World of Warships- Johan De Witt First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we have the first impressions review for the new TIX Tech Line Dutch Cruiser Johan De Witt, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Already dev struck 3 of this ship in 3 different games. Easy to citadel so keep your broadside safe lol.

  2. They randomly take citadels and get dev struck in every game I’ve been in so far…aa is strong

    • They are like the UK CA without the super heal. the citadel are big and long , so any 406 above caliber can citadel it easily.

  3. I’m liking what I see. Looks like you had some good times

  4. Sea lord you ok ?
    Last time I checked 33 wasn’t close to 40 xd

  5. i was gonna think that they will go into the pan euro tree but no…wargaming for once wasnt lazy

  6. Thanks for info, i got lucky and got it in 5th pack and had no idea what to do with it lol.

  7. I decided to give bundle drop a try and lucked out. Got the Witt on the 3rd bundle.

  8. I was lucky to get it on my first roll and only paid 1k gold for it. Honestly it’s not worth spending a ton of money to get. It’s an interesting ship to play but it’s actually pretty good but you can just grind it out for free

  9. Speaking of match maker, I played 16 games last night… Only 2 had me at at least mid tier, and in only 1 other was I top tier. I was playing a lot of t6 for the fuso grind and some t8s as well…. I think they need to check over the MM since blowouts and bottom tiering has been rampant.

  10. I tried with the dubs I had won 5k nothing but camo and tokens and special flags! Like you I was bit lucky with the German DD’s

  11. I usually give it, one chance.
    If my first bundle isn’t a rare drop. I reroll it. If it’s still not, I’m done.
    I’m sitting on most lines are all tier 9 or better. 1.7 mil free xp. I’ve reset 3.
    Closing out another ship line, doesn’t require money.
    This must be for new players. I can’t imagine any end game player being tempted to buy a line, at that price.

    • Waldherz FeuerClan

      I only threw money at the random re-rolls just to get more points. I want to get at least the De Witt camo in the event. For some reason I like it.

    • @Waldherz FeuerClan pick and choose. I whaled the entire last one. But I’ve kinda had a thing for the iron cross skins. And I have all of them.
      Anyway, is all just buyer beware.
      I’d be more gun-ho if you got a little figurine to go with the 100 dollar ships.
      But it’s all just a digital representation on a server, you don’t own… If they go under, you have nothing to show for it.
      I’ve been giving them less and less. As I now work from my own shop. Money is better, and I can use the shop personally now too, any time I want.
      Everytime they try to tempt me. I now consider…
      Performance mod for my BMW, or digital crap.
      The choice has gotten easier.
      I’m sure there’s something in your life to consider, as well.

    • @Waldherz FeuerClan we must not have the same government. I mean, obviously the different currency.
      But I’m a shooter too! Shot competitively as a kid. Even had a $2000 pellet rifle for the smaller indoor meets. It was pretty dope, for a pellet gun. Had higher velocity than a . 22!
      Anyway. Would it be rubbing it in, if I said.
      Just last weekend, we were out shooting the m1, Jericho 941 and cz 75.
      … We have to pick and choose which we take to my favorite outdoor range. It’s quite a drive. And don’t want to freak a cop out, with an arsenal in the trunk. …If we got pulled over. Lol.

    • @Waldherz FeuerClan as for my car. It’s not a hobby.
      It’s a labor of frustration.
      I’m a mechanic by trade, so I do my own work. And my car, is a 13 year old 5 series.
      I’m not pumping it up, by intention.
      This is a needy fucking car, man. So I keep replacing shit with upgrades, when things fail.
      … Some of these jobs on this car…. I would not mind, if I never had to do them again. … For free.

  12. woof, 34k doubloons. That’s almost $140

  13. No joke, i scored Johan de Witt at first try

  14. I’m gonna go throw money at this event lol

  15. The first time I manage to appear in a SLM video, I get totally wrecked by him lol

  16. Oh ffs i got the ship yesterday and i have still not notice im on A hull and stock range…
    Thanks for making me feel stupid 😀

  17. My riga was incapable of citadeling this cruiser at any range or angle, so its citadel is pretty well armored, I bet bbs go right through though.

  18. Of course you didn’t get a cv match. Otherwise it wouldnt be “fun and engaging” for the cv player

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