World of Warships- Japanese Battleship Guide

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys the Japanese battleship guide. One of the oldest lines in the game, yet still one of the best, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. First?
    Edit: I’m not 100% sure, but it seems the IJN BB AP shells are diving shells. That is an actual historical design where the fuse is just slightly longer to account for travel time underwater to explode closer to more vulnerable spots. But for real, check the video. Each time the shells splash the water a couple meters from the ship, you end up with either a citadel or massive damage and overpens when hitting upper belt.

  2. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    In an alternate reality, this is an italian battleship guide

  3. Gustavo Bueno Vittorino

    Yamy with Yama, second most fun combo on WOWs. DM with John Doe, this is the ultimate combo fun on WOWs.

  4. tewsgcdc Fgech k

    Damn i love your intro…

    One thing to improve, i’d love it if it didnt end so aprubtly. Just letting it fade out a tad bit more would be amazing

    (Intro music video when lol?)

  5. Ringo Wunderlich

    Fuso and Nagato class were battleships, not battlecruiser. Only Myogi (only planned), Kongo and Amagi class (turned into CV) were.

  6. The names are ofcourse japanese. So yamato has only 1 correct pronunciation. ya-ma-to. shi-ma-ka-ze. etc 😛

  7. I run secondary builds on all my Japanese bb’s

  8. AWESOME VIDEO!!!! Next movie project for you, the sinking of the mighty Yammy!!!! I agree with you about how to play this ship, but in ranked, the team doesn’t WANT to push forward… making it hard for anyone playing any JN BB to play well. I usually push forward regardless of my team, using islands as cover, and blast away keeping the enemy away from the cap till I either take the cap…. OR my team grows a pair and pushes forward seeing how well I’m doing… the game you and I were in where I sent you the replay is a case in point… that game, I took the cap while you took the other cap then came to help me out… you played BRILLIANTLY that day… anyhow, thanks for yet another great video and I look forward to a few more videos which will help out the new players we have… the quicker your guides can whip them into shape, the better.

    WOWS isn’t JUST about running around the map making your guns go BOOM BOOM while doing all in your power to not get hit…. fact is, getting hit is part of the game, people need to think one step ahead to minimize the hits they take while maximizing the hits they dish out. YOUR guides take that in the right direction.

  9. Around all Bias-BB bounce Yammie with the icebreaker and other surprises

  10. A few things I would say from my point of view:
    1) Nagato and Fuso are battleships. They’re slow and don’t have a good armor, but they really are battleships.
    2) Amagi is amazing with secondary build – even though it has only 5km base range, it’s got the highest theoretical secondary DPM out of IJN BBs + it has a low citadel that can be easily hit when in range but when close, it’s almost unhitable unless the ships is turning and thus raising its citadel.
    3) Preventive maintenance is questionable – the Priority Target gives you so much info and honestly the only IJN BB that suffered from broken main guns was Izumo for me.
    4) On Yamato I would not use Main Armaments Modification 1 – Yamato’s turrets have so much armor on them, upfront they are almost invincible. Instead I personally use Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 to preserve AA(and on Amagi, since I run it as secondary)

    • Amagi base secondary dpm per side is 312k. Yamato is 380k. So, among tech line ships, Amagi is second. Among all IJN ships, it is fourth, as Kii gets 344k and Shikishima goes up to 418k. Shikishima also is the highest secondary dpm currently in the game.

    • @Evangeline True, I wrote that badly. I meant out of the tech line “battlecruisers”. Yes, I use the secondary build in the Kii as well because of that. I did not count Yamato or premium Shikishima as they are truly long range BBs.

    • @Wrecker1738 Shikishima works with secondaries, as long as you protect your cit. Just don’t yolo in. It has 11.6 km sec range.

    • Nagato is actually pretty agile. 26.5 kn

  11. “How to bring honor to the Emperor in 2020”
    I love this line!!!!!!!!!

  12. IJN BB line is not tied with USN BB line for oldest BB line. IJN BB line already existed when only IJN had BBs and only USN had CVs. It is legit the oldest BB line in the game, no other BB line is as old as this one. Though Izumo was later added to the line, as it originally had no T9, just straight Amagi to Yamato.

    One thing to point out with the “good long range dispersion, that gets worse the closer you get in”, (and I’m saying this for people that are new to the game, watching such a guide and that may not understand the implication of the phrase), this is comparatively to other BB lines. In absolute terms, IJN BBs still hit more close up, there is no reason to try play at max range in fear you can’t hit stuff up close. Just up close every other line has better dispersion. At range IJN dispersion is only beaten by select few BBs that use dispersion borrowed from supercruisers or such… and Slava. Obviously, doesn’t matter as much on ships like Yamato with 2.1 sigma that will produce good groupings at most any range.

    Izumo got no dispersion buff, only sigma buff for accuracy. It did however get an armour buff that was not mentioned, increasing the main deck from 32 to 57 mm. Also, while all three gun turrets are forward, the fact one is rear-facing and not 360° traverseable means that the Izumo actually plays much more like your typical 2 front, 1 rear turret setups. It also has actually beter angles for kiting than for pushing.

    Yamato citadel also is maybe a bit overblown. The”cheek” basically stems from the octagonal citadel layout and means that if not well-angled, people can pen through the light extremities armour and through an almost straight plate behind it instead of the angled citadel plate others have when angling the ships. This plate still is very thick though and you should absolutely not count on penning it with a cruiser unless you are up in Yamato’s face. While less prominent, this also goes for the rear part of the cit, you can very much citadel Yamato through the angled stern. Almost easier than through the front. Well-angled though, unless it’s another Yamato (or sisters), Yamato can obviously bounce AP still.

    In general, on the armour scheme, I would like to point out that what is bad on most of these ships is the citadel protection, not the armour. Which makes it harder for noobs and punishing when you get overrun and cannot maintain an angle, but as long as you can, the rest of the armour actually is often insanely good. Kongo and Fuso both have lots of reinforced plating and Fuso has an icebreaker bow. They can bounce AP and shatter HE all day if played right. Nagato and Amagi are all-or-nothing, so, yes, apart from Kawachi, Nagato is the squishiest ship in line for its tier. Izumo and Yamato get 57 mm main deck, which is just after Kremlin bias deck and is functionally the same except against RN 234 mm (59 mm pen). Many of the ships also have the highest hp pools at their tier, with Kongo at 54k and Nagato with 65k standing out.Lastly, Amagi and Yamato have good torp protection and Yamato, short of its citadel, is an incredibly tanky ship that can withstand HE, SAP, torps and such much better than most other BB, also as it actually is a pretty compact ship (compared to the likes of GK and Kremlin). I wouldn’t say hang back too much, just pay extra attention to how you can get out of a situation without getting your citadel blown out. If you can avoid getting torped, free farmed and citadelled, the Yamato can absolutely help with pushes, especially as cruisers will mind the distance usually. Yamato was feared back in the day and still is, being able to reliably blow up cruisers, ignoring much of their armour.

    Secondaries of IJN, to touch on that, are mostly crap. Mostly due to range. Funnily enough, the 14 cm guns have Massachusetts dispersion, so if someone actually gets that close, they can do a number, especially to DDs even without investments. Largely forgettable though. Only IJN BBs that can justify secondary investments are Mikasa (mostly because you need them to make up for the crap main battery), maybe Mutsu meme build with AFT and secondary mod and the Shikishima. Is it the best build? No. But it’s the only ones where you get any considerable bang for your buck. Izumo and Yamato secs would have range, but their secondaries mostly just are good for deleting DD if it rushes a blind side.

    For captain skills, I actually don’t use PM, but PT. Especially on Yamato. But generally, the main guns of these ships are well-protected, Yamato turrets being the best-armoured turrets in the game and with main armaments mod 1, they survive already. PT helps knowing when people aim at you and when no, which also helps reacts to threats to your citadel. Also other things like helping vs torp threads.

    Finally, one thing to be said about Yamamoto, if one gets the captain: Yamamoto starts with 15 points. This can help get much of a build already covered.

  13. I have full secondary build on my Yamato I have no problems I enjoy it more plus when you get close quarters on a GK it’s very satisfying.

  14. Love your vids specially your German BB tips very helpful on my grind in German tech line

  15. The JPN bb line was in fact originally the only battleship line. Then I believe in an update for open beta the USN bb line was introduced.

  16. The Fuso’s and her sister class didn’t do much in WW-II and when the did they didn’t do well, but in WOWS they are still one of the best BB in tier VI and cans still hold their own when shoved into a tier VIII match due to both the number of main battery guns 6×2 for 12 guns), and the range of those main battery guns, but they fire just a hair ball faster than every 30 seconds. There has been many an unsuspecting Cruiser and CV that has gotten blatted from across a map by a Fuso. You didn’t really cover the low and mid tiers that deeply. IJN BB Line does have it’s quirks but they pretty specific to each ship. Still, not bad for a quickie over view

  17. I enjoy the Amagi. She’s very versatile which one needs to be aware of the minimap at all times. I have the rudder shift module since my 19 pt captain has fire prevention. Angling those guns back and forth as quickly as possible is key.

  18. Hiei’s wreck was discovered just a few weeks ago. The Kongos were so pretty

  19. Im going to make a secondary build on my yamy just for meming

  20. HAHAHA look at me having some fun in my Monty at the Yamato part of the video

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