World of Warships | Izumo is Terrible

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Izumo is Terrible? She’s manageable to play with! (Unless you decided to free XP to .)
A longer yet hopefully more amusing funtage of Izumo is in the making so far. Stay tuned for it!


  1. This is my Funtage submission for Wargaming since I figured, “I have all of these interesting footages of Izumo gameplay, and Izumo is a ship that I see most people tend to not like.” Why not shed some light that Izumo herself can be managed into some wonky meme boat? (Or just free xp by her to Yamato.)

    • FuryTomic Wait!!! i thought the song you used MUST be in CC category only. You can use the standard YT license as well?

    • Technically speaking, Wargaming and Azur Lane are going to do a collaboration, and the music seems to be fit under Creative Commons and fair use?

    • Any music used must be Creative Common licensed, or from World of Warships.

      Music by World of Warships: Straightforward as it is. Music is from Azur Lane not World of Warships even they do collab. Azur Lane is Azur Lane and World of Warships is World of Warships.

      Creative Common License: You can check if the content is creatuve common with the link WG provided: but if you want to use YT video you can just search it in description. I have checked the link for the soundtrack you use and it is under “Youtube License” which is not Creative Common.

      I don’t know if WG will allow AL soundtrack though collab is just cooperation but I think you can ask that to WG staff.

    • Actually, I wanted to do the FUN song from Spongbob but it fitted in neither categoris now I’m desperate. Deadline is close and I don’t have detonation footage.

    • We will see then. It’s just that most of the soundtracks too don’t really fit with the theme style I was hoping to go for, but I’ve seen a lot of people so far with music that doesn’t meet the requirements. Just gotta have to see

  2. Dear god

    I can’t tell whether your a genius, or a mad man

  3. In korea, we call it Moai Stone statue.

    If you undertand why, Watch her Bridge Xd

  4. you guessed its tuna

    fury you mad lad

  5. whats wrong with the Izumo ?
    its look Op in this video

  6. I like the fact that you actually inserted Azur Lane’s soundtrack in, I thought you were a KC fan?

    • FuryTomic Ah, I see. It’s rare to see someone who enjoys both, because usually people would just be biased towards one game and mock / insult the other one (This is talking from personal experience). It’s nice to see that there are people out there like me who enjoys both games ( Even though I actually already stopped playing KC a long time ago XD ).

      And by the way, that AL x World of Warships event is already underway for quite some time now. I’m still trying to complete my Ibuki construction here 🙂

    • Officially on the WoWs servers, I’m aware its underway on the Azur Lane Servers 😉

    • FuryTomic Wonder what are they going to put in though? The shipgirls as commanders? New liveries for the ships? Voice lines?

    • They said they give away skins that is similar to the ships girls, Belast, Cleveland, Nelson, Enterprise, Hipper, and probly more cant remember, and each ship gets a weeb captain with new voicelines.

    • Silberwolf2k Niiceee 😂
      Thanks for the reply and info mate 👍

  7. Yep, still sucks 😀

  8. ehm, it’s terrible .
    Weird Turret Placement with a IJN ship.

    W̶h̶y̶ ̶N̶o̶t̶ ̶R̶e̶p̶l̶a̶c̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶M̶u̶s̶a̶s̶h̶i̶ jk lol

  9. Well. IMO Izumo is not terri le. It’s a disaster at tier 9. 😉

    And for all people saying Cruiser will get delete right away by BB. In Izumo you will learn that it’s the Cruiser you should fear. The armor thickness of Izumo that you will take HE pen from IFHE Light Cruiser and Heavy Cruiser at all angle.

    Btw, I suspect alot of salt had been produced for those sweet footage. 😀

    • Maybe you are right. It took me about over 50 games to get some results like these (and getting Yamato without having to really free xp a lot XD)

    • FuryTomic Bless PVE then. Without that mode I won’t even manage to finish the Yamato grind. XD

    • xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

      Thats the story of any BB in this game since WG over buffed the crap out of HE shells. it doesnt matter if its the izumo or not.

  10. Izumo… the first BB which i actually managed to use to get a citadel by hiting the front of a montana at close range…. and then my teammates stole the kill 🙁

  11. If Izumo is terrible, why is every shot 1 hit kill?

  12. What would you expect, Izumo is a trash BB for tier 9 which is even T7 Nagato can kill that ship easily, even worst thoe that she’s a H.E Magnet for all cruiser and Destroyers…..

  13. man I just love Japanese bridges
    -they’re just as comfy as Yamato’s 5 star hotel beds-

  14. BlitzTaifun / DragonScales

    Why they chose this and not the Number 13-class IJN plans (Amagi’s planned successor) still baffles me.

  15. Фридрих Днищце

    I want to buy Izumo back (sold it to buy Yamato), make it AA boat (its 127 battery is formidable) to surpise flattops that expect easy prey. But I need to buy Richelieu and Kiev and have not so much credits.

  16. I wouldn’t call Izumo terrible. She has some of the best main guns of any battleship at tier 9, high shell velocity, and very good accuracy. It’s just a shame that those incredible guns are attached to such a terrible hull.

  17. ST.Victor Garcia

    Lol 🙂

    Btw Nice video 🙂

  18. the izumo has its strong points but what i cant stand is the weird placement of its main battery,it’s speed,size and how flammable it is but nevertheless its a good ship
    (also how come you look like a pro playing it ?)

  19. Darnath Lysander

    At least in Azur Lane she is pretty good

  20. I honestly enjoyed the Izumo. Though for some reason I seemed to do best with her in her stock configuration than when I had her fully upgraded. Couldn’t figure that one out. But I do love my Musashi more.

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