World of Warships – Jean Pierre Quacks’em all ($5000 GIVEAWAY starts today)

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One of my fav BBs is in the game, or should I say my fav tier 10 BB, the Bourgogne. And what better way to start of this great day if not with this.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Thought you were gunna sideswipe the thunderer at the beginning there, watching it on the map

  2. Flambass hack confirmed, getting extra Damage-bonus after the game 😛

  3. Did I miss my chance to enter the competition? Probably… I’m old and slow.

  4. awsome play thanks for relaxing time

  5. I think WG made a mistake, they spell Conquer MK2 wrong :v

  6. You know this game is on the downhill slide when even battleships spam nothing but HE.

  7. Wish I could play more games with CCs on my team I could always push in my FDG and everyone would ignore me and keep shooting at them ?

  8. Destroyer ennemi pulvérisé ! :p

  9. How that Gearing didnt just whip behind the island and nail you is beyond me

  10. Award for Potato of the Match goes to..

    Green Yamato

    • I’d say the range module open water turning broadside to red yama Salem myself, that is simply not how to play murica CA

  11. wtf is that Salem shooting only AP and only behind his target and than just shows broadside and dies 😀

  12. “mama! look! I got me a Quacks’em “

  13. it probably counted that 1 plane as 1, when he already had 264k.

  14. Idk why but I kinda start liking french bb’s

  15. For the love of hot baguettes 😉

  16. This thing feels just like the Conquerer

  17. Your HE shells did 95 more damage per hit than the AP shells.

  18. I had those 1 damage points as well. Can’t remember exactly what it was, but I think it had to do with spotting someone and someone else setting a fire upon that spotting. Weird anyway.

  19. 17 fires… This battle represents all that is wrong with WoWS.

  20. My new battle cry shall be, SPESHUL!!!!!

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