World of Warships- Its Time For An HE Rework

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the HE proliferation, especially at higher tier, and some potential solutions. Enjoy!

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  1. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    SLM: *uploads*
    Me: Ok after this video
    Video: “HE Rework”
    Me: *becomes faster than Smolensk can burn my GK* (I play blitz only but its still quite bad)

    • Imagine meeting smolensk

      This post was made by “I don’t have a T10 BB” gang

      PS go study later mr phua scold u

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      @Pokeman Paul and Tier 9
      Also he only teaches computing so I don’t have to care now that my hw is done

  2. Alex J. J. John

    WG: “Hahahah. Oh wait you’re serious? Let me laugh even harder”

  3. A skill for battleships like adrenalin rush that is activated by fire and increases in effectiveness the more fires alight on your ship?

  4. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Congrats for your sister :). Can you put Ultimate Admiral Dreadnought as a vote? I’d love to see more 🙂

  5. alternatively you could reduce fire chance when shells don’t penetrate armor, it would limit amount of potential fires small caliber HE could reliably set on larger ships.
    it would also provide further interaction with IFHE depending on how percentages would be set.

    • @Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean
      Yes, either 0% or let’s say only 10-25% of original fire chance, that would make DD with 21mm of pen be able to only set 2 fires on battleship/non super light cruiser (Smolensk, UK Light cruisers for example) or just 1 fire on Battleship with fire prevention.
      While other ship’s would have penalty due to hitting armored parts of the ship, or would need to take IFHE with still takes away 50% of the fire chance.
      Still there would be few offender’s like German 128/150mm and IJN 100mm.

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      @arczer25 1 0% for when hitbox has only non-deck and non-superstructure within it and I’ll say 50% original fire chance for when it is a non-pen but superstructure/deck is within hitbox. I’ll still allow 3 fires as deck and superstructure is pretty much the entire surface of the ship. This is just one idea, I posted another comment about a fire based on caliber idea though I doubt you will be able to find it so here it is copy and pasted:

      Either way, another idea on top of that is that let say a ship’s speciality is having good HE shells, then wg can give the fire characteristics of a larger caliber shell BUT ONLY by the next level (like 113-130mm is one level and the next level is 131-155mm) or it can be worse like how German ships are suppose to have naturally bad HE, maybe give it a 380-399mm level instead of a 400-410mm level but ofc they still have their 1/4 pen. Also this build up must have a limit so like once it reaches a certain level, it cannot be built anymore and the fire just does its effect. Maybe this limit can be based on caliber so like the smaller the caliber the more the limit.
      They should, and even if wg does not want to do a big overhaul, must change fire dmg from a percentage based to just dmg/s. I say this is a must!!!

    • Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

      @arczer25 1 I say we should implement both

    • However counterintuitive, I think it shoulde be the opposite: the fire chance should be nerfed when shells DO penetrate the armor.

      That way, ships that rely on fires would still be viable, but ships that do huge HE damage would cause fewer fires.

      Basically, a built-in IFHE.

      The problem isn’t being fire-spammed by a Friesland, as fire damage is pretty much all she can do.
      The problem is getting chunked for 12k AND TWO FIRES by a Thunderer.

    • @landochabod7 Well for most part Thunderer is exception not the rule, that I would say are offender’s to this system.
      Introducing fire chance reduction on penetration would nerf pretty high number of ship’s many of with aren’t in best state
      This is focused on HE spam from ship’s with high amount of rounds per minute.

  6. Well, HE in World of Warships is long due for a rework. The problem is, that at Wargaming rework is a synonim of DISASTER.

    • @Almighty Deity so like war thunder(i think? If im wrong pls correct me)

    • @Arctic Tiger Warthunder added in “pressure effect” to HE, right? Pretty similar to that, just more arcade-y for WoT since it’s based on HP rather than crew being knocked out.

    • My secondaries are still crying in a corner…164% more dispersion, that is literally insane.

    • That’s just not true, their reworks have been great, great for the purpose they created them for. You and almost every other person approaches the game updates like it’ll better the game, that’s the wrong approach.
      You should look at it from their point of view, their only goal is making money and it just so happens that the way they do that is with this game. They don’t give a flying fuck about their game or the longevity of it, they want profit asap. You think the commander rework was a disaster? It was perfect for them, only a few weeks of captain point reset instead of a permanent 1 time change per captain. Easy, everybody coming back that’s a whale will spend a ton of money just on resetting their captains alone.
      Literally the entire game is revolved around making money by making whales spend money. Why do you think there’s no skilled matchmaking or different tiers in same match or modules or captain point skills, it’s all to pay to skip and pay to improve.

    • Grimmshred Sanguinus

      The heavier the armor the less dmg a HE shell should do
      U cant hit a bb with 406mm HE shell and deal the same dmg at puny 19mm dd armor xD

  7. Congratulations to your sister. Unless WG can make money off it, it’s not going to happen (Me being synical)

  8. Me in my Minotaur: hmmm yes… my secondaries are too strong I guess

  9. Florentius Hochmeister

    I can imagine over a dozen different ways for WG to f*** up a rework

    • Like they’re planning on doing for WoT? They’re looking to change it from penning the thinnest surface in it’s blast radius to forcing it to be a light tank clubbing round only. Since the pen is negligible it more often than not does nothing even to them on the test servers.

  10. SLM: BBs not pushing because when they push they immediately got HE spammed
    Me, charging my Bismarck recklessly: *wait, are you not supposed to do that?*

    • Michael Gimenez

      This is how you should play the Tirpitz.

    • I do this frequently with JB. With lowered burn chance and you keep to 1 lane it’s hilarious to get in their faces with HE when theirs does fuck all.

    • Hell i push in in my north Carolina

    • I push in german,Russian and ijn bb’s. I don’t dare in us bb,it never ends well. Ive been charging in with the odin lately,I underestimated the guns. Secondaries and torps do the work…lol. last few battles been around 200k damage. Enemy seems to ignore Odin when it pushes in.

    • @Mark Rogers that’s the thing with the NC! The only people that see it nose in and get hungry are HE spamming cruisers. I’ve watched other bbs fire at targets behind me i assume because they figured I just wasn’t that big a threat. But that American piercing….ends dreams

  11. ToughAncientSpark

    Yes, I would imagine that HE rework would go about as well as the CV rework, the CV rework of CV rework and the CV rework of the CV rework of the CV rework.

    • CV rework, Skill rework, probably a Sub rework in the future if the last dev blog was anything to go by. Reworks of Reworks of more Reworks because Reworks are reworking the reworks.

  12. WG “Spreadsheets say everyone loves fire, more HE in game”

  13. BadUploadScheduleツ

    There’s a skill on legends where if your dmg con or heal is either reloading or completly used up if three fires are set on you they are automatically put out, I think it’s only if you’re within a certain proximity of a teamate though

    • Wow….that sounds like a powerful skill. Kinda reminds me of that dd that drove though a battleships wake to put a fire out after a Japanese torpedo exploded on its bow.

  14. Thunderer: mmmm I am OK with HE spamming.

  15. kyle pennypacker

    In those rare moments when a Colbert has targeted me, and it does not happen often, but when it does I just feel a part of me dies

  16. Congrats to your sister’s graduation! Coincidentally my sister also graduated yesterday and I had to miss my wows session XD

  17. *me grinding for the Worcester*

    *Sad HE spam noises*

  18. Nothing is more infuriating then pushing up in a BB and then just getting smashed by HE spam from 2 or more ships

  19. Stephan Makintaya

    I wonder what the game would be like if “Fire Brigade” ships were introduced…. fast cruisers that sail around dousing fires on their teammates. Could be interesting.

  20. Changing HE is something I’ve wanted for so long.

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