World of Warships: Jervis Review, Similar but different! T7 RNDD

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The Jervis is the T7 for the Royal Navy line and its a great little ship to play. Tier 7 is filled with a lot of great Destroyers and this one still finds a way to be fun and unique. Right now you can only get the destroyer through the two types of Royal Navy containers from the event. Here is a review of the Jervis!


  1. Great vlog as always. Looking forward to your Cossack, Lightning, Jutland and Daring reviews man!

  2. From my experience tier for tier Jervis > Icarus > Acasta. Hope to get the Lightening to drop before the event ends.

  3. Looks like the first keeper of the line. Acasta just felt so lacking. Nice review.

  4. One of the three I’ve gotten, and the only one I’ve enjoyed. I’d like to get the Lightning, but the drop rate is apparently ridiculously low.

  5. Good vid Mejash. Only thing you missed is how effective the single fire torps are in this ship. I have had good success by firing off eight torps and holding two when being rushed in smoke. They see the 8 torps and don’t expect the 2 follow up torps at all. Also hugely effective when the target is bow on and driving hard. I guess what I’m saying is, real men stay single!
    😉 Das Bat

    • You can also set up some really nice prospective drops because you can single fire in a nice fan, I have had some good success doing that, especially with Radio location.

  6. Jervis XD

  7. I like the Icarus…. haven’t gotten the Jervis yet.  thank you Jash

  8. I have heard the Brits pronounce this ship as JARVIS.

  9. I preffer the Gajah, cause, 2 reasons, it looks better, and, Im an Indonesian, and the only ship that ever served the Indonesian Navy that exist in wows is Gajah.

  10. As a Brit I would normal say Jarvis but considering the ship is named after an Admiral John Jervis, I think saying it as Jervis would be correct as it is his name.

  11. I’d recommend not taking the fire control upgrade as well – I did this on Acasta and Icarus, and if there was a way to make the range shorter I would do it. The shells are so slow and floaty that beyond 8km it’s very difficult to get hits, and keeping the range short means you can fire more easily without ships on the other side of the map detecting you.

  12. Great video! Thanks for all your helpful content, I always recommend your channel to new players.

  13. Wish I could snag this. Have the Gallant. Did get the Icarus mission, but it’s just the weaker sister of the Gallant.

  14. Sweet, thanks for the video. Can’t wait til these DDs get released. Had absolutely no luck getting the Jervis or Lightning from the containers.

  15. This really helped me not only in getting to know the Jervis better, which I already got btw, but also for the line as a whole. Thanks!

  16. I wish I could unlock the Lightning, that ship looks like a beast…

  17. The PirateMongoose

    I’ve gotten the Acasta and Icarus. Would like to get the others while I can, but my experience with the French BBs tells me that I’ll probably have to unlock the rest of the line normally. I’ve been trying to engage bigger ships like I would in a torpedo boat; getting in front of them so that they’ll sail into torp range while I stay ahead out of sight. The path line that WG added to the minimap is great for seeing my actual effective range.

  18. thanks for doing the brit line, another great break down!

  19. love this ship. got it in a box and figured I’d just farm Xp and get the Lightning in 7.10. Now I am in no rush. I have multi-krakens in it and I am not that good.

  20. Congrats to James Bigglesworth and crucisnh for winning their Royal Navy Containers!

    • Mejash Jeervis

    • James Bigglesworth

      The prize got me enough Sovereigns to get the gold for the HMS Warspite (I already have it)
      With that gold I will get 2 tier 10 camos for next seasons tier 10 ranked battles and Capt Bert Dunkirk.
      I am rapped (Australian-ism for really happy with the result)
      BIG THANKS Mejash
      Does tier 10 camo ever go on sail BTW?

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