World of Warships – Jean Bart Impression

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Jean Bart will be a tier 9 premium french with a unique consumable for main battery reload, tested it and shared different thoughts on the ship. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX French Battleship Jean Bart Replay – Discord Server


  1. how to play the cleveland

  2. Did you get a new microphone?

  3. Another ship that will be a HE spamming fire starting CANCEROUS piece of crap!! Yeah, great….what is wrong with WG? Is it not enough that British BB`s made firing HE a thing, now we get another BB that is built around fires…and we have a CC that endorses this unstoppable and uncounterable gameplay style…..WoWS is fast becoming an exercise in frustration, the “fun” is on its way out(unless you are the player that LOVES fires and HE spam). I’ve been in WoWS since closed Beta, and everyday I find myself seeing more reasons to leave than stay.
    It would be refreshing to see WG making fires work differently or a more reliable counter, but that is highly unlikely.

    • MrBounce66 tipic answer of a moron without facts. Lets call you the cloacking moron… Ha ha.

    • MrBounce66 And still insulting and showing disrespect for another’s opinion, you may find that showing this level of contempt and disrespect isn’t just restricted to YouTube comments…it may be your preferred way to treat people in general. I may also be completely wrong with that, but based on the comments so far from you I doubt I am wrong.
      Up until now I have been polite and respectful, though what I have written here could be taken as a “polite” insult…I’ll let others decide that. So this is some random YouTube dude signing off from what is becoming a platform for your less than pleasant demeanour.
      Have a nice day!!

    • Glenn Searle you insul First. Sorry my lady… Cant take it?

    • Glenn Searle sorry was not for you

    • Glenn Searle was for mr bounce

  4. The ship just does nothing for me. I’ll save my free XP for Alaska.

    • Alaska = Krone….
      Why would you ever go for Alaska by any means??!
      It’s like going for Musashi over Missouri …
      (ignore my post if you don’t own the Krone…)

    • I have both the Musashi and Missouri, I enjoy American ships and the Alaska looks like she could be interesting to play. Thats why. I ships like the Nelson, Kidd, and others that have interesting, unusual play style.

    • Shitty Pony OC Recolor

      I definitely love fast reloads despite the low caliber of the guns. I love my Scharnhorst for that so I think Jean Bart may be worth a look for me.

    • eiceman yeh I think nobody gonna pay free xp for a “t8.5 ship at t9”

    • +Timon Abramovic
      Because she’s real and a beauty of that.

  5. Musashi is still better…

    • TheGuardianofAzarath they already were however I’m not sure they ever buffed the musashis gums for some reason…

    • Yep, Musashi still has the slow turrets. Yamato alone got the buff. Regardless, every 18 inch shell hurts like hell. It’s quite a contrast to Jean Bart’s and Alsace’s 15 inch shells.

    • Alex Quantum Musashi has a better rudder shift than Yamato and that helps with the turrets quite a bit. Musashi is a tier 9 Monster and the Stats prove it.

    • Wow, really? Better rudder shift? I have both Yamato-class battleships and I had no idea. All I know is that they’re both awesome.

  6. Would like Wichita added, then Massachusetts and her can hunt down Jean Bart!

  7. Stats cannot be final. Jean Bart should be a fixed artillery asset.

    • redmasqu Not really, although about 75% complete, she was able to sail to Casablanca by using her own propulsion system and can reach about 20 knots and was considered capable sailing to US to complete construction if approved, even after all damage sustained in Africa although it never happened. If you really want to make this kind of argument, then this ship should only have her most front turret functional since the barrels for #2 turret were never installed until post war era, but still she was complete 1950 nonetheless and entered active duty 1955. That is better than most T9 BBs in game, except Jean Bart, Iowa and Missouri none of the T9 BB was actually built, no need to say active duty.

    • The argument that I clearly made is supported by facts from It may have been lost in translation.

    • i mean by this argument the montana shouldnt even exist

  8. TheAwesomekid1001

    I like how the video starts with him getting torped

  9. Colonel David Davenport

    Excellent review NOTSER! Jean Bart will be in my port!

  10. S0 jean bart gets 22 sec reload, and that piece of crap Gascogne only 28 seconds.

  11. 8 can’t wait for Alaska. It’s gonna be a super sharnhorst lol

  12. Can we expect a PE Friedrich-video in the near future?

  13. I’m surprised that they aren’t doing some special event in November on the anniversary she and the Massachusetts faced off.

  14. So Prinz Eitel Friedrich is next? 😉 Also every major nation now has 1 or more freexp ships. What about the germans? No commander, no ship, no nothing I guess. As always, WG giving germans the shaft.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan  Or H44 at T9. Balancing: at 345m length, this thing would turn like an island, had worst concealment of any ship ingame and very insufficient AA. But it would have 20 inch (50cm) guns 😉 Jk, but a battlecruiser design with great AA, tanky and fast would be very cool to see.

    • Monika tada WG giving german the shaft? The German tree is arguably the best in the game currently.
      Notice how all free XP ships actually existed. The USN, RN and IJN had buckloads of such ships. So did the French’s Jean Bart. The KM, not so much. They have some ships that fit Tier VIII and under (already paid premiums, like Prinz Eugen, and Tirpitz), but none of Tier IX and X.
      The H44 will not make an appearance in the game. It does not fit into any tier, and WG already said they will not be adding ships with gun calibers larger than 18.1in (460mm, Yamato).

    • Admiral Jay So Kronshtadt existed? That’s a new one. The RN does not really have any real ship that would be fitting in Tier 9 (given that even their normal t9-10s are paper). And the Jean Bart is a gimicky tier 8 at tier 9 with their other high tier ships also being paper. So much for “loads of fitting ships” lmao.

    • I never said the French had loads of fitting ships, when I said “so did the Jean Bart” I meant she also existed. Fair enough though, I completely forgot about the Kronshtadt. The Nelson did come to mind but somehow my brain processed it as a Tier IX.
      The rest of my point still stands though. The Kriegsmarine isn’t getting shafted at all, just Soviet bias (somehow them Ruskies always stand third in the queue after USN and IJN). That and if a new German free XP were to be introduced, it won’t be the H44. H39 would make a cool free Tier VIII though.

    • Admiral Jay Well I would just want something unique. A tier 9 Gneisenau with bigger guns and way better sigma would be pretty cool. This is already World of Paperships, so it does not matter at this point. Would also love to see a Super Yamato haha. And the H44 would never work. I said it was a joke. But its just stupid that the germans do not have a legendary commander yet.

  15. So it’s just going to be another fire starting BB yay… the game really needed another one. How about you sort out the game first smooth things out before you add more crap like this WG. STOP ENCOURAGING THE HE SPAM WG

  16. Gasconge had the super quick recharge heal first.

  17. Nathaniel Hawthorne

    I don’t see why it doesn’t get the 7.5km base secondary battery range. Given its 8 guns, I feel like it should get it.

  18. Where do you get a Massachusetts commander? From the Atlanta, of course!

    • General Cartman Lee

      But then you have no concealment expert on your Atlanta commander. Or no manual secondaries or IFHE on your Massachusetts.
      I go for two captains for those two ships. 😀

  19. Is it just me or are the AP shells hard to see? I wish they would change the color of the AP shells to be a bit darker so its more prominent on light blue water……

  20. more fire no no no no

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