World of Warships: Jäger Is Really Fun!

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Jäger is the new T9 European DD. It’s really fun. It has a wall of torpedoes that are fast. Absolute joy to play as long as there’s no air.
The ship was given to me by Wargaming for review.

0:00 Intro
0:09 Captain Skills & Upgrades
0:18 Jäger Match
17:06 End Screen
18:12 Sinky McSinkFace Is Awesome
18:24 Outro

World of Warships footage of the new tier 9 Austro-Hungarian (European) destroyer.


  1. What is that navigation mod you have? Is that from modstation or Aslains?

  2. More torps = more fun.
    Simple as.

  3. Sweet! another one!

  4. Major Disappointment

    Nice game Aerroon lots of fish dinners served to all. Thanks

  5. More fun but an ugly boat.

  6. Hello friend, I really enjoy your videos, I do not play WOWs that much anymore. I got tired of every new ship has to have a gimmick. I might come back some day, time will tell.

  7. I like the old torp launching sound effect. What we have now sounds so lame.

  8. You have to pay a lot in resources to get this ship apart from just playing all the missions…

    • If you do all missions it’s 1k steel and 20k coal, far less than you’d need for an equivalent tier steel or coal ship.

    • @gram40 16 million credits also. Don’t forget that. At least for me the first option is purchase points for 8 million credits, let’s just say with my office job I wasn’t able to play much asymmetric battles and so haven’t earned enough credits.

  9. Aeroon is back and at it again!

  10. austro-hungarian empire do not acces to the sea…how the hell they have fleet xD

  11. And then again. It sometimes easy to dodge them. And then your effiency goes down like 90%, maybe more.
    Its the opposite of friesland and groningen. No torps i will push them and flush them out. They aint gonna gun down a full hp BB in 1 minute.

  12. Hi Aerroon, I was McSinky playing the Edi and messaged you – now subscribed to your channel. Thanks for showing the replay. Awesome match, thought it was all over but you just kept sinking them! Great to see how you did it. See you out there. o7.

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