World of Warships – It’s getting crazy out here

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You know things are bad when I couldn’t get a win with my JB, not only I couldn’t get a win, I couldn’t get a bloody good game. Teams are melting faster than I can reach the front and everyone knows I’m not exactly the slowest of the bunch when it comes to taking the lead and charging.
I don’t even want to show you the games I had prior to this one, but this one was actually good so i wanted to share because on a day like this it’s incredibly hard to get anything done.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Crazy I say! Crazy! Love the work Flambass! And first:)

  2. Love the reaction when Flambass hits wrong key .

  3. Watching that Izumo player actually made me dumber. Not to mention the fact that it took so long for him to lose any significant HP.

  4. Love it flambass. Keep up the good work

  5. Torps to the left of me, torps to right, here I am stuck in the middle…

  6. TIL Jean Bart causes amnesia. Good start.

  7. Hehe complains about fat fingers every video -> doesn’t rebind keys to make them far apart.
    Never change buddy 🙂
    Still a good game

  8. Assign another key for repair and dmg con so you won’t have a problem.

    • Hey its like ingame here…people giving advices but have no clue what they are talking about. 🙂

    • @Stewen W okay yeah we can’t. Never thought that knowing your settings were part of gameplay 🙂

    • @Stewen W welp looks like i have been trolled. Go do your homework before you be an example of ingame folk you just mentioned. Silly of me to be confident to hear from someone talking about our player base.

  9. Izumo was playing like 80% of all BB captains…and WG is balancing the game for players like this! #fatfingers

  10. Players: High tier is too static!

    WG: Here’s the Benham!

  11. Fat fingers… did i just hear rattling of candywrapping?

  12. “Summer School Holidays”

  13. “Only EU is bad”…….lol. I invite Flambass to reroll and join us on the ASIA server to really experience the full “speshul” WoWS experience……

  14. Flambass and The Curse of the Fat Fingers.

    I’d watch that XD

  15. There are several reasons this is happening more often.

    1. It’s become a joke to grind lines. I’m a filthy casual because i work a lot and don’t have the time, but i’ve been here since year 1 and noticed the huge increase in XP and credit gain. Premiums make a shit tonne, flags are OP and you skip low tier grinds for new lines trough early access events. Someone playing a T10 might be playing for just a few weeks and you can get TX premiums in months trough the Armory or right away for money. People without basic knowledge of their ship or game mechanics tend to play safe and avoid conflict or stupidly rush without backup.

    2. Game “balance” is off the chain with HE/radar/CV meta. The game itself prefers longer ranges, HE spammers and vision control. I’m an above average player in my german BBs and feel this meta change very hard. DDs are either dominant without CVs with their torp/HE spam and cap potential or struggle to impact the game in any way with a CV or too many radar cruisers in play. CVs can focus you and you can’t do anything about it unless you are in a cluster or drive an AA cruiser. HE spammers with 18-22 km range create a circle of “nope” for all BBs who are basically perma-spotted, so they stay back, locking themselves into groups to not get isolated or hide like cruisers, taking themselves and their trade potential out of the game.

    When you combine these two aspects , the most likely scenario of a battle is one or two static groups of ships, camping behind islands or in their spawn or moving to a far away cap obscured by a large landmass, with a few iso’s attacking a logical one and getting deleted, while the other team has a few players with functioning brains who breach a flank (usually with high tier BBs, ships that are SUPPOSED to do that), divide into two pincer prongs and crossfire the shit out of the team camping their spawn or that has won the far away cap, realized they lost map control and then tried to rush the central cap.

    Most of my recent 200k dmg multiple kill games have been losses in these precise conditions.

    • These exact conditions also lead to seriously lopsided games…which are no fun regardless of which side you’re on. Even when you win, you can’t do much damage because it gets spread between all the ships in your blob and then there’s nothing to shoot at while the clock runs down and you chase the enemy dd/cv to a corner of the map….because there are still 8 minutes left on the clock.

  16. Wow losing team only had 27 points either things didn’t go the way they planned or matchmaking may have been off of it

  17. Remember folks, that Izumo is going to be in a Yamato one day.. At the back of the map, reversing.

  18. Gareth Fairclough

    Is it just me, or were those shell tracers (the red ones, coming in from the right) really strangely shaped?

  19. i had to look up that izumo player.
    winrate 43% , kd 0.45.
    the incompetence is real

  20. the fat fingers is a problem for me too, so I need a mouse with bottoms on the sides to put damacon on, I feel you flambino

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