World of Warships: Jean Bart

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My thoughts on the new premium French battleship Jean Bart. I talk about what I think of the ship and the controversy about it being available in the premium shop. It’s also available coal!

of Warships footage of the 9 French premium battleship Jean Bart.

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  1. dO yOu GuYs NoT hAvE pHoNeS?

  2. Think your argument about 32mm is wrong because Alsace and Republic both have the same Armour

  3. Hi Aerron, I’m french, and your pronunciation is not bad 🙂
    and like alwais, it’ a good vidéo !

  4. no i would not have a problem with a tier 9 requied to buy the ship, it would be ok even if it was a tier 8 required (non premium)

  5. Christopher Jonasson

    Have to own a tier 9 before buying a tier 9 premium ? Guess that may work.

    • I agree with the suggestion that premium T9 should only be sold to people who already own a T9 ship. In fact, I think we could extend this to T8 as well. That said: while it sounds like a good idea from a gameplay perspective, from a monetization perspective it probably isn’t. It would prevent impatient players from buying a Tirpitz – and that will probably cut into WG’s bottom-line.

    • i wouldnt mind then…
      but i STILL think fxp ships are WAY better than just selling to anyone that wants.
      u cant buy fxp ships instantly. if u want to buy them u need to grind some xp to convert for a lot of money, and that takes time. if u want it for free u need to play WAY more and thats fine.
      i would actually want ALL prem ships to be fxp ships. this way ships are not behind a paywall and u actually have to decide how to spend your hard earned fxp!
      adding the “own same tier ship” before u can buy it is ok, but fxp ships should solve it on their own.

  6. now i am very couriose to know how we will be able to obtain the bourgogne because unlike jean bart THAT is a ship i am interested in, both as a trainer for my captains and as i loved and still love the alsace, republique not too much because of the two turrets layout, i would have prefeared a lot as a tier X an alsace with 420mm cannons instead of 380, even 406 would have been fine, alsace compensates with higher rate of fire which is fine and better if its given a reload booster like in bourgogne

  7. Russian Bias always protect.

    “This ship isnt good enough, at tier IX” ~ Aerroon

    (8:48) 3 fires in 1 salvo XD

  8. by coal did you mean the Saar Basin which France took from Germany?

  9. But wait, there is more lol ?

  10. Your arguments work until the point where they buff this ship. WG refuse to nerf premium ships (somewhat understandable, since it would bring all sorts of problems with people wanting their money back), but they have no problems buffing them. Sometimes they even buff premiums too hard.

    That is true of all premiums, ofc, but if at some point in the future they do buff it or change mechanics so that it benefits… then it’s so expensive that the price tag becomes a problem. $150 is TWICE the price of a normal AAA game. For ONE SINGLE SHIP! That is absolutely absurd!

    Besides that:
    It’s a Richelieu – in reality a (barely) tier 8 ship. It shouldn’t be a tier 9. Jean Bart was never even close to the equal of Iowa or Musashi. It wasn’t even the equal of the Bismarck.
    It’s a gimmicky. I don’t like gimmicky.

    • Well, I kind of disagree. Even if they buff the ship my argument wouldn’t really change. I don’t think it matters THAT much that they’re selling a T9 is my point. It’s still not the highest tier.

    • +Aerroon I suggested people should have a tiet IX to buy a tier IX too because it means people at least need to try the game before buying a premium ship

  11. Still my favourite WoWs CC (even if I originally came years ago for the CV vids) and on an unrelated note I really should be active in your discord rather than just lurk.

  12. I don’t know why people keep comparing JB to sumbarines. The reason to not add submarines to game was because they are too slow, hard to balance and insignificant to the flow of game in PvP. But we got the submarines in PvE not PvP. They said they wouldn’t release a tier 9 premium ship for sale because newbies would get chewed up by veterans and that’s still true, that didn’t change. These two cases aren’t the same until they add submarines to PvP.

    Edit: Also I’m fine with the “no tier9 till you get a tier9” restriction but WG is not going to take up on that. And just you wait and see if the tier 9 premium proves to be more profitting than headache, they’ll do it to WoT too.

    • +Bowsette4lyfe To get 15k exp out of a battle you’d have to be in top tiers, first and you’d have to win, second.
      There is no way a newbie in a tier 8 premium can earn 15k exp per battle. No matter what multiplier you use, you aren’t going to gain that much exp. At best, the newbie would gain 5k exp with everything a wallet warrior can buy. That’s 250 battles at least. That’s 250 more battles than a newbie

    • +Userext47 I have about 520-530 battles and have 3 tier 9s, 4 tier 8s, and 2 tier 7s by doing exactly what I said, had a solid 53-55% WR from tier 1 up to unlocking my tier 9s even.

    • +Bowsette4lyfe Are you a newbie?
      Do you think you would have had 53% winrate if you played at tier9 as a newbie?
      Do you realize the difference between you in tier9 after many battles and a newbie in a tier9?
      I dont want to waste time explaining the difference if you have no idea.

    • +Userext47 What I meant was requiring a tier 9 is not much of a hurdle since it’s so easy to get now. Also there are people with many times my battles who are still terrible even after 500 battles in a single tier 10, so a newbie determined to improve buying Jean Bart will be at 50%+ in a month of games, no big deal.

    • +Bowsette4lyfe Individuals dont matter. Why do people use this logic? Individuals dont matter for the average result. What if the newbie that wants JB becomes a unicum by playing these battlee out, what then?
      Never use an individual for your point

  13. “Do you guys not have COAL?!” – I was just rolling at this point xD

    • Well many casual players are saving for Salem
      Not really going to buy something like this. And I am no fan of this type of ship anyways.

  14. 37th XD

  15. Dont you guys have smartphones?diablo fiasco.

  16. Is this an out of season april fools joke ?

  17. Meister Wunderfart

    The Richelieu is performing well for its tier, it’s posting higher damage numbers and a decent win rate compared to most of its Tier 8 counterparts. So I think the ship just hates you Aerroon xD

  18. I hate WG’s habit of balancing out smaller caliber by increasing reload and giving her QoL buffs. Like, a BB NEEDS main guns, cool she has AA but that wont help in what her main role is. And the 32mm armour scheme, dear god. There’s so much to be said about this travesty but It’s not worth anyones time to other than saving others from the blunder of buying her.

  19. What annoyed me was it wasn’t free xp, I saved up 750k for her and then WG goes nah.

    Guess I’ll just wait for the Alaska (which is probably going to better anyway)

  20. For an uptiered T8 underpowered T9 battleship, I’ve already seen a half dozen games where a Jean Bart carried the game, on either teams. Something must have gone very wrong for that to happen.

    • Why is that surprising? You should EXPECT that it’ll happen here and there. I just carried a T10 game as a T8 cruiser. It’s bound to happen at some point.

    • I’ll give it a try when I get enough coal. Right now, it’s just making games miserable for CV players.

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