World of Warships- Its Time To Grind

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Hey guys, since the Moskva is leaving in about 10 days and getting replaced by the Petropavlovsk, its time to to work and grind out the Moskva, enjoy my adventures in the Donskoi!

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. In 10 days the European DD’s part 2 will start. Surely they will not do a cruiser line split?
    As for pointers… Donskoi is not for tanking, so stick close to a BB. Use hydro and radar to protect you both. When no BB is present, find a big island.

    • Nico Steentjes He gets this info from a supertester, the current probable release date is in 10 days but it may get delayed like Mainz

    • TheFlyingButton WG has never posted a release date for them and on the 9.3 pts there is no mention of them and on the stream yesterday they said we still have around 1-2 months still to grind Moskva

    • Grand Admiral Ask the supertester then

    • TheFlyingButton why would I the ships are not even done testing its quit impossible for the line to be implemented in 10 days if the cc s literally just got access to the ships not even all of them actually

    • @Grand Admiral they come in beggining of May, you are right

  2. The build is ok, but I’d recommend using priority target instead. It is very beneficial to know who’s targeting you and how many so. Donskoi, while tankier than Chapaev, can still be wrecked by high caliber battleships, and of course focus fired. So knowing how many people is targeting you helps a lot what is happening, like is the DD torping me, is it safe to push, etc. I also do not find the modules easy to break so I think it’s safe to drop that for PT. I also don’t run last stand, since for me the rudder is pretty sturdy. I rarely ever lost control of the rudder in the Donskoi. And I’d try to get concealment expert as your next captain skill. The best thing about it is that you can almost stealth radar with it. I believe it dips below 13km, around 12.6km or something. It really helps the team when in the early game you sneak up to the cap and assist the dd driving the enemy dd out of the capture point. Furthermore, it adds to it that you can go dark so much easier, especially when you need to run away.

  3. Grinding the German BB line with that free 2 week premium

  4. Love Soviet light cruisers. Did 4870 base XP in Shores once for my record high. That was 4 years ago and it still holds. Never felt like a grind with this line. Have fun and good luck on Mos.

  5. Doing wrong? You mean, besides charging in against two Georgia’s? That’s kind of a bad idea, even in a Grosse Kurfurst, which the Dmitri Donskoi most decidedly is not. The Soviet cruisers thrive on long range engagements from open water, they don’t do island humping so well. I’d drop IFHE, the extra 7mm of pen isn’t worth the loss of half your fire-starting potential. Making ships burn from far away is what the Soviet cruisers do best, so play to their strengths.

  6. SeaLord the Donkey has great angles firing to the rear, she is a great kite and annoy ship. On a separate note you have inspired me to start uploading replays. Trying to teach myself a bit of video editing.

  7. Pretty sure we have til they split later on, but will keep my priority grind on this in preps for split…

    • Darth Averion yes we will have the split at a later time cuz they have never given us a release date for them and plus on the EU stream they said we still have plenty of time to grind the ship so I would expect the update to be around in a month or 2 from now

  8. Dimitri donskoi first impressions video kkk

  9. So what happens is that you get Moskva as a premium, and the new T10 light cruiser (Alexander Nevski) as a line ship for free, no?
    And the new Heavy cruiser will need to be researched.
    At least that’s how i understand it.

  10. Prisoner of the Highway

    I overextend in cruisers so bad. I’m normally an aggressive BB driver so I get too close before I remember lol. When I unlocked the chapy I just free XP’d to Moskva.

  11. Tire tread camo? !

  12. You have a bunch of Covid Canary on the server.

  13. Sadly new player like me ain’t going to get it.

  14. You have a little more time to grind out the Moskva. It is the Jean Bart and Smolensk that are leaving the armoury in the next patch

  15. Moskva replaced with Poltava?? Damn I’ve been had😂😂😂

  16. According to Notser, the Moskva will be replaced by Alexander Nevski. You have to grind Petropavlovsk.

  17. I personally use rudder mod.3 instead of concealment. Extra maneuverability goes well with reload mod

  18. Nayan Ranjan Mukerje

    Shall I have to grind this again to get the new Tier X or it will be pre-researched for all those who currently have Moskva?

  19. But what about the legendary mod? Moskva as premium will keep stock settings or legendary mod?

  20. I grind this too🤣

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