World of Warships- Its Time To STOP This, Wargaming

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While WG has certainly moved away from loot boxes/containers being their primary method of cash extraction, they have a new method now at the front of their efforts, FOMO. And boy are they pushing it.

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  1. They need to redo most dockyards so ppl can get old dockyard ships

  2. You forget one important factor – with no forums and discord only a lot of complaints just get drowned in the noise. No forum = no riot.

    • Ah but there is a forum. Actually at least two community forums, one in German and another in English.

    • ​@@Katoshi_Takagumiwhere

    • @@mike393000i guess he meant Discord.

    • The forums were good for many things, but they really were not riot central.
      Complaints have always had a poor signal/noise ratio. Some people will cry about everything, making it easy to dismiss those who actually make valid points. Just look how many people complain about ships getting changed while still in development, which is literally how development works.

  3. WG’s biggest problem is that they ignore what their playerbase and content creatores keep saying. It’s only when things get sticky on a legal basis that they pay attention. Like many other people who played this game for years, I sunk a lot of money into it at first. Then, when my issues were ignored or my tickets came back ‘we’re right and you’re not, ticket closed’ one time too many, I stopped giving them money. They don’t care how many people like me there are. Whales will whale, which keeps their servers up and staff employed. Besides, who needs skill when you can buy a high tier premium and be an instant success? Isn’t that what their ads always tell people?

    • @henrybolezny359 you must be new here.

    • @@YDKJ07not after seven years playing this game. Just not losing hope that things will change… yet … maybe…?

    • I dunno about the instant success part.

    • That’s because it’s a business.

      Business has NO other purpose except to take as much money in, while giving out absolutely least amount of service in exchange, so profit is maximized.

      For any free to play game, customers are just cows to be milked or whales to be butchered (all F2P’s want as many of those addicted people to farm). There are no other considerations. Just numbers on a spreadsheet.

    • @@clmwrxSatsuma, Conde and Annapolis Farming from the back says otherwise!
      If they fail that then they move to subs and homing torps, Even potatoes can’t miss.

  4. The issue is WG run the game with mobile game practices; spam as much content and as many events as you can, never give the players a chance to breathe and just constantly hit them with “buy this”, “Buy that” and “oo look shiny, you want the shiny” And that is as much for Tech Line ships as Premium/Event ships. In the past, we’d get two, maybe three new Tech Lines a year and it meant they were major events, and between them, the new lines could bed in, players get used to them and the ships find their fit within the meta.
    And that was great. The new lines were an exciting thing that was built up to, think of the US Cruiser Split; that was a BIG deal that the players talked about and debated well ahead of the release.
    Now, because there is so much content being spammed around, tech lines don’t a chance to settle and everything kind of drowns each other out. For a while I couldn’t remember which ships were part of the new Spanish cruisers or the Pan American ones, and the first Tech Line for Spain should have been a huge event, but instead it was drowned out by the dozen other things goings on.
    I wish WG would chill out, slow down the events and give us a chance to enjoy their new content before hitting us with the next shiny thing. And I say this as someone who is currently enjoying both the Pan American and Spanish cruisers; they’re quite fun to play.

  5. Wait what? There’s no one at WG making these ships, assembling them from tiny little pixels? I feel… disappointed somehow. Thanks for this video. I hadn’t noticed ships being pulled so quickly myself.

  6. Thats what is called abusing the fear of missing out to make bank and later down the line make bank trough putting ships into gamble containers with the option to mark them as rare. I mean its normal tactic if you hold the monopoly to artificially raising “value” or rather perceived value.
    They wont stop as long it brings the projected money in.

  7. I HATE it when a ship I want dissapears before I can muster the resources tyo get it!

    • That’s the lesson. The game has two modes: gameplay mode and resource management mode. You need patience for both and not get exhausted by one to fail in the other. Shame on me for not figuring this out within year one.

  8. The navarin was supposed to be available for dubloons in the premium shop on release but they messed that up so bad they just hush hushed it and pulled it

  9. I was hoping to get the Karl XIV Johan for 25% off with the coupon when the coupon is again available in December. Now I believe the only high tier ship (tier 9) that’s not available for a resource other than the doubloons is the Sun Yat-sen, a ship I didn’t particularly want. Now I might just sit on the coupon for a few months and see what develops.

  10. I have the Karl XIV, and I really don’t consider it a battleship. It’s more a heavily armored cruiser.

  11. The Kitakami event BS was probably the breaking point for me. I had been waiting for years only for this insane event and extreme fomo tactic to be dropped on us. I havent spent a cent on the game since that announcement because why would I?

    Been playing other games like War Thunder and while each arent perfect it really puts into perspective how insane WG’s aggressive monetization, overpricing, and scummy tactics really are.

  12. Thank you. You actually answered a question I would have had regarding the Kitakami event. “Not back earlier than in two years” means Christmas 2025 or Summer 2026. When there’s no-one out there showing the playstyle of this ship (I couldn’t find its stats, only the port picture with 2×5 torp launchers and 4 guns (only 2-3 operational per side)), it makes no sense to throw away all the coal, premium days, steel and RB-points just for one ship (OK, two more on the path to it).

  13. @guilhermewehner578

    I remember waiting for months for Leipzig to be released, only for WG to sell it for the maximum price of the “admiral’s pack” or something like that (idk I don’t play in english), and then to be removed from the store as well.

  14. I miss a ton of these ships because sometimes there will be weeks where I don’t play. If I miss out, oh well, I guess they don’t want more of my money. I’m betting they end up putting these into Santa crates to try to recapitalize on them before they end up in the shop.

  15. I think they want you to buy the ships before the content creators have a chance to review them and before the community is able to judge how good of a ship they are. Force people to buy them before people decide the ship isn’t actually that good.

  16. Good video and makes sense to me. I guess this strategy means that we’ll never get the opportunity to trade or sell ships between players?

  17. The Asashio was also released for DUBS and was out for a couple weeks and pulled. It was later she was added.

  18. I would buy both KXJ and WV43 if they were still available AND if they were reasonably priced. Since neither is the case not really a big deal. I just keep losing interest in WoWS a little each month. On a side-note multiple former CCs have been slinking back to WG recently. Perhaps WG is starting to feel their oats again over this.

  19. Totally agree. I play Ships and Tanks and have more into WG than all the other software I have ever purchased and I have been in I.T. since the 70’s so I have purchased a lot!

  20. I didn’t realize they had removed the Karl XIV Johan, she is probably one of my favorite ships, especially in Asymmetric battles. I am glad I did go ahead and get her then, secondaries with the same range as detection, yep. My only complaint is the main guns don’t hit quit as hard as I would like, but it was known they were smaller caliber going in, so no big surprise there.

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