World of Warships – Jean Bart – Yea or Nay?

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*Edit* I realized after uploading the video that I misspoke and said Alsace when I meant this ship was the sister ship of the Richelieu. Be merciful.


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  1. I think you mean a sister ship of the Richelieu at T8. The Alsace has two forward and one rear.

    I love my French BBs and really want to get this one. Do we know how this ship will be available? Free XP? Premium shop? Arsenal?

  2. Ok I cannot think of were the phrase “that will do pig” comes from. Please enlightened me.

  3. Imo makes it the Alsace useless on tier 9. It was one of the best ships befor it get nerfed now they bring a Richelieu on steroids – but i stay too my Alsace !!

  4. she’s not a sister ship of the Alsace moron

    • Thank you so much for that well thought out gem of constructive criticism. Also, might I suggest next time, reading the video description.

  5. Dude most BBs have 35 percent fire chance 😂. Nothing wrong

  6. Nice video, keep em coming!

  7. How will she be earned? FEXP, Steel, Coal?

  8. I’d like to see Main Reload Booster on Richelieu.

  9. Cant wait! cant wait! cant wait!
    I loved richy so this looks super amazing!

  10. Needs a buff desperately

  11. Will this one be available via free exo or coal in arsenal? Or how will one be able to get it? Didn’t see anything what was too OP. But had to laugh my behind off when that Minotaur came charging finally and was proper nuked! 😀

  12. She has a pretty good accuracy, i think she need a little buff in reload, may be around 1-2 sec faster.

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