World of Warships — Jean Bart | Better Safe than Sorry

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An intense game starts with a semi-ideal scenario for IX Jean Bart until it isn’t anymore… Interested in the game? Get bonuses on your new account at
Music taken from CP77 OST


  1. ah how i wish weegee would re release Jean Bart in the armory for coal. i was just 10k coal off before she got removed. haaahhhh

  2. Olaf Messchendorp

    Your first kill at 261k damage, lol 😀

  3. Deltawarship Delta

    Your French accent is pretty nice at the beginning x)

  4. Well done mate and well played. I always look forward to your uploads.

  5. Loving the use of Cyberpunk’s soundtrack!

  6. Always look forward to your content as I learn something new every time. Keep up the good work!!!

  7. I watch lots of wows You-tubers but watching yours I feel your tension especially as you lost allies. Enjoyable upload thx

  8. Robin I think whenever you play French ships you’re giving us free french classes, but anyways looking forward for this vid. Cheers budd

  9. Jeezus that dmg…. Madness!

  10. Have you considered critiquing replays from others? I’ll bet your perspective on other peoples’ playstyle would be both entertaining an educational.

  11. Games like this demonstrate how nice the JB’s mobility is. Good thing she’s a nimble ship.

  12. Excellent video Robin; win or lose, your games are intense 🙂

  13. The Mighty Jingles

    Am I the only one who spent the first few minutes wondering where this Lyon was that Robin was talking about?

  14. I just found your channel, but I really like the way you describe what you’re doing and thinking. Keep it up!

  15. What an insane game, Robin! That was actually the 20th highest damage game on the EU server in Jean Bart.

  16. I was just watching an older Video of yours in the Kitakaze and was lucky enough to have a new Video as well 😀

  17. Kingoro the Prudent

    18:18 “69 HP… nice!”

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