World of Warships – Jean Pierre where is my KRAKEEEEEN???

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Damn it Jean Pierre you let me down for the last time, last time I tell ya….next time I want the entire enemy team, okey? GOOD !!!
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. >watching wows videos
    >only getting Azur Lane ads

  2. No Kraken fo you! Lol… Merde!

  3. Flambass – Forget the ‘Kraken’ —— you have won the ”Légion D’honneur’ – _’Baguette Class’._

  4. Shurisay enemy coulay xD
    Hello from France 😛

  5. When is this Jean Bart supposed to come, or the Bourgogne?

  6. French viewer here !
    Earing you cursing in french was the funniest thing today, keep going with the good work ! You’ll soon be perfect !
    Oh, and nice game too !

  7. DD’s camping island, cuisers camping island and bow tanking, BB’s bow tanking and hugging islands, what next carrier with main guns?

  8. French viewer here too.. And I must say that whenever you are playing any French boat and try to repeat what the captain says (or even swear in French), you make my day. Love you man 😀

  9. ¨So how OP is the reload booster on an scale going from 1 to are you freaking kidding me!

  10. Where iz your PAPIEREN?!

  11. the question at the beginning was a what if though, so no point in going that length to explain the reason why it’s NOT needed. Wasnt the question at all.

  12. Jean Piere you bastard!!!! hehehe

  13. everytime flambass plays french BB its rated 18. Except when he plays republique….flambass show us your favourtie republicque please 😀

  14. Completely off topic, but have you got a recommended build for British DDs yet? I’ve been using my old Gallant captain and it’s working okay but expert marksman seems a bit of a waste on the Lightning…

  15. The Kraken actually lives underwater. If you want it, you know where to go…. 😛

    But seriously, that should be a unique achievement. The Kraken is a powerful opponent which does not back down from a fight, so that aspect should reflect the achievement.

    To get the ‘Kraken Unleashed’ award, you should need to inflict damage equal to 5x the ship HP that you’re in.

    The Gearing has 19,400 HP, so you would need to deal 97,000 damage to get the award.

    From what I’ve seen, from watching Flamblass, Flamu, and many others…. sinking five ships is not really a challenge anymore.

    It needs to be a challenge. Otherwise, why bother with awarding an achievement? Paying real-world money for a top-tier ship doesn’t make you a good player.

  16. I don’t know Flambass The US still has all 4 of it’s Iowa class BB’s in a ready reserve to be reactivated in case of war.

    • No they dont, USS Missouri is a Museum in Pearl Harbour and all 3 others are Not in usable condition too. You can find Videos in YT with a Secret Tour Inside Mighty Mo outside the regular Tour ways. And it looks 100% Not ready to do anything.

    • The requirement for the Iowa class museum ships is that they to be brought back to full readiness in a time of war. That is why the engineering spaces were not emptied out.

    • LOL and if you believe that…

    • +Michael Mitchell Haha ok lets think a minute youre right. After getting only 3 Zumwald’s because of the massive costs you really think they will reactivate out of date cold war relict tech back to service ? They have nearly no experts left the highly difficult steam enginrs left on one hand and others they just dont have anny huge ammount of 16 inch ammo left

  17. I got 5 kills in a game yesterday. Didn’t get kraken. I think it was some strange bug.

  18. i’m french and i have to amdit than i laughed a lot thx ^^

  19. railguns could make battleships viable again. maybe

  20. for the person in the chat that was wondering about modern destroyers…

    “The advent of surface-to-air missiles and surface-to-surface missiles, such as the Exocet, in the early 1960s changed naval warfare. Guided missile destroyers (DDG in the US Navy) were developed to carry these weapons and protect the fleet from air, submarine and surface threats. Examples include the Soviet Kashin class, the British County class, and the US Charles F. Adams class.

    21st century destroyers tend to display features such as large, slab sides without complicated corners and crevices to keep the radar cross-section small, vertical launch systems to carry a large number of missiles at high readiness to fire and helicopter flight decks and hangars. ”

    destroyer is not just still a viable class of ship, it’s still an important class of ship in all major navies.

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