World of Warships- Jinan First Impressions: Better Than Austin?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Tier X Pan-Asian Light Cruiser Jinan, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. This is a great ship to farm witherer

  2. Krzysztof Narloch

    She is more of a torp boat then gun boat. The gun have high enough fire chance that there is no need to build more into it.

    • Krzysztof Narloch

      @KingJohn 0.8 torp detection is BAD?. The base fire chance is one of the highest and with the voulme of shells puting even more points into it is basically wasting points due to dimishing returns.

    • If you can manage the arcs, slapping a range mod on the guns will be fine enough. She can also take advantage of the HE damage skill without a penalty to concealment so that’s also a good pick, for the rest I’d go for survivability. Both builds are viable and choice mainly depends on how you feel about the ballistics.

    • Ive had some awesome games with just the guns tho. What the guy says: hug your islands and you will have a smoke that lasts forever.

    • @D Absolutely possible, the issue is essentially the ballistics. If you can make them work, then the guns are after all more consistent. If you can’t, well the torps are the gimmick after all and full torp build is definitely viable.

    • Crucible Custom Flooring

      100% got kraken in her already the guns are great for dds and others light cruises but she is a torp queen

  3. Will needed to brush up on my light crusier he spam to grind up to this ship.

  4. Stock Jinan already sets more fires per minute than a full-gun-build Marceau, so taking Pyrotechnician is a waste, imho.

    Also, “consumable enhancement”? It only affects the smokescreen action time, and only for 3 more seconds. Take torpedo reload, or more AA.

    I’m also not sure about range: Austin’s feels good enough, and it’s only 500 m more.

    • I agree, plus taking Incoming Fire Alert and Consumables Specialist are viable picks as well.

    • I’d take priority target over more AA, especially with a ship like that. You can kill planes and dodge torps easily enough to not be a big target of cvs. 8 flak base is not easy to dodge completely, especially if you get hits by surprising the cv player from smoke.

    • @Antoine Chauvet with any light cruiser, priority target is a must as you don’t want to be deleted in one salvo.

  5. I’m building my Pan-Asian cruisers similar how I have Atlanta with the difference being a torp boat. I feel your more reliant on torps than guns and Last Stand is much needed.

  6. the game is released in China but it has been censored somewhat. Real Japanese ships had to change their name I think and the ROC(Taiwan) flag is censored as well. It originally released in China on international release the original release was heavily censored and struggled for player most people prefer the uncensored Asia server. So before the CV rework the original Chinese publisher pulled out. Sometimes in the last year I think it was rereleased with significant relaxation in censorship and saw significant Chinese player switching for better connection it just run different events and sometimes lags behind on patch.

    • 维多利亚的皇冠

      No, the censorship only become worse, now it’s the only server in which you can’t talk to each other in Chinese in chatbox.

  7. I really wanted the shell to be faster

  8. The torps on this boat are ridiculous ! ten per side ?! Should be renamed Jina-kaze …. I might go for it at some point since I’m one of the few that enjoy immensely the Atlanta … (plus the torps).

    • Yeah, but the ship have really slow shell velocity and the torp really spread wide
      Beside its HP is almost on par with average TX DD but with Citadel..

    • If they reload in 30 seconds then I’m calling it BenJinHam.

    • @Janitor Don’t forget the Torpedo Reload Booster, and you can send another 10 shortly after.

    • Dont forget that these are also the same torps you find on the TX Pan-Asian DD, the Yueyang. And you basically have 2 of them strapped to each side with a TRB

    • @Sims Elmore Max of 40 in the water at the same time but typically 30. The arcs of the HE are too long tho which is a shame.

  9. Take rpf; without hydro, you need to stop getting ambushed whilst in smoke.

  10. Difficult to hit at range to, I went mb3r

  11. I had some nice games in her, and some that lasted 10 sec after getting spotted by the CV

  12. Something that he doesn’t mention (because he doesn’t have Austin), is that the Jinan doesn’t have the same ballistics as the Austin. at 14.5 km, the Jinan’s shells take 12.8 seconds; whereas, at 15.0 km the Austin’s shells take 10.1 seconds (same as the Smolensk).

  13. It is good at yoloing BBs that doesn’t have 457mm+ gun.

  14. I like your commander build.

  15. I find it funny that when he said that it sets fires a lot around 13:38, he had over 100 shell hits already without a single fire.

  16. I think light cruisers, especially high tier CLs, are meant to be played only by the most skilled players. Yeah. Since shell tracers show from inside smoke, and there are radars, omniscient telepathic cv aircraft and shit, I think i will try playing them later.

  17. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Jinakami (kitakami got China flavor). Imagine the fun of doing doughnuts slinging out 40 torps.

  18. I want to like these things. I *really* want to like them. But the engagement with the Kremlin highlights my issues with them. Nearly half (42%) of the first volleys were shatters. Look at the number of shatters starting at 15:00: That’s a 90% shatter rate without a single fire to show for it. At match end, 288 total hits only resulted in five fires; that’s with demo chance being a special commander skill and flags. Also, that Kremlin was busy with the Iowa. She had opportunities to casually kill the Jinan by ripping her side out. *Especially* during that torping turn. Hell, pretty sure even that moment when she was nose is was a death sentence.

    If these things were torp boat DDs, they’d be fine. Look at all the damage wracked up by those deep waters. But they’re cruisers; trying to cram a torpedo boat playstyle (where the only things you rely on are your torps, concealment, and smoke) into a cruiser is not an easy fit.

    • He didnt get that many fires because most shells were landing on sections which were already burning (e.g. see the engagement with the GK). Even if he got bad RNG, it still doesnt take anything away from the fact that, statistically speaking, Jinan is a fire starting monster. The high shatter rate is not surprising at all given that you can only pen the superstructure and that a completely bow in kremlin hides most of that superstructure behind the B-turret (not even taking into account most cruiser wouldnt be even able to lob shells over an island at 7km to begin with). On a more general note, yes you do have poor pen, but you can make up for it with both fire damage and the really high base dpm.

      In terms of survivability, dont forget that Jinan is clad in a large section of 32 mm meaning that it can actually bounce kremlin shot from the belt (unlike the majority of CAs at t10).

  19. another downside is not having hydro, that along with the poor maneuverability makes it eat torps while in smoke

  20. Personally, I think it’s ships like this (the Jinan really seems a pinnacle) that will eventually remove a lot of players from the game – like myself – that appreciate the tactical value of the game that is being diminished time and again by more HE spam, torpedo spam, planes, subs, etc. If WG matchmaking were not so willing to up-tier to VIII-X/VII-IX games or these platforms were perhaps more segregated in some way so they could be avoided or enjoyed by choice, that would be an improvement. In fact, just throw all the HE spam, etc. into one game mode together – could be quite fun (I would certainly play that), rather than just creating another farming platform. Cheers SLM

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