World of Warships: Johan de Witt – New T9 Dutch Cruiser

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Johan de Witt is better than I expected. A large cruiser with good armor, decent maneuverability, good concealment, poor firepower, and airstrikes.
I got access to play the ship it from Wargaming.

0:00 Johan de Witt Match 1
4:47 Airstrike vs Good AA
5:02 Johan de Witt Match 1
5:36 Johan de Witt Has Good AA
6:12 Johan de Witt Match 1
11:32 End Screen Match 1
11:54 Johan de Witt Match 2
24:11 End Screen Match 2
24:49 Captain Skills & Upgrades
29:17 Johan de Witt Armor
30:53 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Dutch large cruiser Johan de Witt.


  1. last time i was this early CVs weren’t broken

  2. I decided to show two of the matches this time.

  3. I can’t believe that those air strikes have a shorter cooldown than most torpedos.

    • @Iono Sama sure, Johan is tankier than Roon but that does not mean anything when Roon isn’t tanky in the first place
      But if we’re talking about tanking then Drake is just better. That’s not even talking about Riga, Alaska, Agir, Siegfried

    • @Danhvn Sure, Roon is a poor comparison armor wise since she’s not exactly great to begin with…

      But let’s see the ships you mentioned,

      Drake, Agir, Alaska (not sure about Siegfried as I don’t remember her armor layout) all don’t have an ice breaker and they all have 27mm or less on bow top to bottom unless I remember wrongly.

      So if they bow in to 406mm guns or bigger?

      Yeah, they’ll get punched in the face if any of the BB shells hit them straight from the front bypassing the bow completely…

      Out of those 3 only Alaska that I can recall has more armor protecting the citadel than what the T IX dutch cruiser have… but well, not sure how much help 200-250mm armor is against BB guns at the kind of range in which one needs to bow in to them…

      So even Alaska will get blapped in the face by BB with 406mm guns that shoots her straight through the bow, because her bow can’t prevent overmatch against them.

      Only Riga that I know for sure from that list has similar ice breaker as the T IX dutch cruiser that can auto bounce every BB AP shell from bow in position against the citadel…

      I mean, yay…

      We compete against Riga…

      I don’t think that’s a low mark for the Dutch cruiser when it’s competing against THAT.

      Here’s an airstrike compilation, as you can see, most of the times the armament can only do 5~7 k

    • ​@Danhvn sure they clip ppl here and there with ships entering inside the field for less than 20% of the area and still taking 7K and fires from it just from the bombs clipping them…

      By that same logic, I’d argue most torpedoes can only do 0 damage as the majority of the ones ppl fired missed and do no damage…

      And something else that I notice from the clip as well… is that they fling it against every target of opportunity…

      smoke and ship not visible?

      no worries… if you roughly know where they are, carpet bomb it… some might hit, and you prob will get fire too.

      ship behind a giant island? no worries, still can aim the plane over it anyway

      If I can trade away torpedoes and gimmick on some of my cruiser for a button to drop arbitrary HE airstrike at any location of my choice within 12km … there’s a number of ships where I’d take it in a heartbeat.

    • @Danhvn The key word there…
      being the worst of the class that introduced the biggest problem the game has right now doesn’t exactly say much.

      And the dutch powercreep no one? that I doubt, because we have plenty of CA and CL in terrible state, I mean if you meant to say… dutch cruiser does not power creep the current meta cruisers… then maybe? that has some validity?

      Either way, considering how fast WG released the 1st adjustment/nerf for it?

      I don’t see the situation with the game balance to improve with the introduction of these dutch cruiser…

      In fact… I fully expect the opposite and the balance breaking down further into a worse position.

  4. The tier 9 looks solid! So fairly sure the T10 is going to be good, as stats will only improve from Johan.

    • The only thing bugging me is her range and her fire duration. With 16 km of range and that rather huge size she sure gonna eat a lot of HE spam, and the fire duration of 60s is not helping

    • Артём Шепелев

      ​@Kolyma But she has good armour, concealment, maneuverability and her heal reloads for only 40 seconds. So she has tools to avoid HE spam and tools to resist HE spam fairly well

  5. Mr. Aerroon I have a request. I am legends only player and we dont have a training room. If we want to test it’s in game or in coop battles against ai. I was wondering if you could show the difference between ships with improved pen angles like Baltimore or Wichita and ships that dont? Like just a short 5 min video would be good.

    • Sure! But I could explain it too – you see the Navigator Mod that I use that shows the angle enemy ships are at? Take a look at the Yuugumo from 17:08 onward. When the angle goes below 45 degrees here then my AP shells would start having a chance of ricocheting on her. If the angle goes below 30 degrees then it’s a 100% chance for a ricochet. At 37.5 degress it would be a 50% chance to ricochet.
      Improved AP autobounce angles on the Baltimore mean that this 45 -> 30 degrees chance moves to 30 -> 22.5 degrees. At 37.5 degrees the shells wouldn’t ricochet. At about 27 degrees shells would have about a 50% chance of ricocheting.
      But sure, this is actually a video I should make.

    • @Aerroon ya I’ve read all the data and I mostly get it. Thx for explaining. i just want to see in a controlled environment what it looks like in game. As far as I can find nobody has video on this topic. Thanks.

  6. More HE Spam that will help with ships sailing back of map.

  7. This line looks to be pretty solid

  8. I don’t get how these are “large cruisers” and get Stalingrad/Alaska treatment but Riga and Petro aren’t.

    • @LightningStrike 502 because of that broadside reliant, her dmg isn’t that consistent. Whoever has a brain and respect your AP will make your dmg output go down drain

    • @Danhvn Breaking news: average WoWS player doesn’t understand the concept of angling. “Just angle” is not a valid argument when the majority of the playerbase doesn’t do just that.

      5 degrees is also a significant amount, especially with the absurd pen Petro gets. There’s a lot of situation where every single cruiser but Petro will shatter or bounce.

      There’s a good reason Petro is statistically the best tech tree cruiser and I don’t think that’s because “it can’t deal damage”.

    • @Cicono ahh yes, because the playerbase doesn’t do that
      Try Petro on SEA, try it. People over here kite immediately when they’re spotted which hurt Petro’s out put a lot
      And Petro is one of the newest cruiser, her number of battles can’t be compared to other ships

    • @Danhvn And yet you seem to forget that both Riga and Petro have perfectly acceptable HE to use as a backup as well? Not to mention the damn ships being near indestructible without getting penalties like 60s fire duration. Every post I’m reading from you sounds very much like a ‘you’-problem

    • @Caeric I don’t know that tier 5 HE is acceptable? But sure tanking tanking, that’s literally all Petro and Riga does, Riga isn’t even good at it. The 2 do no dmg at all, angle and that’s it

  9. Aeroon “I dont think I can deal with that Alaska” RNG – fire fire fire boom, first blood, alaska dead, and almost no return damage.

  10. Also, I think with a full AA build, you could theoretically hold off an entire flank from 2 CV’s.

    • Артём Шепелев

      And these ships are not exactly starved for points, so spending 6 pt on AA skills won’t be a huge issue. AA module instead of extra range though seems like too big of a trade

    • @Артём Шепелев yeah I wouldn’t devote that much to an AA build on a cruiser… I did on the Vermont though, and haven’t noticed a diference in damage output for the guns, as they are just better suited for the 24km base range than the extended range… and RNG dosnt seem to care if I have the dispersion mod or not..

  11. I had never noticed your demonic laugh before!

  12. AA is what I like the most about these new Dutch cruisers!

  13. Dutch just sounds so funny especially at 14:16

    • We hebben een vijandelijke kruiser vernietigd. Een geweldig begin! We have destroyed an enemy cruiser. off to a great start!

  14. I skill for most of my cruisers the extra HP, because 10% more HP is although great

  15. Man, that first air strike was a slap on the face with a tennis racket.

  16. “I missed an Iowa hue hue” How can you miss a freaking state there 😀 Seriously, HOW? xD ^^

  17. Артём Шепелев

    The part of the armour in the front is usually referred to as extended belt afaik. At least in video games, not sure if it’s an actual engineering term or not.
    Also it is kinda weird that armour on these ships gets less effective the higher you go. 30mm deck on Haarlem is insane for T8 but at T10 it’s just average

  18. As far as the dispersion goes, nearly every T8 and lower cruiser gets 2.0 sigma, while nearly every T9 and T10 gets 2.05 sigma. It’s a small difference but that might be what you noticed.
    Notable exceptions are of course T3 St. Louis with ~ 1.8 (iirc) and Stalingrad with 2.65 for balans reasons.

    Also yes, overmatched armor does decrease the armor penetration of an AP shell. If a 406 mm shell has 300 mm of pen and it hits and overmatches a 25 mm plate, its penetration after that is 275 mm. I don’t know if armor plate angle matters for overmatch though. Would a 25 mm plate angled at 20 degrees instead of a broadside 90 decrease the penetration more than 25 mm?? My gut says no but IDK.

  19. Whenever I feel like returning to this game, I simply have to watch the latest content on YT to get rid of that impulse.

  20. Honestly, I find it quite strange how the air strike which is “supposed” to be against people camping in a position are only effective vs cruisers and not even the ones that are the most frustrating to force out of a position like Petro at that… seems a touch counter-intuitive design intent there WG.

    As for the guns behaving, is maybe just the fact that they feel less bad unlike Haarlem which just straight up has terrible guns?

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