World of Warships: Johan de Witt Doing Well

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Johan de Witt is alright. She’s tanky, she’s maneuverable, she’s stealthy and her airstrikes are good.

0:00 Johan De Witt Match
16:24 End Screen
17:07 Captain Skills & Upgrades
18:02 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Dutch heavy cruiser Johan de Witt.


  1. yaye i just refreshed! <3

  2. TSUN is still recruiting for Clan Battles. If you’re interested then check this out!

    • With 55% WR and over 10K battles, I would love to join but I am not playing regularly nowadays and I can’t guarantee if I can commit on a regular basis. Maybe in the future if situation changes and there is another recruitment, I might give it a try – zam_eu.

    • To be honest I would totally join but sadly I’m not on the EU server

  3. Good to see videos on weekends. Hope you are having a great weekend too good sir Aerroon.

  4. The bombs take away from enjoyment of game for me. Can strike a bb sitting perfectly angled and destroy it’s health. No skill required.

    • It is the same as getting shot at with HE.
      For me, it is BBs who sit perfectly angles and do nothing is what that takes away the enjoyment of the game. This is not World of Tanks, ships should not sit still pointing their bow during battles.

    • @ザム「Zam」  @ザム「Zam」  nothing like getting shot by HE…since when does HE take 10k+ health away in one stoke plus set multiple fires? (Well actually there is toxic Thunderer). Who said the BB is sitting there doing nothing? If you enjoy using Johan de Witt or similar ships you’ll enjoy the bombs, if you’re a BB getting shat on by bombs you won’t like them… Simple as that

    • Debanjan Bhattacharjee

      u really think guessing which way a ship can go is easy? also u have to be within 13km range of a ship(mostly bbs because cruisers are fast and very very hard to hit by bombs).

    • @Debanjan Bhattacharjee it takes no skill when the ship is slow. Why do people keep strawmanning this? It’s not that hard.

    • Debanjan Bhattacharjee

      @Will Jensen When the ship is slow, right? because it can only pen 37.x armor(not even 38mm) and that only leave english and french bbs which have insane range and good speed and good agility . yeah u can hit Japanese , american or soviet bbs but u cant pen them that much so mostly fire damage and if they can maneuver in time u can miss most of ur bombs. Cruisers and dds r ut of the question because its really hard to hit those ship if they dont play hugging the island. so ur chance is pretty small. And also the range is not that great because of its concealment u may survive but still range is not good. if u still believe its not that hard then congratulations u are a god level player.

  5. The Dutch cruisers are very fun to play, even without the bombs. Now looking forward to the Johan, and the 7.

  6. Delusional tech line, and the announced asian cruiser line seems even more delusional.

  7. I don’t understand BB players like that Kansas. It has more than 90% HP and it was trying to run away instead of engaging you and the Lion. If he got closer, I think he could take you out easy and then there is only the Lion left, but he decided to run and get an island in his face.

  8. Debanjan Bhattacharjee

    This cruiser line is a very interesting line.

  9. Your first pronunciation of “Eendracht” was perfect 🙂 Ein = ‘One’ in German.

  10. I didn’t love the T6, and the T8 I REALLY didn’t like. But Johan is a ton of fun.

  11. the airstrikes are kinda easy to use for me that is since im used to Yamato 36km sniping

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