World of Warships – It’s Not The Size of The Dog in The Fight

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As the American writer Mark Twain once said “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

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  1. Jingles, all British and German BBs have identical dispersion formulas to American BBs. Monarch actually has better accuracy owing to having 0.05 sigma over Bismarck, and probably runs the dispersion mod rather than the secondary mod. She also reloads a second faster and has one extra gun, meaning she consistently hits more rounds than Bismarck. That is one outdated wiki…

  2. Add note: Monarch has one of the best initial MB velocity of the British BBs at 834m/s, something which should get more notifications…

  3. The fact that a ship with a 15 inch belt, using better than average metallurgical methods, giving it an effective thickness only slightly thinner than Yamato, is considered ‘not very well armoured’, vexes me greatly

    • @HrothgarHeavenlight It’s still a well armoured ship by any metric, mostly due to its massive size admittedly, but that sheer size and the numbers it brings to the table still make it very well protected

    • @Silverhost978 Except… How is any of that info even relevant for this context? You could say the same for how radar and sonar go through islands, DDs can stay literally invisible under 8km in broad daylight, your ship’s intertia having zero impact on the shell trajectory… I could go on. This is an arcade game with the ships looking like historical ships visually, and there’s no obligation about replicating real life features of the ships themselves over game balance. If you want realism, go play war Thunder or smth similar.

    • @Nafis ul Islam It’s just an observation. It’s no deeper than that, reel it in lol

    • In reality, even 203mm 8 inch cannon is huge. Meanwhile in wows it tiny.

    • @Nafis ul Islam see, the thing is, it’s baffling to see the choices WG made. They made a great effort to painstainkingly calculate the physics of the guns. The shell velocity. The angle of impact. Even how fast the fuse goes off. In other words, they’ve done a tremendous amount of physics and ballistics-related work, trying to re-create the real thing as much as it’s possible in an arcade game. And then, after all this effort at reality, the go full ham science-fiction on the actual ships 🙂 That will never stop baffling me. The game would have fewer aiming bugs if they didn’t bother about all these ballistics-related minutiae.

  4. 7:54 Did the richylulu just did a 20k damage in single attack of dive bombers. Oh my bad it’s an aircraft i am sure it’s working according to wows plans.

    • to be fair richtofen doing 20k nowadays needs a natural 20 on a leap year while the user has exactly 537 pubic hairs or something

  5. Absolutely hated playing Monarch when I grinded her – one of the few ships I’ve sat down to actually get it over with over the course of a weekend. But actually have one of my highest win rates in her – go figure…

    • It’s the concealment, enables her to go dark and heal every time she gets the crap belted out of her… good HE too, I find myself using HE more than AP on the brit BB line.

  6. did you hit all on the nose or something

  7. Together with the CV he completely carried that worthless team. The rest were trying to find out what happens when you try to stretch the border beyond breaking point. Really well played. doesn’t change the fact that the Monarch is a shit show of a ship.

  8. lets be honest. there’s only like 5 ships that the aa actually counts on.

  9. “It’s not about the size of the boat, it’s about the motion of the ocean”

  10. 14:15 Republique actually has an incredibly thick belt. The reason why it’s squishy is that it only has 32mm plating everywhere (so it melts under HE and eats pen damage. But is just as tanky on the belt at close range as the german BB’s (minus the schlieffen) and considering the Monarch gets the short fuse AP and just terrible AP in general, you have no hope in hell of citadelling a Repub

  11. 7:54 casual 20k dmg on that enemy ship, yep fair and balanced.

  12. CruisingForMermaids

    @Sarp Kaplan No, CVs are super-OP in EVERY way.

  13. The upcoming AA changes will be awesome. Instead of firing AA at the attacking squadron, it will be spread over both the attacking flight and the orbiting flight The result will be less damage to the attacking squadron, which is awesome. btw, tears make excellent lube.

  14. Every time I hear someone mention the reinfornce sector mechanic I feel a blood vessel in my brain about to burst.

  15. The reworking of the AA that WG has proposed to be the next patch may actually help against most CVs (except the Rusky).

  16. Friendly CV was the hero of the battle. Great play at key moments there.

  17. I feel like if this guy knew when to switch shell types he would have done A LOT more dmg.

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