World of Warships- ITS FINALLY HAPPENING! The Battleship We’ve Been Waiting For Is Coming Soon!

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The age of HE is over, the time of SAP has arrived


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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I just want a destroyer with 18 inch guns.

  2. When I seen the title i got excited, yes Allies vs Axis!
    nope 🙁

  3. This ship is gonna be a god tier mid/close range brawler

  4. @ sea lord i wanna thank you for all the time and effort you put in to your video’s i really enjoy watching your content and you seem like a nice dude!

  5. Honestly the Italian line needs a second good ship (after the Napoli), so it being a bit over powered might not be too bad. I do suspect there is a gotcha in there somewhere though.

  6. They will balance the ship by making it the same as the other Italian battleships were built around having deadeye in the game thus a lot more shots will miss the target then hit it and think of the reload times as well

  7. If the Russian BB line can exist than so can Unicorns.

  8. Hi Sea Lord, I have a question for you. What would you think if WG was to add to the game the different plans made by the americans for the finishing of the Jean Bart ? As I love the Jean Bart I’m curious to know what you think. And if you didn’t know what I’m talking about watch the video of Drachinifel about the Jean Bart.

  9. I just want an Italian BB with decent dispersion on the main guns

  10. The thing i like about Lepanto and Colombo is the large number of secondary guns that reloads pretty fast despite the 90mm having poor pen.

  11. Sweet i love it, about time Italian BBs got some more love…..all the love absolutely all the love!!! Columbo and Schlief are my fav ships, and now i get it all wrapped up into one very mean mean BB..

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but i thought some American tech went to Italy after WWII? Namely a couple of Fletcher-Class Destroyers, USS Taylor comes to mind. 127 / 38 would have been in service for the Italian Navy in that case, though I don’t know if Twin 127 / 38 were given to Italy. granted I may be misremembering, in which case, just ignore me. Sicilia likely is using that idea.

  13. If the secondaries will have vertical dispersion of 372m like the Colombo unfortunately I still doubt the ship will see play. Let’s hope for even a small dispersion buff…in that case we also have to hope that it doesn’t come out for Research Bureau Points ahahah

  14. I think it would have made more sense to mount German 12.8cm guns instead of the USN 5-inch.

    Of note, after their civil war, Spain looked at buying 4 modified Littorio-Class Battleships, presumably with the mixed secondary battery replaced with a uniform battery of twin 120mm guns.

  15. Autistic Stingray-Lover

    Super excited for this. I will definitely be buying this like my life depends on it.

  16. You forget, Sea Lord, that the max on those secondaries is only 7.5 km. Even throwing every flag, upgrade and commander skill at it will probably only bring that out to like 9-10 at the most. So you would be better advised to invest at least your upgrades into the main guns.
    Which still means that Colombo is now powercrept. Faster-firing 15-inch guns with huge splash damage and fire chance, with secondaries that can actually defend you against DDs and contribute to any brawls you might end up taking to cruisers and distracted BBs?

    • The longest secondary base range in the game is only 8.3 and that gets to ~12.5 – and Ohio also has 7.5 base, so we can easily compare and see the 11km range upcoming. I think we could absolutely see killer secondary builds. The real question is going to be the final reload and base accuracy.

  17. I had the hope that the legendary module of Colombo could be the switch of munitions, I think is a good idea, better than a clone ship.

  18. The Wargaming multiverse sure is coming up with some interesting stuff. Hope this thing lives up to our secondary brawling hopes.

  19. I’ve noticed from these vidoes & one done by Flamu, is that WG has been adding more premium ships compared to tech tree ships into WoWs.

    Not to mention the rumors that some ships are now going to be server exclusive.

  20. We need a ship builder so players can build their own designs and go in battle. Now THAT be interesting. Choose too big guns, rip the ship apart when you fire. Lol.

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