World of Warships – Izumo 7.7

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Showing off the buffs to the Izumo, which were the upper deck armor to 57mm and concealment improved. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Japanese Izumo Replay – Discord Server


  1. Nice video Notser keep up the good work 🙂 and also FIRST

  2. I am still planning on free XPing through this ship

    • dont. i grinded its old version and did very well. its not easy but if u r good u will be fine. u can instead just stack xp boosts on it to make it shorter…dont waste fxp

    • I am finished all upgrades and facing the 240K XP desert!!!!!  That’s a hell of a climb in a ship you’re not thrilled with…..  I get it.  WG isn’t going to make the climb to Mt Niitaka or Mt Midoriyama FUN!!!  To get YAMATO, you gotta want it.

    • its a decent ship…especially now. just do first wins with xp boost and u will be fine man

    • I’ll fully upgrade it and then free xp all the way to Yammy.

    • its a waste of fxp…its not that bad of a ship!!
      i saved all fxp and now i got ALL fxp ships AND 1.4M fxp 😀 didnt even pay!

  3. Izumo….the worst time I have ever had playing the game was this ship over a year ago we never talk about this ship it’s the only thing I hate more then the HE spam in this game

    • Agreed, even wargaming admits that this ship is awful.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Nothing beats Amagi A-hull – which was removed and came back to us as a terrible T7 premium called the Ashitaka.
      seriously stock Amagi had crappier armour than a stock Mutsu or Fuso.
      Then again Stock Fuso with 13km range was pretty bad aswell – good thing she’s gone too – I hope she doesn’t come back as a T5 premium Yamashiro…

    • I was thinking that too. I’d love to see Yamashiro in the game, but WG also loves to f*ck over historical ships 😉

    • I understand you didn’t at all play the Karlsruhe when the German cruiser line came out? Oh God… that thing…

  4. Im probably the exception, but I thoroughly enjoyed the unique Izumo experience, and the quirks that came with it (I mean is the deck doused in gasoline or something?)

    • Well, I am not that far yet (only made it to the last upgrade of Nagato), but I’m looking forward to it. Love ships with quirks 🙂

    • I also loved her, I had a really good winrate with her and mostly really good results.

    • I play lots of not perfect ships. It’s just more of a challenge. I plan on getting the Crispy Cream some day.

    • The one thing I do love about the Izumo, is it’s guns. Great accuracy and trajectory. Back in the day, I prefered Izumo over the Iowa. Nowadays, I don’t play high tier BBs.

    • One little thing and I’d love it. If that #3 gun turret could rotate over the front of the ship. No, not fire over the front, just be able to rotate over the front. Have it greyed out and unable to fire in that same arc it has now, but just let me turn the turrets from port to starboard without the #3 gun having to traverse like 240 degrees to the other side. 🙁

  5. American 406mm HE can penetrate your deck 🙂 Having 1/6 pen doesn’t mean Izumo’s 57mm deck is invulnerable to it. 406/ 6 = 67mm

  6. Lol. Finally WG buff this ship. Now the entire IJN BB line have a consistant performance across all tier ( Maybe except tier 3 and 4. Then again, most people will go through those tier so fast they won’t notice much how bad they are by the time they get to Kongo). 😀

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      T4 Kawachi got a turret traverse and reload buff.
      and god knows why they decided to give 2.0 Sigma for T4 Myogi.
      T4 sniper here we go with 18km range for T4!
      god 2.0 Sigma is what the Kongou wishes she had (she’s still strong though and the most good looking BB for T5 – I call her mini Yamato with her Yamato styled superstructure).

  7. idec, I like the way the Izumo looks

  8. The Nick Holland

    I love the look of the Izumo 🙂

  9. I really appreciate the IJN Buffs, but why forgot they to buff the Ibuki? xD

    • Pikko Zoikum Wait, Ibuki need a buff? 😀

    • The Budgie Admiral

      When I played her Ibuki felt less competitive with tier 10 than my Mogami. It felt like it had even worse armor for some reason and turning out was useless where as it worked often enough with my Mogami.

  10. “It doesn’t look like a real ship”, it’s a prototype, if they would build this ship, I’m pretty sure they would add more superstructure. Just look at all the battleships of the japanese, they had almost all the emtpy ww1 look and to the second world war they added superstructure too all of them

    • Agreed. Building up the superstructure behind the main tower so it’s no so empty-looking and changing the secondaries to a more Yamato-like layout would make Izumo look *so* much better than it does now. Myogi and Amagi are both paper ships and they still look like real IJN warships. Izumo should get that kind of visual treatment.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      Perhaps this image would serve as a better Izumo
      Yes it is the A-140/D with the Nelson Style turret layout.
      But the secondaries are arranged in a more Yamato fashion
      Not to mention the Main mast has an extension flag pole – like Yamato
      Also there are more smaller range finders and binocular spotters present on the mast.
      plus I kinda like how the bow has more curvature – like Yamato’s or Amagi/Kii.

    • Calling Izumo a ‘prototype’ is being far too generous. Sure maybe somebody scribbled the design on a napkin once but that’s about as far as it ever got. It’s very much a paper ship.

    • RedXlV The Amagi isn’t a paper ship, the Amagi-class were under construction when the Washington Naval Treaty went into effect and were cancelled as a result. Amagi and Akagi were both to have been converted to aircraft carriers but Amagi’s hull was severely damaged by an earthquake so the incomplete hull of the Tone-class battleship Kaga was substituted instead.
      Amagi as seen in game is a “What If” WW2 modernization similar to other Japanese battleships like the Kongo. The Tier 7 premium Ashitaka represents what the Amagi-class ships would have looked like had they been completed around 1925.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer This design actually looks very cool. Why did WG not model the ship like that? Fuck that is even more tilting now -.-

  11. Please….show the new YAMATO replay.  Also, a question: Did I hear you correctly in the Izumo 7.7 video that MUSASHI had the same turret traverse as YAMATO?  I guess what I am asking is did MUSASHI get the same Buff?

  12. So.. I was thinking about Not buying Izumo and just buy Yamato right now..
    But My Free XP is not enough to reserarch Yamato..

    ….. Should I buy Izumo for the road to the Yamato?

  13. boristhebarbarian

    Hey Notser, from your commentary i can hear you do not like the Izumo very much :). There could be a substitute design. I was browsing Wikipedia and i came across the Number 13 class battleship proposal for the IJN in the twenties (real design, never built due to the Washington naval treaty of 1922). 8x457mm guns in twin turrets 2 fore, 2 aft. Basically a heavily modifies Kii/Tosa design.The current Izumo design in WoWS must have been a freak drawing but WG used it instead of this more usable design. Better turret arcs and more standard design…

  14. You miss pronounced it its pronounced:” GARBAGE” 😛

  15. The Floating lighthouse got buffed finally wg thinking straight

  16. The super estructure is ridiculous, probably WG thought “we don’t have time to design a good looking IJN ship, the game launches tomorrow, just draw a stick in the middle of a canoe”

  17. It really should have 360* rotation on the 2nd turret, same as Myoko and Atago should, i think WG should look into this.

    • I want to see where you want those barrels go throught when making that rotation….

    • Tejgon. Up. Elevate the barrels to max quadrant and they’d clear. They’d just have to make the gun inoperable and grayed out over the same arc as it has now, just allowing us to traverse over the front without firing. It’d make this ship so much more usable.

  18. Can you possibly make a video on the Iowa? After showing 7.7 changes of course. It hasn’t been featured in a while.

  19. **insert incoherent raging about how every time I play the Izumo, the middle gun turret gets permanently destroyed because the barbette armor sucks**

  20. ashipnerd offical

    People only play this ship when they’re too poor to free xp their way to Yamato.
    It’s the only reason I play it…

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