World of Warships – Jagermeister – Roon

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Reckless is a master hunter in this one. Slowly working his prey down.

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  1. The final part with Ibuki made my cringe if ibuki had had AP loaded the game would’ve turned the other way around.

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      dearmrfrodo you never know with the trolly nature of German armor. Ibuki could have one shot him or done nothing. Ultimately it worked out. But personally I would have played ring around the rosie and tried to win on points

  2. llljustcallhimDave

    That reckless fella again ?
    At 10 mins i could just imagine him on coms ” That’s it I’m dead, I’m dead next shot, I’m dead….”
    Also i find that reckless seems to do well in ships that can run away….

  3. Slowly working my way towards the Roon, but I’m having trouble making the Hipper sing 🙁

  4. A fine performance indeed. I seem to find that any close matches I experience on this map culminate in that centre cap.

  5. Another great game Reckless o7

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