World of Warships- Japanese Battlecruisers Are FINALLY Coming Soon!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a DevBlog announcing the long awaited Japanese Battlecruiser line! Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

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  1. Graf Heinrich Von Darkholme

    i still wonder why we dont have German Pocket Battleship line up to this date, we have the graf spee as Preem, we could get the scheer as Tech tree version, and alot of other classes

    • Interesting that we have Deutschland-class Graf Spee as the start, then there is O-Class Siegfried and Ägir, and now they are workin with P-Class Schill. So maybe we almost have full line of them IN premium line. :/

    • Graf Heinrich Von Darkholme

      @Lucky Mies205 only missing is the D Class

    • Because those are very unique so it’s better to put them as a premium for money.

  2. Thunderchild189

    kii is a fast battleship it was a completely different ship and design that was a mix of the Tosa class battleship and the Amagi class battlecruiser

  3. A much better way to do an IJN BB line split is to replace the Amagi at T8 with the Tosa, and sticking Amagi to the battlecruiser line

  4. Better Late than never :3 looking forward to it
    confused Bungo Bungo
    Tier 8 could have better reload or better accuracy for 16 inch guns

  5. João Gonçalves

    All I have to say is that 3 is way too little. They should make a full line. Also, why the hell are the japonese using 457’s? Didn’t they put 460’s in the Yamato?!

  6. They look like Super-Kongo, Super-Nagato and Super-Amagi

  7. My hope is they re-org the lines to reflect BB v BC

    • Amagi as the T8 BC and Tosa as the T8 BB? Yeah no, we don’t get the historical plan (that was actually started), we get some paper ship

    • @Alan M I bet that tier VIII is even existed in Blueprint at all because it is basically Walmart version of Nagato. I’m alrd cringed on 457 on Japanese Warships. 457. Of all senses. 457 on a Country that literally created 460.

    • @Tsuari Rindoku Blueprint vs real steel ship that was laid down and and actually launched, albeit as a CV, not to mention the hull is in game, so potentially less work to make the thing vs making something up from blueprints/scratch.
      As for the 457 v 460s, yeah, that is a dumb choice.

  8. Impending Joker

    Should make it at T5 since Kongo was a battlecruiser.

  9. Battlecruisers should be its separate class imo, like a cruiser emblem but with a line on the end like subs

  10. Light Blue Waves

    I’m now honestly expecting that every faction in game with Battleships will now also have a battlecruiser line as well

  11. I really wanted Japanese Battlecruisers, the only thing missing right now are the other Yamato class BBs.

  12. WG could make a Commonwealth line of real ships or do another IJN line of paper WWI ships. WG always chooses ships that never existed with gun calibers that doesn’t make sense.

  13. Sounds great, I really enjoy the Japanese ships!

  14. The 13 class as designed if I remember right had a top speed of 30 knots. Practically all of the designs in the 8-8 project were designed for speeds of 30 knots, which for the period was respectable.

  15. Logan Nicholson

    Ideally they would have had the split start at tier V with Kongo and a battleship replacement, tier VI be a Kongo follow on, tier VII be a ashitaka clone, tier VIII be amagi with Tosa replacing her in the Bb line, the tier XI being a No.13 design and tier X being a super No.13

  16. They just announced these ships and they’re already nerfed. Not having 460s is a real shame. Still, 10 18” guns is quite a bit.

  17. Hi, I would like to see a secondary build for them as I love those ships

    • doubtful, the dev blog states their armour is piss poor and they have very average speed and low hp. completely unsuitable for brawling

  18. Homeless Emperor

    I think the “average speed” is due to the fact that, aside from B-62, The No.13 K and L designs were designed to go at 30 knots. So they have pretty decent speed, especially with upgrades, just average compared to some other battlecruisers.Also, I’ve been wanting for this for years!

  19. We need a proper Japanese Battlecruiser tech line not just three ships.

  20. I’d actually be excited to try IJN Battlecruisers.

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