World of Warships: Izumo vs T10 MM – Battleship Commentary [167k damage]

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People have been requesting a BB commentary from me for some time, so decided to take one of the most hated ships vs some of the harshest opposition (shimakaze, yamato, montana, gearing, hindenburg etc). Izumo stronk, not nearly as bad as people make it out to be.
As usual you can skip to:
14:30 for Modules
16:23 for Consumables
17:04 for Upgrades
20:57 for Captain Perks


  1. how terrible dispersion..

  2. Happy New Year Flamu!

  3. Hey Falmu Im a new Viewer to your Youtube channel And I’m liking what i see
    so far one of the few that actually know how to play WOW lol….Question I
    have is you have the Montana I’m guessing if you do could you do a
    Commentary of one I have it I just like to see how one does when faced with
    a Yamato not broading I use HE against but I seem to get wrecked so your

  4. Hey Flamu, which mods do you use?

  5. flamu do you plan on getting the Russian Khabarovsk?

  6. Happy new year

  7. I played the Izumo in closed beta I found it a fun ship, really acute
    broadsides and great angles

  8. ~2:20

    A guy rammed a ship. Backing up. Holy…

  9. Hey, happy new year! Can you play in the Amagi?

  10. Flamu do You got my Messages at Youtube? I must admit, mostly You answered
    about them on this video but still wanna hear your opinion. Thank You in
    advance! Happy New Year!

  11. on other hand will u be playing blade i soul when it come out ??

  12. the speed of Izumos turrets and the fast reload made me love her, her fat
    ass and horrible turning made me hate her =P

  13. That’s one thing I find really peculiar… most times there’s a brutal MM,
    with more Yamatos on the enemy side, they seem to lose the engagement. I
    have no idea why, I think it may have something to do with the defensive
    sniper-style so many Yamato players seem to favor.

    Had the same happen to me as well several times, spawned in a team with 2+
    more Yamatos and T10s than the other side had, thought “Oh well, this thing
    is going to be easy”, and then the supposedly weak enemy wiped the floor
    with us.

    By now, I always get weary when I see us having a distinct advantage in T10
    battleships, because somehow this doesn’t seem to translate in actual
    game-winning power… ^^*

    But it’s totally different for DDs… in my experience, the team with the
    higher number of Shimas wins. Like in your case. :x

  14. 1 sub from me too

  15. great vid, i love the imuzo underestimated ship

  16. I feel for the Izumo..just got into the N.C

  17. Sadly couldn’t play my usual aggressive style because of how brutal the MM
    was, but I think it ended up being quite a fun game nonetheless. I also got
    my new setup now, loving it. Happy new year everyone!

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