World of Warships: Jean Bart – A Real Game

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Jean Bart is a decent battleship. I wish her armor was slightly better though.

0:00 Jean Bart Match
16:23 End Screen
17:21 Captain Skills & Upgrades
18:31 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 French battleship Jean Bart on the map Islands of Ice.


  1. Azur Lane Jean Bart is quite a tomboy!

  2. Hello from Kazakhstan! I really like your videos

  3. Btw, do someone know when the next auction comes? So far i saw only 1 and since than, nothing

  4. Great! I was really looking forward to a good and entertaining JB game yesterday and then that happened… You cheecky sod 😉

  5. When Aerroon RULE THE WAVES!

  6. Very well played, as always:)

  7. Love JB because she actually have to get close in action, i’m bored with British HE BB and sniping BB

    • @Zachary Jackson german bbs

    • @Martin Ma have you seen the kurfurst stats lately? it has like a 20% hit rate with its secondaries and literally melts in this HE spam meta. You’d be better off with the Ohio since you will at least have better secondaries as well as the special US heal to keep you alive.

    • @Zachary Jackson hmmm ive been having good runs with FDR in ranked

    • @Martin Ma that depends on several variables. What league you’re in, how much skilled you are in the game in general, you’re personal experience with the ship line, how you play (are you more defensive/passive as a player, which is how the FDR is usually is played) , and more. Statistically and objectively speaking of course you can have good games with the German BBs or any tech line for that matter. That doesnt take away the fact some tech lines are just objectively worse than others

    • @Zachary Jackson ok. I am a good bb player then haha. yes i was gutted about the secondary change

  8. Aerroon + spamming HE in a Jean Bahhhhrrttt. Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.

  9. I always hate it when piggies survive.

  10. Nice match!
    Much better than 4 minutes

  11. Funnily enough, Jean Bart and Massachusetts did fight once IRL during the Allied campaigns in North Africa. Although it was Massachusetts that won.

  12. OMG! That gamer turn you do at 5:05 I thought oh no. and then you fired. TG it wasn’t me in my Big Mamie you did that in front of you lucky guy you lol. Is it just me or is JB not one of your favorites ?

    • The turn was fine. Look at your timestamp again. The Massachusetts just fired her guns – you can even see the shells inoming! This means that her shells won’t arrive for another ~30 seconds. Also, I fired because I was spotted anyway. Massachusetts was within my concealment range.

      I wouldn’t have turned if the Massachusetts hadn’t fired her guns.

  13. When you in the border it will take longer time to reverse (like in your case there) because of the half speed penalty. Even my destroyer will enter slow mode when I get caught by this mechanic. Nice game bro!

  14. Yay more real games

  15. Double strike with a BB using main guns with two separate full salvos. Now that is something worth more than a lousy default double strike award

  16. hahahah flags go brrrrrrrrrrrr

  17. Hello and Welcome!!!!!!
    finally a good BB game!

  18. Can never grow tired of his voice or commentary thankfully lol

  19. AnabilRahman Gaming

    So basically play like champagne or something. Nice

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