World of Warships Jean Bart Preview and First Impressions

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Today we have a preview of the World of Warships Tier 9 Premium Jean Bart. I give my initial impressions of this punishing BB that boasts a main gun booster consumable that allows it to pump out 3 salvos in 30 seconds!


  1. It looks like a fun ship to play.

  2. Hmmm seems a bit good to me.

  3. it’s gonna be good to switch shells and put a ship on fire after damncon xD

  4. Will this consumable be on other nations?

  5. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    Thanks Zoup. Excellent as allways. Will save up some resources for this in case it becomes available.

  6. “Be ready to SHOOT AGAIN in 10 seconds with this one weird trick!” 😀

  7. Trần Tiến Thịnh

    please 8×380 at Tier 9, at least it needs 2ndaries buff

    • I agree because 5.0 km in a T9 BB is a joke
      Also because of its 8 guns when the others have 9-12 guns (except FDG) and have bigger guns (except Alsace but it has the most guns of the tier)

  8. What is an “Allzaaz”?

  9. needs radar

  10. Hi Zoup. Is this available on Lyon?

  11. Almost as good as the ~15 second reload of the republic (431mm) with the new module, Jean-Jaques, captain skills.

  12. First time ive got a semi hard on for a ship.?

  13. Ugh! Yet another BB! As a cruiser skipper who regularly gets put into battles with 5-8 BBs per side, I think there are far too many BBs being played at any one time. It seems too often that many of the cruisers and destroyers get sunk during the early and mid stages of the battle, leaving the BBs to duke it out by themselves. Especially those BBs who typically hide or sail around the periphery and wait ’til the end, providing little support, if any. Historically, there would never be that many BBs in a fleet without an appropriate number of smaller ships in escort. Preferably, I’d like to see no more than three BBs, or maybe two and a carrier, per side, with the remaining fleets made up of near equal numbers of cruisers and destroyers.

  14. Well to be fair… It IS a Richy

  15. My problem is that 15 inch guns are very useless against tier 10 opponents

  16. Colonel David Davenport

    Take my money!  She looks awesome!

  17. seems like great concealment… and main gun boost…. should be just awesome when I get crushed in my T8 BB un-fair match-up….

  18. GREAAT This will not encourage more bow tanking at all

  19. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    I guess Scharnhorst is no longer the Shiny Horse if matched against this ship.

  20. Stevonnie Jenkins

    VIVE LE FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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