @Antoine Henderson as a high tier french dd main, i will second that some of us gunboats try and do cap points…
      I was a capping monster during t8 ranked sprint in Le Fant. CVs? Who cares. Noone expected the smokeless gun boat to push early and hard…

    • Sorry to disappoint all the male players here, but Feminist is actually a guy. Bit of a troll too. Pretty sure the only female player we’ve ever had in O7 was Femenemaly. Actually I don’t think the entire O7/OO7/QQ7 community currently has a female player.

    • Kevik70 – thanks! That’s what I thought… not just based on this game but other times I’ve seen him.

    • So what…just make crap up little girl. Sickening to listen to a-holes like U.

    • @ChipsterB You also may have missed the fact that when he was attacking the Kurfurst he was also doing so to help save the Stalingrad who was on low health. Now the Stalin was from OO7, so he’s part of our clan community which probably played a part in Feminist’s decision to help, that and the mountain of damage the BB would give.

  16. >feminist
    Half of his opponents are already throwing, genius

  17. I’m not going to play WoWs because all the ships are female!

    Pls don’t hurt me I’m joking

  18. “The thing about high tier french destroyers is that they’re very good at running away”


  19. “The Smolensk died. What a tragedy…. Said absolutely nobody!” Pure gold!!

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