World of Warships – Izumo Review – Stepping Stone to Yamato

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A of the tier 9 the , this used to be pretty bad, but seems to have improved. Still, this bow on playstyle battleship is really just a stepping stone to the Lolpen machine, . Enjoy the review!


  1. God Dammit, now every-time I look at that superstructure… thanks Chase.

  2. That BS layout with turret 3 is why I hate so many Japanese ships. I’m
    talking about you Myoko and Fukutara.

  3. As a cruiser capitan there are a few battleships that I honestly feel
    confortable engaging in the open without much fear, Izumo is one of them, I
    never thought much of her anyway

  4. Can anyone explain why that main turret is facing backwards? Why not put it
    on a tower like the middle turret, allowing it to also fire forward as
    well? Three forward-firing turrets, that seems like a good idea.

  5. “The a-hole is the one you start with.” Huh huh.

  6. thanks chase. Been on Izumo for some time, but mostly because I took a
    break from WoWs. I agree, not as great as Iowa and too big and low armor/hp
    for her size and tier. However, many times I feel it and I like it. Enjoyed
    it even with the A hull. My max XP is short over 3000 base for a game with
    171k damage. At least for me, it is a better ship than Amagi since it can
    take a punch and favors bow in. Proudest moment in it was almost deleting a
    Montana in like 2-3 salvos with some help from secondaries(ps I think
    secondary build is not working for this ship because of its size: too long
    and the guns placed at the back do not have a great firing arch when

  7. Hey could u do a nagato review next? Much appreciated

  8. on the bright side the guns are the 2nd best in the game, even though the
    dispersion is bad.

  9. Is this ship a paper design? because it looks like a Japanese ripoff of the
    Nelson class Battleships. In nearly every way.

  10. Supremum “The Supreme One” Unum

    My izumo advice: Jump in, and hope there’s an Atago and some dd’s that can
    carry you to Yamato

  11. Hey chase for any advice on what to do when you just unlock the Colorado
    cause right now I want to Kill myself it’s so bad

  12. Surprised this review isn’t Bogue if it’s the Patrons thatre voting lol

  13. My impression of the Izumo from the CBT was.. bad.
    Dispersion, a bit better than a Wyoming.
    Fire.. imagine all that deck covered in dry straw. Soaked in petrol. I
    spent almost every game being on fire, I hated it.
    And now I’m cringing at the thought of buying it again.
    I have twice spent the money I was saving for it, I just felt I wasn’t
    ready. And I do love my Amagi too much.
    Argh, I was really hoping they changed it (for the better).

  14. The super structure. I mean , the super- THE SUPERSTRUCTURE IS JUST A
    PENIS. That’s all it is.

  15. The designer/creator of the uzimo should be hanged,because of the weird
    turret setup.

  16. when i play my izumo i hit a boradside moskva 10 km away and i hit no
    citadels when i get shot at i get cit all the time and my turrets get
    broken all the time this ship really piss me off.

  17. Chase do you know a player by the name of Business6? Because if you do what
    do you have to say about his stats and his attitude

  18. Problem with izumo’s secondarys is that they are on the flanck. So they are
    effective when you show broadside (wich is bad, remember!) Very few of them
    can shoot to the bow. The other problem is that the skill level 5 on
    secondarys only allow your secondary guns to shoot at marked targets. If 2
    targets shows at range, one on port side, the other on starbord side, you
    have to choose wich one will be shot, and the other will be safe (even if
    half of your secondarys are pointed on him, they will not shoot.) And if
    you are unaware of your range of fire, you can “miss” shots on that bloody
    DD running on you with torps loaded…. simply by forgetting to mark

  19. +iChaseGaming when you talked about the superstructure I though of the that
    episode where fish goes “MY EYES MY EYES MY EYEEEESS!!!'” Lol

  20. Admiral of the seas Gaming

    Hey Ichase, is IJN Ishizuchi good to buy?

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