World of Warships Jean Bart The Perfect BB to Counter Dead Eye Meta

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It’s been what? Two weeks since the commander skills rework was introduced in World of Warships? Two weeks of Dead Eye? I’ve been constantly pushing myself to… push, and I think right now the Jean Bart is the perfect BB to counter the Dead Eye meta. Jean Bart has always been a great battleship in WOWS. But I really think the combo of speed boost, reload boost and its forward facing guns gives it a leg up, not to mention 12km secondaries.


  1. I tried a sec Roma. Got the sec out to 10km and reload down to 22 sec.
    It was fun but pointless!!!
    You still have time to try strange builds

  2. When I was grinding the russian line, when I got to the Sinop, without a 10pts captain and with 15km range, I would also try to find a forward island to park. I’d say deadeye would help me too much. First because I would not have it. Secondly, because I wouldn’t have the range to do so, just like that guy with his shiny new Sinop.

  3. I honestly challenge you to play 10 matches in BBs, secondaries or pushing. No division and post all the matches back to back and see if we are getting the same thing. Haha. I mean even in this match….your team has 3 caps. 8/9 minutes in. And the enemy is fish in a barrel at a neutral cap. It’s not just deadeye….it’s the state of the game because of deadeye and the sniping gameplay

  4. Brawling nowadays is the exception not the rule. I do manage to get away with it but most often i get spanked from 20km away. You really need situational awareness, cover and a dumb enemy. Otherwise, its a niche art and at a tailspin. Only brawlers that work for me are the BB’s that carry torps (Pommern, Kii, Tirpitz and Scharnhorst etc) because the current accuracy of the secondaries truly suck. For me its all angling, main battery and torp work. Secondaries are just not so viable anymore due to inaccuracy. (Its just a giant non-lethal fireworks display. Spectacular but impotent). My experience to date and may differ from others.

  5. JB with dead eye is fantastic, but the ship is great when you need to push

  6. Can you share your JB build please? I’m struggling to decide how to build mine after the Rework.

  7. JB with reloader is just a blast and the secondaries are useful as well – just love the ship to death.

  8. Drifting in a Jean Bart!! Good one. Will try it out No Zoup (the ship not the drifting).

  9. Missed out on JB, sadly only way to get her now is RNGESUS in super/event crates

  10. Sure it worked this time but you had pretty solid matchmaking for a Jean Bart, push into 3 Thunderers with a midway focusing you and then i’ll be impressed

  11. As a former boat owner around the dock, turning the OPPOSITE will cause your stern to hit the dock, when unintended. This helps me down with rams.

  12. lol I’ve tanked 5.8 million in my Moskva

  13. i like that little sarcasm at the start: “oh look,people are pushing?! but i heard that was dead?”
    yea now try to make a video with T10 MM and 2 Thunderers and a Yamato each side plus CV and see how you fare

  14. I’ve been saying all along that the solution to the Dead Eye skill is to push in. Once you push in, you’re in the detection range of BBs and negate the skill.

  15. Been playing my JB a lot lately and it’s definetly a BB I push in but it always was for me. Especially on the Greece map. I love bow tanking in the B cap and creating that cross fire on A. I think also JBs guns are especially good at hitting Turtle Back Citadels at certain angles.

  16. Zoup play a tech tree ship not an op premium that’s being removed

  17. Sadly ignoring CV strike doesn’t apply to FDR since it’ll still kill you anyway

  18. Ρικος Σταυρίδης

    Zoop how did you built your Bard commander?

  19. Out of the store, premium. Shit on the premiums, make exp ships great again, but wg is dead to me anyway.

  20. So is Richie(B hull). I love them both. Makes my Republique to fall behind them in terms of favorite ships….

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