World of Warships- Its Time For This Outdated Premium Ship To Get Buffed

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Hello guys, today we go over the Tier VII Premium Polish Destroyer Błyskawica, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Remember the Blyska from the old golden days of wows, when it was one of the best ships in the game, based on her long range and the capability to stealth fire 🔥 that was just ridiculous in those times

  2. While you’re right, Blys doesn’t need much. Maybe a slight detect reduction to 6.2 or 6.3km. It wouldn’t take much to buff her to OP status.

    • yeah slight buff to concealment and maybe slight buff to turret turn time would do amazing for her. ideally she would get those + pan euroepan torpedo option. Change faster, longer rage torpedoes with less damage. Buuuut this is WarGaming…

    • Yeah lower the detect range and speed up the traverse… Maybe a bit more torp range

  3. The Blyska was my second premium ship. I got it from a super container and at that point, I was still new to the game

    The result- I couldn’t win in that ship at all and now there are much better ships out there

  4. Ah the Bliss, the stealth firing thing was really fun way back when. And yes she could really use some love. The Sims also could but she still has her baked in XP bonus that is really handy for keeping your star should rank battles between tier 7. I think the biggest ship class that needs above after the Bliss is the Atlanta and Flint. And it’s just a range buff because we used to be able to extend the rain to those guns and now we can. If the range would go back to what you can get it before the commander rework that would be awesome and not overpowered.

  5. Look at it this way, in her prime there were two BBs of the tier. One goes 20kt and the other is spotted from the moon. And even in those conditions she had a very nasty no-counterplay stealth fire going on.

    Being that more powerful against the MM today, I don’t know what buffs would that be.

    As a DD main and old player, it wasn’t balanced back then. Shima from 2016 is bollocks ala submarines. Literally nobody was against introducing radars because of it. Can’t use the old game as a measuring stick today.

  6. The sad thing is, Lenningrad has pretty much the same play style but does everything better. (Guess who doesn’t like Polish)
    Blys is still one of my most played ship, hope wg would give her some buffs

  7. Błyskawica was one of my favorite DD’s in the game. I still play her but not as much as in days past. She needs a good buff.

  8. Basically, there are too many ships in game and as new mechanics get introduced, ships like this get left behind and forgotten by the devs.

  9. This ship always makes me laugh. Why? The patch that they nerfed her and also changed her gun reload so the single barrel gun wasn’t slightly faster then the double barreled guns. I got a super container with her. Never had her when she was the best but I like her.

  10. I remember when i first got the Blyska for coal, I could have 150k damage games, was such a fun ship to play. Even though that wasn’t all the way back, it was still a good bit ago.
    Actually, still kinda is in all honesty.

  11. With Błyskiawica is the same problem as with ships balanced around dead eye (in her case stealth fire) – no one knows what to do with them. I think she should get a slight buff to detection and give her possibility to instal T7 PE torps.

  12. Though there are a lot of ships I’d like to see added, I also feel like wg should just take a break from adding new ships and focus on balancing already existing ships.

  13. Blys is the most powerful T7 DD in the game. Kind of weird the only other T7 you could mention that you think is better is the Italian DD line with their high detection and awful gun range. Blys’s guns are by far the best, with good balistics as you mentioned. Even though Mahan has better reload, the number of guns on Blys makes up for that so it has the same DPM.

  14. I was 1 mil away from having a 19 point captain in the Blysk, way back when it took 9,999,999 mil capt xp to go from 18 to 19. I haven’t bought a ship from WG since they nerfed her.
    I have hopes that the devs will give her some love with the new line of DDs coming

  15. Think I would take the Blyska over the Sims tho… Not that play either ship really but to have comfortable guns that will actually hit rather than float is beneficial

  16. Błyskawica was the first premium I bought way back when I first started actually playing, sometime around 2018. And yeah, she hasn’t aged well. I wouldn’t mind her getting updated a bit. I’d really like her 50s refit in game, as long as her guns got some kind of improved performance to make up for just being 100mm.

  17. I have this ship, i like it, just needs faster reloading guns to be perfect for me

  18. The Blisk is a good DD for me. Yes, a possible rudder shift or torp buff would be awesome.

  19. I have this ships and I really like it. Every time I play it, I always say to myself ¨I wish it had lower detection.¨ 8 km range on its torps is fine for T7. It would be great if WG buffed its detection down to 6.1 or 6.2.

  20. If only the player base wouldn’t have lost there minds over weegee wanting to bump the gc up to tier 6 we could have seen some of the older premiums get buffed/nerfed but all chance of that is gone unless it’s a post flandre ship

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