World of Warships- Iwami First Impressions: God Japanese Brawler, Or Massive Let Down?

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the new Tier IX Premium Japanese Battleship Iwami, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Ship Intro
2:37 Ship Armor & Stats
12:24 Consumables
14:03 Commander & Module Build
19:02 Gameplay Review


  1. Got this last night, in the right hands it’d be deadly. I had fun with it, I scored a 10 AL Azuma cmdr, which I put right on it right away. It’s not bad, I didn’t die 😉

  2. OK, I have the Iwami and played about 20 battles with her. She is a quite fun ship and very strong IF you use her as intended. She is NOT a long range BB and she is NOT a brawler. She is an excellent secondary-focused kiter/pusher depending on the circumstances. She is a very versatile ship with more than one viable builds. I use her with Yamamoto, taking all secondary skills (7 points for the captain) and modules (1st, 3rd, 6th slots). I do not take Fire Prevention and Concealment Expert and I use these points for skills like Vigilance, AA specialist and IFHE. I have a 10.5 secondary range with the signal flag and these secondaries are awesome: fire rate 2.1 seconds and penning every BB plating. I can melt destroyers and light cruisers in no time. Torps are self-defense utilities or area denial tools while kiting (they have good rear angles).

    This ship is about situational awareness like the Massa and the secondary-focused Kii. You can chill in the background and snipe or kite away while defending a cap. If you find a hole in the enemy line, you can push hard – but not against enemy brawler BBs. This ship is designed to win uneven fights in close combat while she is still able to make a 20+ kilometres crossfire broadside shot against a cruiser. The key word is patience when you play this ship.
    I have very good results with her so far – like 10/10 wins and average 80+k in my first 10 random battles on the EU server. I will make my opinion on a ship after 100 random/ranked battles, so this can be pure luck but she does her things well enough.

    • I agree. I have had some good 100k plus games in ranked. The gun are strong on AP if you know hiw ro aim, which is what i use most of the time unless a battleship is bow in.

    • This is what I feel as well. If you don’t build in the secondaries then why get this ship, but you can’t just yolo into a cab like a hero and feel good about it, it’s Stern armor is very strong.

    • Krzysztof Narloch

      Totally agree. This ship is not a brain dead brawler like shliffen and german BC. You have to pick you fights right. Tested three diffrent builds. Regular tank build, mix of secondaries, IFHE secondaries. At the end i stick with the ifhe build. So far im rocking a steadly increasing 110k+ average damage on EU server.

    • @Krzysztof Narloch Me too. This ship is very consistent unlike the other IJN BBs like Izumo. We have every tool in our box to inflict serious damage… somehow during the battle. She is like a chubby Kii at T9.

  3. stalkingtiger777

    She definitely sounds more like a tier viii than a tier ix. Especially with that secondary range. Just buy a Kobayashi Kii instead.

    • And of course you need to take into account how it’s going to fare against tier 10 and 11 since, at least from my experience lately, you are going to be uptiered alot.

    • Screw that just get Mutsu at t6 lol. 16 inch guns yes, can build secondaries yes for her tier, torps yes fast reload ones at that, and can be used for operations

    • Krzysztof Narloch

      @TheRaithadean fun fact i 1v1 a Shliffen with Iwami without using torps. I just engaged him on my terms (under 10km) lost like 8-10k HP while i oblitarated him with guns and secondaries

    • @Krzysztof Narloch Plus you can destroy Schliffen through the bow…I’ve actually won some 1v1 with them too without my torps…

    • Krzysztof Narloch

      @phud78 yup. Thats why i said its not the brain dead brawler you need to pick your fights. Also got a 4 secondary kill today and i was just fooling around with it.

  4. Freedan48 Blackstar

    Looking at it from the stats… Looks like a Japanese style FDG, with a better main battery, and crappier secondary. Main battery has about the same reload as FDG. Now if one thinks of it in those terms, it gave up its hydro for torpedoes.

  5. A slow, low armored Japanese battleship with not enough secondaries without enough range or armor, torpedoes with lousy firing arcs and lousy protection, that’s what you get when you sneak attack Port Arthur and sink the Russian fleet at Tsushima.

  6. I would’ve liked to have seen you at least try to build into the secondaries. I know why you did not, but I think you’re missing something special with this ship.

    • I have, and when they get going…
      They fking shred!

    • He definitely missed the point / fun of this ship. Got mine 2 days ago and have been using a full IFHE build and it’s been fun. If only it had hydro. It’s like having two kitakaze’s duct taped to your BB.

  7. I had a lot of fun with iwami, at first I went full secondary… but I kinda changed it up and did a bit of hybrid build and works great

  8. Looks like if you’d like it for your port, the best thing to do is to wait until they buff it a bit. If I want a ship with 2 consumables, I’ll go play at T3-4. This is a brawling BB the way that France’s Emile Bertain is a brawling CL. Stick to M-L ranges, while kiting around at speed. This is a boxer, not a puncher. You are only at the advantage when you keep your foes at arms length, and the lack of speed won’t help with that. I mean, look at the 100mm secondaries, this ship is at best a Woodpecker.
    Take note that around 23:50 you took a shell hit to the back side of your smoke stack, and lost a secondary gun turret…….

  9. An interesting fact is Roon (t9 German cl) has longer base secondary range then this ship.

  10. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    its not about its having 8 guns vs the Iowa’s 9 , its about how many gun they can trained onto the enemy at any given angle other than full broadside , IOWA typically can train its foremost 2 turret and 6 guns when this BB can only had 4 guns trained , if WG aim to made it brawler they need to give her brawling property , and that she simply do not had

  11. It’s funny to me that WG would introduce a proclaimed brawler even as they seem to be trying to take brawling out of the game.

  12. I’m first impression is that the new tier 9 IJN BB Iwami sinks pretty fast when I’m in my Shima.

  13. 10 and change is short for a secondary BB these days, but I still run the secondary build on my Giuseppe Verdi. It is fun watching those streaks of red shells fly at people in rapid succession. And they smack too, in spite of their short range.

  14. Just watched one in a ranked match – his torps did naff all on hit.

  15. Sargis Shirinyan

    Iwami seemed underwhelming, the guns either slap broadsides with 3 citadels or just go everywhere except the broadside target at 10km… One thing that annoys me is the Japanese 410mm AP. Sometimes it doesn’t pen a flat broadside.. you do everything for success, you position, angle, fire accurately and then half the shells fall short or long and the ones that hit – sometimes don’t even pen.

  16. I’ve been having a blast with my full secondary build Iwami!! I’m a bit disappointed that you didn’t even give it a try SLM, but you do you. While I agree that the range is short, with IFHE these secondaries do quite a bit of damage. I feel that if you get this ship and spec it for guns then you might as well play Hizen or Izumo; these guns were not meant for prolonged exchanges at range. Btw, I’ve found that these guns are actually pretty good with the 2.1 sigma and definitely not the shotguns you get with the non-battlecruiser German line. The secondaries are of course not your primary damage source, but they do great in close engages, with the torps for a finisher. I do think that at least a fighter would have been good for this ship, but it’s a great change of pace from the other IJN BBs.

    • Miguel Díaz Castelo

      Same here. In ranked games I make around 40k to 60k average secondary damage (IFHE full secondary build) so I think she performs good with the secondary build.

  17. I am fan of BBs, although I play other ships too, as I saw Iwami at armor, I was excited, but checking it’s stats, I saw it’s neither Yamato by guns, nor Pommern with hydro and not enough range of secondaries, it has Izumo/Yamato secondaries if not wrong.
    With lack of top speed its not good for banzai surprise ambushes, wo hydro and Yamato great torp protection its rather kamikaze brawl, thought of its main gun good accuracy, but as you informed of bad vertical dispersion, it doesnt make up for brawl kills probably, really on extra torp damage, which have that big spot.
    Iwami looks more like 15-20km brawler, sending those torps as available and rely rather on what those gun make at range.
    Kearsarge seems much more funny and unusual by its abilities, so better option fro whats available there for coal.
    Having just Pommern at T9 prem coal ships, knowing what is price payed for full secondaries build BB to go brawl. Reward bit rare, very dependant on good moment.
    Iwami is rather hybrid brawl/range ship. Probably not great in any of both 2 styles.

  18. Thanks for the solid review, I crossed it off of my list. If I got it I would never play it because I already have 2 other T9 BBs that do what Iwami does but better.

  19. Got this ship today for coal and steel used coupon and i gotta say i really like it. It is a good sniping ship with fast turret traverse, accurate gun and extremely impressive firing angle !
    Also just because WG said it is a brawling doesn’t mean you should take their suggestion seriously, because it is obviously work best at range and if needed it can fight as close range aswell with those deadly torp and somewhat usable secondary. I give it a solid 8/10. If it has 10 or 12 guns i do give it 9 or 10.

  20. The Iwami (for me) is a tier 9 KII.
    And yes, she *is* secondary speced (Considering how well the Kii has been for me in rank, the Iwami is a literal upgrade, minus the AA).

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