World of Warships – “It’s only OP because you’re in a division” OH RLY???

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So there are some of you (a minority but still surprising number) believe that I judge ships being OP because I was in a “super unicum division”.
I am not even gonna waste time on taking that statement apart here to prove you how wrong you are but I’m just gonna show you, how wrong you are.
What in the world made some of you think that I can’t call a ship OP because I’m good in the game is also beyond my imagination and out of reach for any logical answer.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Nothing to see here komrade, is balans, да да хахахаха))))))

  2. It’s only OP because you’re to good a player…..

    /next excuse plox

    *what’s the video about anyway, another BB I bet ?

    • That…isn’t an excuse,that’s a reality of the game.Put a skilled player into a match against newbies and he’ll do well above the average of whatever ship he’s in.
      Edit : Tho’ the “OP because in division” is kinda bs when it comes to a single ship.

    • +tunnar79Artem released the UFC from his contract, proving once and for all he is the GOAT.

      Ow wait, wrong crowd. Mhm anyway, I guess sarcasm is really hard to convey even if it shoulda been obvious as hell.

    • +Marvin Westmaas Seen way too many say things like that without a hint of sarcasm.Though I’m glad to be wrong this time.

  3. Did you know the whole Russian bb tech tree ships were never built

    • I would not agree with the term “whole”.
      IV Gangut and V October Revolution were built and fought in both WW.
      VI Izmail was built and launched,but was scrapped later when communists took control.
      IX Soviet Union and 3 others were laid down but not finished due to German invasion.

      Try to check before typing.

    • +Nikker So just like Graf Zeppelin, they were never completed and never used for their intended purpose. I also started writing a book but never finished it. My neighbor is building a skyscraper, but only got to the first two bricks.

    • +Dynasty Gamer atleast bother with doing some research first if you’re gonna say a statement like that. just in ten minutes i could find out wich ones we built and partially before scrapped.
      the ones that werent built is
      Pyotr Velikiy, Vladivostok and Kreml.

      Izmail and S. Soyuz were had their hull built before being scrapped.
      Lenin is a project 21. (Study for 35,500-ton Nelson class-style battleship) and died together the the soviet battleship program.
      and another thing to keep in mind Russia doesn’t have the same designation for ships compared to the western world and most of their battleships should really be designated as Heavy or battlecruiser
      and a example of that is the Leningrad is classified as a minelayer acording to russian desination.

    • At least the Gangut class (tier IV) was in active service well into WW2 and even beyond as training vessels. Izmail (Borodino class / tier VI) was launched during WW1 but never completed for reasons. The tier IX Sovetsky Soyus was under construction although halted after the german invasion of USSR. Depending on the sources, the unfinished ships were either scrapped on the blocks by the germans for the material during the occupation or by the russians after the war.

    • @Goran Radosevic
      The guy was saying that they were never built. And yes,some were used

  4. I must admit, I’ve thought to myself that regardless of the ship, put it in good matchmaking. Especially in the lower tiers with far less skilled and experienced players. With someone of the caliber of Flambass and the ship is going to almost assuredly end up top of the team. Even in higher tiers as a lot of players are still average or mediocre, even after thousands of games. They reach a point and plateau, they don’t improve. I’ve hit that myself. I am running around the 59% win rate and don’t really seem to move much on that. In the last two years play I am still roughly the same skill level. Slightly, incrementally better but as I mostly solo play, I’m not seeing significant improvements.

    Anyway, so, give a ship to a skilled player and the results will naturally be skewed. However, a skilled player is still able to objectively examine the strengths and weaknesses of a ship and adapt. Where as a mediocre player won’t have that awareness. Classic example, nearly all the BB players of all nations starting to use HE because people in RN BBs were doing so. Not understanding that it was situational and nation reliant. Others doing it, so shall I.

    So, seeing a skilled player in a strong ship stomp on low tier games is going to give an unbalanced view of the strength of a ship as the vast majority of players will not be able to do this. Still valuable information though none the less.

    • Kristof Kolumbus

      would be nice to know, how many downvotes you already got… xD
      From me +1 bro 😉

    • Flambass is playing this game for a living. There’s your difference. I myself am a lower end unicum and yeah, I too am not improving that much, but I play 3-4 games per day (sometimes less) after work. Compare it to the likes of Flambass, Flamu and others that spit out 20+ games a day.

    • thegeneral123… The vast majority of players have difficulty walking and chewing gum.
      I picture them frantically wiping potato chip oil from their fat little fingers as I give them the opportunity to use their BB as a Sub.

    • well said Sir pmsl

    • Some people actually don’t play the game to win, but just for fun (fun can be anything, it depends on the person).
      For example I played with my brother till he hot Bayern, but his performance was always crappy despite all the tips I told him; he just wants to fight, yolo in, live a 10k to 50k damage game, dying stupidly… But somehow satisfied.

      After seing that, I can understand “no-brain” players, even tier X… Having 10 of them in your team is kinda unlucky though x)

      Then about ships being OP, I have 57% winrate and it’s recently going up, probably because I play a little bit better after watching videos of good players, but mainly because I invest in meta ships. One week playing Akizuki, 72% winrate with that damn ship (even did a quadra (no, not double) strike, 8 kill game being bottom tier with 4x Just a flesh wound). HE spam cruisers also help a lot, with around 70% winrate so far in the russian line (tho I’m also using AP when needed… I never knew burning BBs was that much gross… But WG is doing nothing about it whatever people say, so it’s a part of the fun and engaging game).

      My point is that yeah, some people will never be able to make a good use of ships, even OP, depending on their gaming style. But for people playing a little bit seriously, these ships are just gamebreaker, especially in the hands of players already able to do well with non-meta ships. I’m not even that good, yet I can imagine how cancerous some ships I already find OP in my hands could be in the hands of unicum players.

  5. Only reason i can think of that comment, would be that you have 2 competent team mates, to “Back you up”, but mostly it don´t make sense.

  6. 2:52 I once heard that getting hit by a plane does some crazy damage but it never happened to me and I couldn’t find anything on YouTube. THANKS FOR FINALLY DEBUNKING!

    • Sure they can decimate them, but not oneshot aside from detonations, which is what I said. A shokaku for example does I think 7200 dmg in one bomb? that’s a bit over 20k if they all hit and are all citadels. That does not oneshot a cruiser let alone a BB. It will hurt both, but it’s hardly a oneshot. And the probability of getting a second strike in one flight in the current balance is basically zero, aside from the t10 CV, but even then killing something with solid AA like a tirpitz in one squad (even if he’s entirely isolated) is a stretch, let alone oneshot. As such, either he is talking about the old AP bombers, or full of shit.

    • I think you got me wrong. I meant getting hit by the actual plane not something the plane drops.

    • ah yes that does nothing, fortunately. that’d be a whole new world of rng

    • +Da BJ that only happens irl lul

    • Kamikaze planes still not properly worked out, I guess

  7. But we should admit that the most OP in this game is RELIABLE TEAMMATE

    • is: every coordinated team can make almost any combination of ships work (no 3 CV’s tho)

    • Yup. And inversely, the biggest challenge in this game is the typical half-hearted selfish idiots who make up 80% of the WOWS population…

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Definitely. Pretty much every game I’ve been on that’s been a complete steamroll on one side or the other (all ships dying on one side, all surviving on the other) hasn’t lasted more than 8-10 minutes

    • u hit the bullseye bro

    • Absolutely. I had a game in which I contributed 5k damage, no one in my team was dead, the whole enemy team was destroyed lol

  8. Did someone say Evil???? Just like our Evil Gnome Overlord, (whose name we do not dare let past our lips), your otherworldly abilities must have only come from the Dark Side. So sadly, yes my Comrade. You are Evvviillll.

  9. Move GC to tier VI then add Novorossiysk at Tier V, I can see that happening LOL

  10. Zamir in the Yubari was a rock star, he stuck to you like glue, and only once swapped paint. 20 plane kills each, so in fact you were in a division…sort of lol.

  11. These Russian BB’s will be nerfed to crap before us poor plebes ever see them

  12. Tyrion Lannister

    That Yubari was a champ. I’m glad he came in the top 3.

    • Truly rare to see a solid teammate. I want to compliment him too. He was epic.

    • Hugin Starkstrom

      a random Player wouldn’t get that cover, but flambass is well known. And tactically it made sense: protect your best Player. A +1 BB played by a master. And he got 20 planes – that prob made the difference between flambass staying alive and going down. Well played to that guy!!!

    • Not true at all, you just have to notice them to benefit from them.

    • That AA defensive fire consumable is useful on Yubari.

  13. high accuracy guns below15k at lower tier is really OP. most engagement happened at that range. i dont remember any cruisers with range more than 15km.

  14. Flambass is OP to be honest. To be serious though I don’t see the problem with people saying you can’t really judge ships if they’re in a Division. I mean I understand their point of view just as much as I understand yours. Generally speaking team working is always going to improve overall performance, like the games where you do perma smokes and hydros, thats not an accurate representation of the ships abilities because you wouldn’t be able to do that with randoms. But I can see how you know the ship and the numbers you dealt and whether it was division based or not.

    My point being of all the comments that I see, division not accurately representing ship power levels is hardly the worst or even bad.

  15. That were the friendlyest seconderies i have ever seen.

  16. Saor Campos Oliveira

    Dude you’re a veteran player on t5 game, most of the people in there were giving you broadside to fire all of their guns at you(people that just started playing the game) and tell me how many points captain you put on the ship have?

  17. Павел Коровкин

    Any t5 battleship in the hands of rank1 player would be OP in toptier fight with no dds. Now imagine this russian BB in the hands of a broadsiding potato. He would return to the port after two salvos, raging about shitty BB that needs buffs.

  18. New line…. Guess what it ‘s OP.
    All players now start converting free xp and buy the matching premium.
    But be aware, when the monny stops comming in they will nerf it.

  19. Doesn’t play in division

  20. You should send that Yubari some Doubloons or premium because of his awesome commitment to helping you.

    You can be a generous god Flambass. 🙂

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