World of Warships – Japanese Battleships II-V

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Mikasa – 00:06
– 01:34
– 03:24
Ishizuchi – 05:29
– 07:21

Battleships are one of the original lines of the game, I take out the early tier and quickly inform about each one. We start with the Mikasa, only tier 2 in the game. Move to the Kawachi, odd gun layout compared to other battleships. Myogi has most of her guns in the rear. Ishizuchi is pretty cool with the updated ranges. The Kongo rounds out the early Japanese Battleships, solid ship at any tier. Hope you enjoy the look at these ships and have a wonderful day!


  1. I think he reuploaded this because of the bug mid video. XD

  2. Lol reupload

  3. Yeah I was thinking wow Notser is really mixing it up. A night video? lol

  4. I always liked the Ishizuchi, it is better now. The detection above it’s range was a pain but I still liked it.

  5. i sold my Mikasa.

  6. Mikasa is just a collection in the port for me now 🙂
    By the way Notser, how do you move around the camera so smoothly in the port?

  7. As someone who is currently grinding through the IJN BB line, I absolutely love this video. Please continue making content like this!

  8. The Kongo is so gooood. I love that BB so much. The Fuso is so fun too. And then you get to Nagato and you feel like a Rapist

  9. hey bud. how bout showing the mm armor on bow and stern when the turn table is active. good job

  10. I wish you had put this out BEFORE I started down the IJN BB line lol

  11. These videos are awesome for new players like myself, please do more 🙂 – you should make it into a series – part 1 (t2-5) part 2 (t6-10) and rinse and repeat with other lines

    Awesome content as always 🙂

  12. love the Kongo … i have 4 lol thanks to the ARP missions 🙂 each one is set up slightly differently and I love the camo’s 🙂 Looking forward to the rest of this line 🙂

  13. Something, something, something Kongo.

  14. I like the format of these videos, thanks Notser.

  15. Srsly, those stats i.e. numbers are all over the place and tedious to read for even seasoned players.

  16. does the spinning of the camera in dock make anyone else feel sick?

  17. Just started playing around with a Kongo. Didn’t realise I had one but found an Arp version I must have recieved at some point (Only started playing just before christmas). Enjoyable ship.

  18. Great video. One thing though: You sound like you are rushing through the video. I suggest slowing down the turntable in the dry-dock so we can appreciate the designs a little more. Thanks!

  19. mikesky formers

    Do this for the American battleships

  20. Don’t go too fast Notser; we’re WoWS players after all 😉

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