World of Warships – Izumo Tries To Push

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Izumo on Two Brothers pushes the eastern flank with a couple friendly ships. Enemies enter the area and the fight is on between the two sides. We initially attempt to push into the point but are denied by the amount of fire incoming. I retreated to attempt another push with help from the team. A friendly destroyer assaults the enemy’s base, which causes 3 enemy ships to retreat. We finally are able to break through the enemy and destroy all the remaining ships. Hope you enjoy this game in the Izumo and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Japanese Battleship Izumo Replay


  1. Very strange ship. Great video.

  2. The trouble is the reward system does absolutely NOTHING to give those who
    take the risks and the damage greater rewards than those who sit at the
    back like cowardly fks expecting everyone ELSE to take the risks.
    So long as that remains true, people will sit back hoping some other poor
    mug will be the one being shot.
    Simple as that. Same in WoT.
    What’s more, the game’s “everyone has to be able to hurt everyone else”
    means a BB is scared of being shot by DDs because those fires sure as hell
    add up and you’ve little chance of hitting a DD that knows what it’s doing.
    WoT made the same mistake when they introduced unlimited sprem ammo then
    everyone complains heavies are gutless. Why wouldn’t they be when their
    armour suddenly became next to useless against even the lowest tier in the
    battle if that bottom tier decides to spam sprem?
    Reward systems directly drive player behaviour. A stupid, simplistic one
    will result in stupid, simplistic play.
    Which is exactly what you see in WoWS, just as you would if you played WoT.
    There’s no mystery.

  3. Notser you are now my favourite youtuber, awesome content. Dude you need to
    play D&D (pen and paper) man!

  4. any Atlanta gameplays coming up?

  5. Yeah, Notser turned his butt (01:52).

  6. this moment when u unlock 2 T8 ships at the same time when u look your
    money its barely enough to buy one Q.Q =enemy that is interested in taking
    dmg….haha ure funny

  7. great game, well played!
    For the same reason, this is how I got frustrated playing BBs on SEA
    server. A lot if not most of BB players are just doing their best to stay
    at their maximum range, sacrificing cruisers to take damage at the front.
    and BBs who actually tank doesn’t get enough support and couldn’t survive

  8. Too many players are passives at T9 and 10 but some times we made very
    funny games ;), GG ! Next (long) step … YA-MA-TO chan :)

  9. so much wasted space on this ship

  10. Hard to believe you lived with all that HE spaming and the DD hell.
    If either teams Carolina had pushed even a bit they could have won there
    earlier but with all those DDs I understand the reluctance. Still though,
    passive BBs are like yolo DDS, relying on luck and poor opponents to hand
    over the win.

  11. The first part was painful to watch when you tried to push and the others
    kept waiting in the back. I third time I was allmost yelling “come on!!!”
    at the screen. lol. Awesome finale and great fun as usual in your videos.
    Thank you Notser! :)

  12. Sadly it’s not just high tier games where the teams are passive. I’ve had
    games with my New Mexico and Kongo where no one wants to push forward and
    seems like they just want to camp back at our spawn area. And there’s only
    so much you can do when you try to get them to follow you and only one or
    two ships come with you to face half or more of the enemy team.

  13. Many other channel bashes this ship for all turrets in the front. What do
    you think. Is it hard to hit targets with this gun mount?

  14. Notser – thank you for continuing to show us all the proper example of
    pushing the pace, tanking with the BBs, and making careful decisions to
    retreat when necessary. A real clinic on surviving a battle and being
    effective when you aren’t sure of your team’s contribution until late in

  15. Who can bloody dislike this? Off with his head :V

    That aside well done Notser another enjoyable game :)

  16. gg… notser

  17. Passive play at high tiers is rampant because everyone is afraid of getting
    a repair bill. I wish those idiots would either stop playing or go back to
    tier 2.

  18. Hey Notser, like you I am seriously struggling with my credits. The
    Shimakaze and its repair cost bankrupted me.
    What ship would you recommend for the credit grind?

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