World of Warships – Izumo Battleship – Dreaded Izumo?

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The dreaded …. The final you need to get through before you’re rewarded with the in World of Warships. So, how bad is it? Well, so far things have been ok with this ship. It’s certainly not a great BB, like the is, but sometimes it can work really well and I haven’t hated it as much as I thought I would.

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— System Specs —
– Intel Core i5 3570
– 8 gigs RAM
– Geforce GTX 770 2GB
– Windows 8.1
– Logitch G502 Proteus Core
– Razer Chroma 7.1 Headset
– Fanatec CSR Wheel & CSR Pedals
– Madcatz FLY5 Joystick


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  1. As for focusing on the Yamato, if you can’t beat em’, join em’ right? ;)

  2. The reason why you werent able to was that: there were 3 dds in the circle,
    you couldnt see them but they were there^^

  3. Not bad at all with 8 citadel hits.Turrets arrangement is quite intresting
    and special for a battleship,and that reloading is pretty good,you should
    keep it.

  4. while the amor is the same on the t10 bbs the yamatos penetration is much
    better tho

  5. This battleship is a paper ship in both regards 😀 Only on paper and has
    paper armor ingame 😀

    As for not reseting the cap … the iowa didnt have any cap points … the
    hidden DESTROYERS did. You have to sit in the cap for a while to acumulate
    cap points. And if someoen shot him before you … he had nothing to reset
    .. .excpet maybe 1% that isnt visible in the icon animation. The cap was
    reset quite a bit from other ships.

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