World of Warships – Japanese tier 5 slap machine

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I forgot how good this ship can be. I remember it to be less accurate then this but I did notice that recently I get slapped by it, so in spirit or new ranked season called SPRINT I decided to give it a go.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. ahhh the good old Kongo

  2. Literally shooting broadside targets all game hahaha

  3. I like the speed of the kongo but those guns drove me fucking insane. You miss 80%, and then it’s either overpen or citadel, nothing in between. I still have my arp kongo, but I was very glad to sell the regular one. Fuso was fucking amazing, so were nagato and amagi, now suffering though izumo on a really, really low burn.

  4. Another great video what times do u stream on twitch

  5. I don’t know what gave u the idea of Kongo being inaccurate its the most accurate bb at t5 and maybe even t6.
    Edit: And its main drawbacks are bad AA and bad armor.

    • do you people need superstition to survive or something? the Haruna and the Kongo have identical stats. That would simply be down to you being a bad shot or maybe you just got REALLY BAD rng.

    • Konig and Kaiser are THE MOST UNDERATED SEAL CLUBBERS. Taking the Kaiser out with protected MM, 10 guns, great armour, good secondaries and pretty good HP with little superstructure is incredible. I find it to be a better seal clubber than almost every other ship.

    • 2.0 sigma.

    • Your preferences are your preferences but the Konig has 1.8 sigma and I would take a Kongo over a Konig any day.

    • You are completely correct in Konig’s sigma, I didn’t realize they nerfed it. I though it was 2.0 from a really old video, they must’ve changed it after that.

  6. furutaka broad and ap. why u find all this noobs? or are bots?

  7. Haruna… guess I should give a like <3

    edit: Kongou never had bad guns, if anything it's not really tanky and that's it's drawback. But it has speed, esp for tier 5

  8. Ah. Kongo. One of my favorite Tier 5 BB. IMO she’s one of the strongest Tier 5 BB, along with Konig and Iron Duke. 😉

  9. Flambass, you forgot to use spotter plane to shoot Ishizuchi?

    • I can’t hit a barn from inside a barn when I use spotter plane xD
      So I tend to pretend that I don’t have spotter plane

  10. Man use National Voiceover + its a waste to use that ship without listening to its original voice

    • I’m using one of many Kongos I have because I have them…..and I don’t have to get the normal one…..might as well use it when I have it….however those female captains tend to talk to much

  11. Haruharu 🙂
    ..i can understand that the Zucchini is using HE. Good dmg and firechance, but good AP at short range. but that armor is shit. If you show a little too much side you will get hurt.. bad…
    Not sure if i will use the Kongo under the RS. Probably GC or Texas?Might also use a cruiser. As Marblehead or Murmansk? Not much of a DD player, so…

    • andreas pedersen The only reason I might shy away from Marblehead/Murmansk/Omaha is the low armor combined with the entire thing almost acting like a floating citadel. If you can get it to work it will have plenty of strong moments, but it doesn’t have the staying power necessarily that some of the other lines have (Kirov, Konigsberg, Furutaka, etc). Especially since most of the battleships you’ll probably see will be Texas/GC/OR, having a cruiser that takes citadels pretty easily may not be the best choice. That being said, if you division with someone and can work it as a supporting cruiser, it can be deadly

    • +MidnightPhoenix07he best thing with them is their DPM, i usually try to use the islands to get into good positions. Like yesterday, when i was in a T7 and jumped on a Fiji and citadelled him to death 🙂 …as you say: a very squishy ship, but in situations pretty good 🙂

  12. I just started playing and im just loving the königsberg

  13. Flambass, what you have against Spotter plane? There were so many opportunities to shoot better over islands with spotter up in the air. Or you don’t know how to shoot with spotter plane?

  14. I see DDs ignoring caps and chasing CVs is still a thing at tier 5.
    HE spam will be even more effective at this tier because the reduction of base fire chance is such a low percentage compared with tier 10, for example. That and the generally low armour makes HE against angled BBs insanely effective.

  15. had a game in my kirishima today after watching this and murdered indescriminitly. I played it last week and complained about the accuracy but today it shot like a Hindenburg.

  16. That was pure RNG luck. Kongo is never that reliably accurate.

  17. I’m looking at Kongo, Furutaka, Acasta as my most likely go to’s for sprint. SHis I’mgood at and are just fun to play. And I’ll br using and ARP Kongo and your right, the buff from cammo. You can get by without it. But Kongo.. it’s always been a powerful ship. she solid for her tier and there is nothing you cannot bully. Even getting up tiered.

  18. Hate the kongo. Hate bb rng Everytime I play but tier 5 and kongo especially for me is just hey do 2k damage every 30 seconds cause dispersion

  19. Haru Haru!

  20. Usually dont play BBs much but just got the Kongo, guess good timing to learn it before ranked thing

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